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One of The most substansial Rewards of Jewelry Affiliate Programs

Our affiliate program was designed for simplicity, ease of use, and valuable rewards. When an order is placed through your website, your domain or your link, you receive a 10% percent commission. Join our affiliate program and take advantage of your website. Take part in our operations and let your domain earn you a valuable sum with one of the top online retailers in the Jewelry industry.

The Process

Our affiliate program was designed to maintain efficient affiliate sales tracking and remain easy to use!
  • Visitors come to our website by clicking on your affiliate link, either displayed on your website or attached to an email.
  • A record of the Visitor’s IP address is saved, and a cookie is saved on their browser for affiliate tracking.
  • Visitors browse our website, deciding to either purchase or leave.
  • If the visitor places an order, our system will treat it as a sale for you.
  • Our team reviews the sale and approves your commission.
  • Commission payouts are sent.

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