5-Carat Diamond Ring

If you are interested in investing in a 5-carat diamond for your significant other’s special ring? Or are you looking for an impressive anniversary gift for a golden anniversary year? When buying a diamond of a lower carat weight, there are fewer considerations as 5-carat diamonds make inclusions more visible than a lower carat diamond would.

Furthermore, it becomes more difficult to find super ideal cut diamonds of that size. When considering whether a 5-carat diamond is for you, remember that cut diamonds at that size have a lot more risks and a higher price than a smaller diamond; for example, a one-carat diamond would. Many different factors will also have an impact on price, such as the diamond cuts that you have to choose from.

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Significance of Carat Weight (CW)

When you start looking for a 5-carat diamond ring, perhaps the first thing you need to realize is that the carat weight (CW) often refers only to the carat weight of the central diamond. If you are looking for the combined weight of all diamonds on the ring, then you should enquire about the total carat weight (TCW).

We have also, in previous articles, discussed significant carat weights where the price difference per carat takes a significant leap. One of these price points is 5-carat diamonds. This essentially means that the price difference per carat for a 5-carat diamond is significantly higher per carat than a 4.5 or even 4.9-carat diamond. This is something to be aware of when looking at 5-carat diamonds.

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Considerations with your Diamond Purchase

Before you purchase an engagement ring with a stunning diamond of significant carat weight, there are some things that you need to consider in order to ensure that you are getting the best deal.


First and foremost, you need to ensure that your 5-carat diamond, and any accompanying diamonds, have the proper documentation and certificates to go with. The certificate should be from trusted institutions: IGA or AGS. With larger diamonds, you should also try to ask about the diamond’s origin. Understanding the origin story can give you peace of mind. The last thing that you want is to purchase a conflict diamond. And aside from that possibility, a 5-carat diamond is a showstopper and is sure to draw some questions. It can be great to have a story to tell about your engagement ring.

If you are investing in a diamond ring with a large center diamond, you will want to take out an insurance policy on that ring. While there is always the risk of theft with such a big diamond, there is also the risk of the ring snagging, which can, in some circumstances, loosen the diamond from its setting, and loose diamonds are easy to lose. Rings, when worn regularly, can damage faster than other jewelry because you use your hand often. You can, therefore, also damage the metal of the band. All of these factors underpin the need for a good insurance policy for your 5-carat diamond ring.


The vendor that you are purchasing the engagement ring from is just as important as the four C’s. While you might be eager to buy the best diamond out there, you need to consider where you are buying it from. Even if you are approaching a local jeweler and not going online, it is still important to make sure that the dealer is reputable.

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Carat Size and Clarity Grades

When purchasing larger diamonds, you should be aware that they make discoloration far more visible than smaller diamonds do. Especially when they are cut in elongated shapes. Large diamonds also make any kind of flaws more visible.

Internally flawless 5-carat diamonds are incredibly rare. What you really want is to look for an eye-clean diamond. If your diamond has very small inclusions but looks clear to the naked eye, it might be worth the purchase. You can spend ages looking for the perfect diamond or the perfect ring, or you can end up paying tens of thousands more for a diamond in the perfectly colorless range. In contrast, a lower-quality grade diamond can have the same visual appearance.

Bear in mind that a G-color diamond, in a normal light and viewed by the naked eye, looks extremely similar to a D-Color diamond. It is only when viewed with a magnifier and sharp light that a G-grade diamond begins to differ from a D-grade diamond, even with a considerable weight.

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Tips for saving money on a 5-carat diamond ring

When purchasing a 5-carat diamond, there are some steps that you can take that might save you some money. It is important that you do not end up overpaying. First and foremost, you must ensure that you are buying a quality stone. It is not necessary to aim for the perfect stone, but at some point, the quality becomes extremely important because it has an effect on the strength of the stone.


If you are looking to save money, or you find that the clarity grade of the diamond is very important to you after all, then it is best to consider lab-created diamonds instead of natural diamonds as there is a significant difference in cost, and lab-created diamonds likely will not have inclusions.


Another important money-saving tip is to remember that some diamond shapes are cheaper than others. A round brilliant cut diamond will be more expensive than a pear-shaped diamond of the same carat weight and same clarity grade. A good cut quality also means a higher price point than a poor cut quality. Few people realize that diamond shape has such an impact on diamond prices, but you can find a flawless diamond in a marquise cut for far cheaper than the same in a round brilliant cut. If you choose a diamond cut that is cheaper, then you might not need to compromise on diamond size.


You could also find that diamond color can have an effect on overall price. Some fancy colors are more expensive than colorless diamonds, but others can be cheaper. Yellow diamonds and black diamonds are often more affordable than colorless diamonds.


Furthermore, the setting of the center stone can also impact the overall cost of the ring. Diamond rings can be set in yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. They are also often set in platinum while feature platinum prongs to hold your diamond in place. The gold purity rating, or karat, will also impact the cost, but remember, the gold or platinum should not be too soft with a diamond as big as five carats.

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Famous 5-Carat Engagement Rings

In most cases, these are sizes estimated by experts, so there might be some variation on other sites. Not all of the diamonds mentioned here are colorless; in fact, some are noticeably fancy colored diamonds. There are also some on this list that has fancy shapes.

Kelly Clarkson wears a 5-carat yellow diamond ring as her engagement ring. Carry Underwood also wears a 5-carat yellow diamond engagement ring. This creates the perception that yellow diamond engagement rings are preferred in the South of the United States.

Furthermore, Katie Holmes was also known to have worn a 5-carat diamond ring given to her by Tom Cruise. Jennifer Lawrence is also believed to have received an engagement ring featuring a 5-carat diamond.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is also believed to have a 5-carat diamond in her ring, along with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Bar Refaeli, Mila Kunis, Salma Hayek, and one of Christina Aguilera’s engagement rings from a previous marriage was also a 5-carat ring.

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In Closing

A five-carat diamond is a big investment and carries some risk. It is difficult to find five-carat diamonds because the larger the diamond, the rarer it is in nature. Therefore, you might consider a lab-grown diamond instead. They rarely have inclusions and are more readily available. There are a lot of considerations to make when deciding on such a purchase. The best advice we can give is to take your time and explore your options.


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