Occasions/Milestones 925 Sterling Silver Charms for Bracelets Occasions/Milestones

Celebrate a special occasion, illustrate your passion, showcase the cities you love, share a personal story, or take a little piece of your special someone with you wherever you go. Explore a selection of sparkling sterling silver charms online, each one crafted to symbolize the things that make you who you are. You can also […]

Occasions/Milestones The Deeper Meaning Behind Silver Items as Gifts Occasions/Milestones

Silver gifts are a good present for the sensitive and gentle. Some people believe that silver gifts represent imagination, intuition, the feminine energy of the moon, and wisdom. This is not the only meaning associated with silver though. We will discuss this in more detail below. Silver items represent focus, clarity, and purity. It gifts […]

Occasions/Milestones Birthstone Chart: Birthstones By Month and Zodiac Sign Occasions/Milestones

It’s probably safe to say that we have all heard of birthstones, and you might even know what your birthstone is. If you don’t, do not fear: we are going to discuss birthstones and their history, and we will tell you what your birthstone is. Basically, a birthstone is a gemstone associated with the month […]

Occasions/Milestones Mood Ring Colors and Meanings Occasions/Milestones

Most of us, to some extent, grew up fascinated by the brilliant mystery of mood rings. It was a significant part of our late childhood and early adolescence to try and see if our mood rings correspond with our best friend’s. And we truly believed that the color range accurately portrayed the wearer’s mood. In […]