Engagement Rings Guide

We’ve written a guide to help you choose the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. All that you need to know about ring styles, diamonds, gemstones, metals, and sizes can be found below, alongside a few tips on diamond care and all the different ways you can choose the perfect ring.


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Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Edu Solitaire

Unadorned simplicity.
A single center stone in a plain setting.

Engagement Edu Halo

Maximum sparkle.
A center stone surrounded by a halo of tiny stones.

Engagement Edu Accent
Accent Stones

Breathtaking detail.
A center stone is accentuated by smaller stones on the band.

Engagement Edu Threestone

A brilliant trinity.
A center stone framed by a pair of matched stones.

Engagement Edu Vintage

Romantic nostalgia.
A style that harks back to another era.

Wedding Guide Choose Gem 1

Choose a Gemstone

Whether you have your heart set on a particular gemstone or are open to all possibilities, becoming familiar with gemstone attributes will help you shop with confidence.

Learn about diamond.
Learn about gemstones.
Wedding Guide Choose Metal

Choose a Metal

When selecting a metal, three major considerations are color, durability, and budget.

Learn more about your options.
Wedding Guide Find Ring Size

Find Your Ring Size

Before ordering your ring, make sure you have an accurate ring size. We will teach you how to determine ring size in few easy steps.

Learn more

Care For Your Diamond Ring

Diamond may be the hardest material known to man, but it is not indestructible. Learn how to protect and care for your special purchase.

Care For Your Gemstone Ring

Gemstones are unique and yours may have special care requirements. Handled with care, it will last a lifetime.


In Western countries, an engagement ring is traditionally worn on the third finger (ring finger) of the left hand. The origins of this can be traced back to the Ancient Romans who believed the finger had a vein which was connected to the heart. The vein is called the Vena Amoris or “Vein of Love”.
A generation ago, a man was expected to spend one month’s salary on an engagement ring, but the generally accepted “norm” these days is two month’s salary. This means that if you earn $1,000 each month, the engagement ring should cost $2,000. Many argue that in a world of equal opportunities, there should NOT be a defined amount.
The best and most accurate way to measure your ring size is to get professionally measured by a jeweller. However, plastic or papering ring sizers can be ordered online which come with a sizing chart. Alternatively, you could wrap a piece of paper or string around your finger, measure the size and compare it to a sizing chart. You can also check out our ring size guide for more information.
There are many places that you can buy an engagement ring such as at a high street jeweller, a boutique store or, more commonly these days, online. Purchasing a ring online gives you a far great choice than buying an engagement ring in-store and can often result in significant savings. However, always choose a reputable website when making your purchase.
To clean your diamond engagement ring, we would recommend that you prepare a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Leave your ring to soak for approximately 30 minutes and then gently, using a soft toothbrush, brush the ring taking care not to dislodge the stones. Rinse under running water and repeat if required.
Your engagement ring should be moved to your ring finger on your right hand for your wedding day, leaving the wedding finger free for your future spouse to place your wedding ring on. The engagement ring can be returned to the ring finger of the left hand after the ceremony.