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Bracelets & Bangles

Bracelets & Bangles Diamond Cuban Link Bracelet Bracelets & Bangles

A diamond Cuban link bracelet can be an absolutely stunning addition to your wardrobe. Gold bracelets have been around since Ancient Rome was at its height. And people have been wearing gold jewelry as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. It was originally worn to ward off evil and to display strength and power. As […]

Bracelets & Bangles The Tennis Chain: A Complete Guide Bracelets & Bangles

Tennis chains are a must-add to any jewelry collection. Diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces became popular in the 1920s and the style has since become a classic piece adored by many. More recently, there has been an upsurge in the popularity of diamond tennis necklaces and chains. Keep reading to discover everything you need to […]


Earrings Turquoise Earrings: A Guide Earrings

Turquoise has been prized for a long time because of its distinctive color and captivating beauty. It has been a beloved stone used in jewelry for centuries and can be found in ancient pieces from the Native American, Asian, Egyptian, and Persian cultures. Turquoise is also believed to offer protection and good luck, and earrings […]

Necklaces & Pendants

Necklaces & Pendants Diamond Cuban Link Chain Necklaces & Pendants

While jewelry chains have been around for generations, the reasons for wearing them have evolved throughout the years. In Ancient Egypt, gold chains were worn to ward off evil; display power and strength; and serve as good luck charms. Gold was, and still is, an extremely valuable commodity. While there are many different styles of […]


Occasions/Milestones 925 Sterling Silver Charms for Bracelets Occasions/Milestones

Celebrate a special occasion, illustrate your passion, showcase the cities you love, share a personal story, or take a little piece of your special someone with you wherever you go. Explore a selection of sparkling sterling silver charms online, each one crafted to symbolize the things that make you who you are. You can also […]

Occasions/Milestones The Deeper Meaning Behind Silver Items as Gifts Occasions/Milestones

Silver gifts are a good present for the sensitive and gentle. Some people believe that silver gifts represent imagination, intuition, the feminine energy of the moon, and wisdom. This is not the only meaning associated with silver though. We will discuss this in more detail below. Silver items represent focus, clarity, and purity. It gifts […]

Occasions/Milestones Birthstone Chart: Birthstones By Month and Zodiac Sign Occasions/Milestones

It’s probably safe to say that we have all heard of birthstones, and you might even know what your birthstone is. If you don’t, do not fear: we are going to discuss birthstones and their history, and we will tell you what your birthstone is. Basically, a birthstone is a gemstone associated with the month […]

Occasions/Milestones Mood Ring Colors and Meanings Occasions/Milestones

Most of us, to some extent, grew up fascinated by the brilliant mystery of mood rings. It was a significant part of our late childhood and early adolescence to try and see if our mood rings correspond with our best friend’s. And we truly believed that the color range accurately portrayed the wearer’s mood. In […]

Pandora Charms & Jewelry

Pandora Charms & Jewelry Pandora Charms Sale: Are They Worth It? Pandora Charms & Jewelry

Pandora is a Danish company that designs and manufactures handcrafted contemporary jewelry at affordable prices. In 2000, the company launched its charm bracelet concept. Consumers embraced the concept and the company began to expand internationally as a result. Since then, Pandora has become synonymous with charms, which make up more than 50% of all its […]

Pandora Charms & Jewelry Marvel X Pandora: Infinity Stone Ring Pandora Charms & Jewelry

The Infinity Stones (previously known as ‘Soul Gems’) are some of the most coveted objects in Marvel Studio’s shared cinematic universe. Each one allows the wielder extreme control over one aspect of the universe: space, reality, power, soul, mind, and time. With the combined power of the Infinity Stones, nothing is impossible for the wielder. […]

Pandora Charms & Jewelry Pandora & Marvel: The Ultimate Jewelry Collection For MCU Fans Pandora Charms & Jewelry

Over the past decade, Marvel has been releasing blockbuster hits featuring heroes from our favorite action comics. Characters like Iron Man, Spiderman, Black Widow, and Captain America made their onscreen debut. This opened the way for other heroes to make it to the big screen. In celebration of Marvel’s superheroes, Pandora released a collection inspired […]

Personalized Jewelry

Personalized Jewelry What Is a Picture Necklace? Personalized Jewelry

Everyone, no matter their gender, is fond of jewelry these days. Necklaces are an especially popular fashion choice among both women and men. This is not surprising, given that there are so many different styles of necklace available. Necklaces are also an extremely versatile accessory that can add a touch of glamor to any outfit. […]

Personalized Jewelry Buyer’s Guide To Custom Jewelry Personalized Jewelry

Commissioning a custom jewelry piece is a great way to showcase your personal style, whether it’s a custom engagement ring, wedding band, or any other jewelry item. Custom jewelry also makes a meaningful gift for any occasion, from milestones like birthdays and anniversaries to Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. In this guide, we provide expert tips […]

Personalized Jewelry The Name Ring Personalized Jewelry

Name rings have not been around for that long yet, but they are exceedingly popular. The options at your disposal for a personalized name ring are endless. Origin of Name Rings The first name rings were designed by Janine Binneman. She wanted people to be able to personalize their stories through jewelry. Her name rings […]