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Alternative Wedding Rings What are Deer Antler Rings? Alternative Wedding Rings

Every year, a variety of deer species naturally shed antlers that are usually used for taxidermy purposes or simply left in the woods. Recently, more than one company has come up with the idea of taking these antlers, combining them with other materials, and crafting them into beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. Antler rings combine […]

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Wedding Ring Guides Rose Gold Wedding Rings Wedding Ring Guides

Every bride wants a little sparkle in her life with a unique and eye-catching wedding ring. A wedding ring should also represent your everlasting love while reflecting your personal style. Rose gold bridal sets are an unfailing way to radiate a timeless sparkle and commemorate the importance of that special date. Here’s why rose gold […]

Wedding Ring Guides Unique Wedding Rings for Women Wedding Ring Guides

Your wedding ring is arguably the most precious piece of jewelry you will ever own. And while there are many beautiful styles available, having your own unique ring to match your personal style can make the whole experience that much more special. Wedding rings are timeless and unique in their own right, and we hope […]

Wedding Ring Guides Which Finger Does A Wedding Ring Go On And Why? Wedding Ring Guides

Wearing a wedding ring or an engagement ring is a time-honored tradition and an unwavering symbol of everlasting love. This practice dates back to ancient times, specifically to the ancient Romans. That being said, there is no single right answer to the question ‘Where should I wear my wedding band?’. While the ring finger is […]