Unique Wedding Rings for Women

Your wedding ring is arguably the most precious piece of jewelry you will ever own. And while there are many beautiful styles available, having your own unique ring to match your personal style can make the whole experience that much more special.

Wedding rings are timeless and unique in their own right, and we hope to help you navigate the many different unique wedding bands that you can invest in.

No matter where in the world you find yourself, you will be among other women who have been on the same journey before you, and will be after you. This has served to create the endless bounty of unique wedding bands on the market today. Pay it forward by creating your very own unique wedding band to add to the ever-growing selection.

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What Do We Mean By Unique Wedding Rings for Women?

When it comes to wedding rings, there is no rule about what is meant for women and what is not. There are also no bounds related to the style choices available for either engagement rings or wedding rings. If you want something delicate, no problem! If you are looking for something chunkier and more robust, of course! Any shape and any size go.

While some wedding rings are plain, others are adorned with diamond accents that add extra sparkle. It is also common for wedding bands to be specifically designed to match with engagement rings. Some of these sets are even stackable so that rings can be added to celebrate the birth of children and anniversaries. Thus, women can create their very own unique ring stacks.

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Most Unique Wedding Rings for Women: The Current Trends

As with all things fashion-related, wedding ring trends will change and adapt with the times. We’re going to take a closer look at some of the most recent unique wedding rings that are trending. When choosing a wedding rings, remember that it is meant to symbolize union and eternal love.

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Vintage Wedding Rings

Some of the most beautiful wedding rings are vintage or antique. There is usually a rich history attached to these wedding bands, and they can be some of the most unique wedding rings you’ll ever find. Not to mention their potential sentimental value when they have been inherited.

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Rose Gold Bands

Platinum, yellow gold, and white gold are exceedingly popular materials for wedding rings. However, rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands can be simply stunning. If you are looking for a particularly striking look then a tricolor Russian band can also make for a unique wedding band that features rose gold along with yellow and white gold.

Rose gold is by far the most romantic metal. Some specialist jewelers might have more unusual choices, like chocolate or sage gold varieties, which can also create a unique design for your personal tastes.

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Multi-Row Bands

Multi-Row rings are popular among women who do not want to wear a separate wedding and engagement ring. There are usually two to three rows of metal and stones on these rings. Sometimes the rows are exactly the same; other times, there can be various shapes, sizes, and designs among them. Check out this dazzling three-row diamond ring from Blue Nile for inspiration.

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Openwork Wedding Rings

An openwork ring is usually wider and might not contain any gemstones. The main feature of this ring is the intricate metalwork. Delicate patterns and shapes are cut out of the metal itself. Vintage patterns are common, as are lace and knot patterns. Where stones are incorporated, they are usually diamonds, adding some sparkle to the piece.

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Bezel Set Rings

If you love diamonds and want to show them off, a bezel setting is perfect for this purpose. As a bonus, a bezel setting protects your diamonds from everyday wear and tear. You might also find that this setting is particularly feminine and elegant.

Gemstone Rings

If diamonds are not really your thing, then we are happy to report that there is an extensive list of gemstones that you can choose from. These gemstones bring with them a plethora of colors and hues. Just look at this gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond ring from Blue Nile. A specific gemstone can also be a great way to add symbolism to your ring. Gemstone rings are also popular among celebrities and royals; Prince William gifted Kate Middleton a ring featuring their birthstones.

Textured Bands

Not everyone wants stones on their wedding ring, which leads many to seek out textured rings instead. Adding texture to a plain wedding ring can lead to an unusual and unique wedding ring at a lower cost than a diamond band. A textured band also allows the engagement ring to take all the splendor and works especially well with a solitaire engagement ring that has a single center stone. A textured ring may be braided, twisted, carved, beaded, hammered, or scalloped.

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Stacking Rings

Stackable rings are usually delicate and can be customized. These rings are thin and sets are coordinated. There is usually quite a bit of variety within a stacking ring set. Unique engagement rings are paired with unique wedding bands and other rings that celebrate milestones, births, and anniversaries. A dainty design is common, but so is variety. Textured bands and different settings and stones can be found in stacking ring sets.

Eternity Wedding Bands

An eternity band is a classic style featuring a pave setting. In the past, pave bands were usually encrusted only with diamonds, or diamond accents in between other precious stones. In modern times, the combinations and styles for pave bands are endless. Matching or mismatched stones can be set into any metal, or a combination of metals.

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Tips for Unique Wedding Bands

When you already have a unique engagement ring, it can be difficult to settle on an equally unique wedding ring. Furthermore, there are so many wedding rings out there that it can be difficult to decide what you are looking for in a unique wedding ring.

There are a few things to consider before you start looking for unique wedding bands. First and foremost is your budget. Adding sparkle to your ring can be expensive, and some materials are far more expensive than others. Custom rings might have slightly larger price tags too. Details that add time to the creation of the piece can also add to the price.

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Closing Thoughts on Unique Wedding Bands

When deciding on a wedding ring, it is important to remember that you are not only choosing something gorgeous to wear on your big day. A wedding ring is a classic and elegant way to show your love and devotion to your partner for the rest of your life. This makes your choice of wedding ring a lifelong commitment, much like your marriage. Whether you opt for a vintage or modern design, there is an endless array of gorgeous styles to choose from. Some might be simple while others might be adorned with exquisite details.

You can also find designs that draw inspiration from nature, while others draw their inspiration from the gorgeous glamor of days gone by. Wedding jewelry has been an important part of the occasion for hundreds of years and is true across several different cultures.


Unique wedding bands can include anything from Art Deco-inspired pieces in classic yellow gold, to something more exciting like black rings. There are also several ways to create a unique look, such as playing with the shape of the band to create a twist; a contrast in colors, a unique center stone (like a Lapis Lazuli), merging styles from all over the world, or weaving white gold with other shades. Put simply, there is truly no limit to the styles of wedding rings available to women today.


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