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Diamond Guide

Diamond Guide 5-Carat Diamond Ring Diamond Guide

The vendor that you are purchasing the engagement ring from is just as important as the four C's.

Diamond Guide 1-Carat Diamond Ring Diamond Guide

When you start looking for a 1-carat diamond ring, your first point of call would be the price.

Diamond Guide Diamond Clarity I: Is It A Good Buy? Diamond Guide

Diamonds that fall between the low clarity grades of I1 and I3 on the clarity scale

Diamond Guide How To Tell A Fake Diamond From A Real Diamond Diamond Guide

Fake diamonds alleviate the severity of such a situation.

Diamond Guide Lab-Created vs. Natural Diamonds Diamond Guide

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not considered to be that rare

Diamond Guide Hearts & Arrows Diamonds Diamond Guide

In our modern age, hearts and arrows diamonds are well-known by most diamond lovers

Diamond Guide Diamond Chips Diamond Guide

Diamond chips are rarely faceted and are usually small stones used as accent stones

Gemstone Guide

Gemstone Guide Valentine’s Day Sale Jewelry Gemstone Guide

Jewelry is a classic Valentine's Day gift, and for good reason

Gemstone Guide What You Need To Know About Choosing A Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Gemstone Guide

Blue sapphires are renowned for their unparalleled beauty in the gem trade,

Gemstone Guide Secrets From Emerald Jewelers Gemstone Guide

That being said, an emerald oozes beauty no matter what metal it is set in.

Gemstone Guide The Most Cherished Type Of Emerald: Colombian Emeralds Gemstone Guide

Historians believe that Colombia's indigenous had mastered the art of emerald mining by 500 AD.

Gemstone Guide Sapphire Anniversary Gifts Gemstone Guide

We hope that you can identify the perfect gift for your partners from all the ideas we presented.

Gemstone Guide Mens Ruby Jewelry Gemstone Guide

Many people do not realize that a ruby and a sapphire are actually made of the exact same mineral,

Gemstone Guide Design Emerald Ring: The Ultimate Guide Gemstone Guide

Emeralds have been one of the most treasured gemstones for centuries.

Gemstone Guide Create Sapphire Ring Gemstone Guide

For someone who is looking for something particularly unique and special

Gemstone Guide Rubies and Sapphires Gemstone Guide

Rubies have more monetary value than sapphires, but sapphires fetch more money on imports,

Gemstone Guide Emerald Jewelry: Men’s Selections Gemstone Guide

whether you are just looking for that one perfect emerald to stand front and center,

Gemstone Guide Promise Rings: Sapphire Gemstone Guide

Many people view promise rings as interchangeable with purity rings,

Gemstone Guide Sapphire Birthstone Rings Gemstone Guide

Sapphires were worn to ward off evil and protect the wearer from his enemies in ancient times

Gemstone Guide A Guide To Green Gemstones Gemstone Guide

There are three factors that experts consider when evaluating the color of a gemstone.

Gemstone Guide How To Identify Gemstones Gemstone Guide

you will be able to identify gemstones by mere sight.

Gemstone Guide How To Care For Loose Emeralds and Emerald Jewelry Gemstone Guide

The best method for cleaning loose emeralds and emerald jewelry is to use warm soapy water

Gemstone Guide All You Need To Know About Lab-Created Sapphires Gemstone Guide

If you are looking for more elite synthetic sapphire options, consider visiting Brilliant Earth.

Gemstone Guide How To Evaluate Precious Stone Quality Gemstone Guide

Gemologists grade gemstones based on four primary properties

Gemstone Guide All You Need To Know About Emerald Birthstone Jewelry Gemstone Guide

The emerald gemstone itself is a relatively tough and durable gem

Gemstone Guide A Complete Overview Of Rare Emeralds Gemstone Guide

The most high-quality emeralds have a bluish-green to pure green color

Gemstone Guide Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond Gemstone Guide

The most significant difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia is that diamonds can occur naturally,

Gemstone Guide Your Ideal Guide To Buying Sapphires Gemstone Guide

Sapphire engagement rings are timeless statements of classic eleganc

Gemstone Guide What Is Black Sapphire? Gemstone Guide

Sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum popularly used in jewelry.

Gemstone Guide Quartz Hardness and Wearability Gemstone Guide

Quartz is a common gemstone that comes in a variety of colors.

Gemstone Guide Emerald Anniversary Jewelry Gemstone Guide

An anniversary ring or jewelry piece is the perfect gift to represent the milestone years in a relationship

Gemstone Guide Cleaning Process: Sapphire Jewelry Gemstone Guide

A wedding or engagement ring is a precious item with a lot of sentimental value.

General Information

General Information A Guide To The Different Types of Earrings General Information

Earrings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry in the world and have been since ancient times. Nowadays, there is a range of different styles and designs available on the market, from timeless diamond studs to dangly drop earrings and elaborate chandeliers. Oversized and dramatic, modern and edgy, or dainty and ornate, each […]

General Information Guide To Vintage Rings For Women General Information

Buying a vintage ring for your significant other is a beautiful gesture.

General Information How To Calculate 14K Gold Price Per Gram General Information

Blue sapphires are renowned for their unparalleled beauty in the gem trade,

General Information The Best Online Jewelry Stores With The Best Jewelry Of 2024 General Information

It is a commonplace to buy jewelry online in our modern day and age.

General Information What Determines Gemstone Rarity? General Information

Size and clarity also play a role in the rarity of a gemstone, including the extraction and faceting processes.

General Information Best Gold Jewelry General Information

Jewelry has been around far longer than most people realize. In fact, it is one of the oldest archaeological artifacts ever found, including an item that was over 100,000 years old. When it comes specifically to gold jewelry, the oldest specimens are from Bulgaria and date back to around 4,200BC. For many ancient civilizations, gold […]

General Information The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Diamond Necklace General Information

A pendant is a small piece of jewelry that you can attach to a chain and wear on different body parts.

General Information The Best Spring Jewelry Trends Of 2022 General Information

With oversized, quirky, and colorful jewelry trends hitting the runways this year, designers and fashion experts alike are begging us to be more adventurous and daring with our spring jewelry this coming season. Many of us are guilty of getting comfortable in the same style every year. I mean, if it works, it works, right? […]

General Information Diamonds: Uncut General Information

Do you think buying rough diamonds might be smarter?

General Information Finding Your Birthstone General Information

The idea of the birthstone can be traced back all the way to ancient times.

General Information Blue Stones: All You Need To Know General Information

Most people understand that both carat and karat refer somehow to quality

General Information Carats vs Karat General Information

Most people understand that both carat and karat refer somehow to quality

General Information What Does Plated Gold Mean? General Information

Gold jewelry has been the symbol of elegance and class through the ages.

General Information Silver Or Gold Jewelry: Which Is Best? General Information

Whether you buy silver or gold depends on your personal preference.

General Information Black Diamonds: Worth The Hype? General Information

Black diamonds are relatively new on the commercial market,

General Information What Is Black Sapphire? General Information

Sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum popularly used in jewelry.

General Information What is “Eternity Band”? General Information

An eternity band is a kind of ring that consists of an endless set of gemstones down the middle of the band.

General Information Emerald Anniversary Jewelry General Information

An anniversary ring or jewelry piece is the perfect gift to represent the milestone years in a relationship.

General Information July Birthstone Rings General Information

The right piece will depend on the men or women you shop for

General Information Jewelry As Gift Items General Information

The right piece will depend on the men or women you shop for

General Information Lab-Created Ruby Ring General Information

Rubies come in various colors - from light pink to dark, wine red.

General Information Ruby vs. Garnet General Information

Rubies and Garnets are perhaps most often confused with one another.

General Information The Meaning Behind Engagement Rings General Information

Today, it is common practice to offer a diamond engagement ring along with that all-important question.

Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry The Secrets of Silver Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver (Symbol Ag) is perhaps the more mysterious of our precious metals in the sense that most people understand,

Silver Jewelry What Does a 925 Ring Mean? Silver Jewelry

The 925 stamp on jewelry means that the piece of jewelry was made with sterling silver.

Silver Jewelry A Natural Emerald VS A Lab Emerald Silver Jewelry

A lab-created emerald, also known as a synthetic emerald o

Silver Jewelry How To Prevent Silver Tarnishing Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is created by mixing pure silver with other metals called silver alloys.

Silver Jewelry Ruby Ring in Sterling Silver Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver ruby rings are reminiscent of Christmas cheer with their dark red sparkle in a snowy setting.

Types of Gold

Types of Gold How To Care For Rose Gold Jewelry Types of Gold

let's first have a brief look at the properties of this precious metal.

Types of Gold How To Identify Fake Gold Chains Types of Gold

Gold chains have been statement gold jewelry pieces for decades.

Types of Gold Rose Gold: 18K Or 14K Types of Gold

The remaining six karats primarily consist of copper metal alloy and smaller amounts of silver metal alloy.

Types of Gold What Is Rose Gold? Types of Gold

Rose gold is a colored gold with a distinctive pink hue.

Types of Gold 14-Karat Gold: The Best Type of Gold? Types of Gold

Gold is one of the most popular precious metals for making jewelry.

Types of Gold What Is the Difference Between 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k Gold? Types of Gold

The right piece will depend on the men or women you shop for

Wedding & Engagement Rings

Wedding & Engagement Rings The Best Diamond Alternatives For Your Engagement Ring Wedding & Engagement Rings

If you appreciate the brilliance and clarity of a gemstone like a diamond,

Wedding & Engagement Rings Engagement Ring Gemstones Wedding & Engagement Rings

Diamonds and All Their Alternatives As far as an engagement ring goes, most people envision a white or yellow precious metal with a colorless sparkling diamond centerpiece. And although the diamond is an endearing and classic choice that carries a lot of symbolism with it, there are alternative options that many modern couples are opening […]

Wedding & Engagement Rings Engagement Ring Settings Wedding & Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring setting is an important decision.