Hearts & Arrows Diamonds

Diamond cutting is undeniably a form of liberal arts, one that has pushed the boundaries for centuries to yield the magnificent hearts and arrows pattern we all know and love today.

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The Japanese were the first to discover the presence of a kaleidoscopic effect a round brilliant cut diamond yielded when investigated through a special viewer. Although diamonds didn’t display hearts and arrows clearly, the Japanese jewelers perfected the art over the years and led to widespread implementation of this art. When the trend of the hearts and arrows pattern reached the U.S in the early 90’s, the technique had already been consummated.

In our modern age, hearts and arrows diamonds are well-known by most diamond lovers and jewelers alike to be one of the most appreciated perfectly cut diamonds on the market. Because these super ideal cut diamonds require a great deal of skill and time to achieve, their command and value are significant.

What Is A Hearts And Arrows Diamond Cut?

When round brilliant cut diamonds are flawlessly proportioned with advanced craftsmanship and a vast amount of precision, it displays a beautiful arrangement of eight symmetrical arrows from the face-up view, in addition to eight symmetrical hearts from the pavilion view.

A hearts and arrows scope is used to filter light coming in from the side of the diamond. The resulting change in color can display any color from blue, red, or purple, enhancing the exquisiteness of the well-cut diamond.

A hearts and arrows diamond can only be created with extensive precision on the part of the diamond cutter, leading to the establishment of the name “super ideal cut diamonds.” The term”super ideal” is bestowed upon diamonds that display incredibly light performance, optical symmetry, and overall material quality.

The significance of the light performance is that it exalts the presence of an arrangement of tiny mirrors that reflect light back to the eye of the beholder. This spectacular image is the result of the exact angles at which the facets are aligned.

All of these unique elements make hearts and arrows diamonds truly valuable to consumers.


What Makes A Hearts And Arrows Diamond So Exceptional?

The meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating a hearts and arrows diamond is what makes it so special. These diamonds originated from more rough material than any other diamond equivalents and thus required a lot of time and resources to perfect.

The chief excellent characteristics of a hearts and arrows diamond include:

Light Performance

The careful alignment of the facets results in a system of tiny mirrors, refracting light back to your eyes. This feature contributes to the unique brilliance of hearts and arrows diamonds.


Not only do the facets need to be cut with exceptional precision, but they also need to be flawlessly aligned in three dimensions to achieve the hearts and arrows pattern. Not just any diamond cutter can accomplish this complex result. Diamond cutters that are able to cut diamonds in this fashion need to be vastly experienced and skilled.


Most diamonds do not hold the unique pattern to convey such a beautiful image of hearts and arrows. A hearts and arrows diamond is truly incredibly extraordinary with a very distinct character.

Optical Symmetry

Hearts and arrows diamonds are flawlessly aligned in three dimensions to yield impressive symmetry, something not often seen in any other round cut diamond. This optical precision optimizes light reflection and contributes to the distinctive nature of hearts and arrows diamonds.

Does An Excellent Cut Or Ideal Cut Rating Result In Hearts And Arrows?

The simple answer is no. Not all diamonds with ideal or excellent cut ratings are automatically classified as hearts and arrows diamonds. The precise optical symmetry found in hearts and arrows diamonds is created by polishing each facet with extreme precision to achieve the proportions and exact angles needed to create a reflection of hearts and arrows.

The extensive level of accuracy far surpasses the required care involved in an “ideal” or “excellent” rating.

The term “hearts and arrows” is frequently misused by jewelers and vendors to exalt the market value of their products, so this is something to be cautious of. If any vendor tries to sell you super ideal cut diamonds, request the appropriate data and certification to avoid falling victim to a marketing ploy and paying the value of authentic hearts and arrows diamonds for ordinary diamonds.

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Benefits Of Purchasing A Hearts And Arrows Diamond

A hearts and arrows diamond represents romance and lasting love. Moreover, two visual benefits establish heart and arrows diamonds as the most beautiful diamonds for an engagement ring or just an everyday symbol of endearment.

As I mentioned earlier, the hearts and arrows pattern is a result of the perfect optical symmetry and alignment of the facets.

  1. A super ideal cut diamond will exhibit impressive contrast patterns, creating a more captivating air that is sure to enchant any beholder.
  2. The virtual facets that a super ideal cut diamond displays directly influences the sparkle and brilliance of a hearts and arrows diamond. Virtual facets can be considered as mirrors reflecting more mirrors. Aligning the facets perfectly will lead to bigger virtual facets, and bigger virtual facets, in turn, reflect light more optimally. This is why hearts and arrows diamonds often display brighter and livelier scintillation than their excellent and ideal cut diamond counterparts.

Does A Hearts And Arrows Diamond Appear Larger?

Hearts and arrows diamonds are known to appear larger than non-ideal cut diamonds because of their enhanced brilliance and brightness that is distributed across the whole diamond. The perfect symmetry and optical precision enable light to interact with the facets better.

If you view a diamond with non-ideal proportions, you will notice that the edges and center appear darker, consequently making the diamond look smaller. The enhanced light return seen in hearts and arrows diamonds makes the diamond seem more striking and therefore also larger.

The Hearts And Arrows Diamond Branding Market

The superb reputation of hearts and arrows diamonds has led many diamond manufacturers to utilize this standard of diamond cut quality to market their designer engagement rings and dream ring collections.

In truth, very few companies actually deliver this special diamond with its flawless symmetrical patterns and precision cutting as advertised. However, many reputable brands such as Blue Nile, Astor, James Allen, and Hearts on Fire provide authentic hearts and arrows patterns honestly.

Most diamond brands have a unique selection of perfectly cut diamond engagement rings and such, but many of these brands don’t fulfill their promise of excellent brilliance and precise cut as they claim they do. Although there are outstanding exceptions, most diamond manufacturers don’t deliver noticeably more brilliant diamonds than any other standard excellent diamonds cut on the market.

The Causes And Effects Of Hearts And Arrows

A very important point to note is that hearts and arrows are not the cause of a diamond’s brilliance. Instead, the brilliance of the diamond is an effect of the perfectly proportioned heart and arrow pattern.

Diamond cutters cut diamonds to very specific dimensions with the goal of maximizing their brilliance. The hearts and arrows that form is an effect of these particular proportions in round cut diamonds.

Many companies develop altered cuts, like round shapes, by manipulating the faceting of these diamonds so they can achieve the comparable effects of heart and arrow diamonds. The distinction is that it is not the heart and arrow pattern that gives a diamond its brilliance, but rather the optical precision, light performance, and perfect cut. Therefore, the hearts and arrows found in these modified diamonds are no indication of the brilliance of a diamond.

The primary goal of these companies is to develop a modified version of a hearts and arrows diamond so they can patent the cut they used. By doing this, they can keep the price of the diamond purchase high. For the most part, it is recommended that you avoid these brands.

5 Ways Of Distinguishing An Authentic Hearts And Arrows Diamond

Although there are various options of hearts and arrows diamond out there, they differ in quality and standard. Unfortunately, dishonest vendors may try to sell you diamonds that are not, in fact, true hearts and arrows diamonds.

Follow the tips below to ensure you won’t get ripped off:

1. Look For Diamonds With Good Optical Symmetry

It is the excellent optimal symmetry of hearts and arrows diamonds that ensure the exquisite light performance of a diamond. When you are shopping for the perfect engagement ring or simply a diamond ring to cherish, examine the hearts and v-tips of the diamond and assess whether they are symmetrical or not. The one half of the v-tip should be the exact mirror image of the other. The shapes of the bottoms of the hearts should be flawlessly symmetrical.

2. Be Sure You Count Eight Arrows And Eight Hearts

An authentic hearts and arrows diamond will always display an exact number of eight arrows and hearts that are all regularly shaped. As a hearts and arrows viewer, you should notice that all the shape designs are almost identical to each other, with no heart or arrow being more notable than another.

3. Examine The Alignment

The shafts surrounding the hearts should precisely align with the points of the arrows. Furthermore, the shafts of the arrows and their heads should also be aligned. Be sure that the gap between each heart and the v-shape of its bottom is equal to all the other hearts in the diamond. All the tips of the eight symmetrical arrows should meet as a uniform center.

4. Strive For Optimal Unity

Although a hearts and arrows diamond has excellent optical precision and symmetry, no diamond is entirely perfect. You may find some irregularities as with any other diamond, but strive to find a diamond that looks the most uniform as a whole. Alignment, symmetry, and perfectly arranged hearts and arrow diamonds are what you should be looking for.

Don’t be too concerned with minor defects or irregularities. Instead, shift your focus to find diamonds that are well-cut with the best light performance.

5. Consult An Expert

Unless you are a well-skilled diamond expert, evaluating the quality of a diamond does not always come easy. If you have even a pinch of doubt about the cut grade or hearts and arrows patterning of a diamond, reach out to an expert that has no intention of exploiting your ignorance.

Purchasing diamonds is not like buying any other piece of jewelry. It is often a significant investment and indeed one to take seriously. Don’t be impulsive or hasty in deciding on purchasing either loose diamonds or a diamond ring. There are professionals with all the necessary information and advice to guide you to make a wise investment.

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The Best Places To Buy A Hearts And Arrows Diamond

If you truly desire having a quality hearts and arrows diamond, finding the right vendor is essential. Many merchants claim that they sell genuine hearts and arrows diamonds when they are actually just imitations of the real thing.

When you are shopping for diamonds, be sure to collaborate with a vendor with a transparent practice who can provide you with adequate data on the product you are looking to buy.

Below is a list of trusted jewelers with good reputations for your consideration:

Brian Gavin

Gavin is undoubtedly a leading pioneer in the industry of super ideal cut diamonds. He offers a variety of patented hearts, and arrows cushion cut diamonds in addition to his signature round cut diamonds.

James Allen

Their signature TrueHearts line provides a wide selection of hearts and arrows diamond jewelry options. Because their selection is so large, you may have to search and pick the diamonds of better quality, but there will certainly be a suitable piece for every carat size and price range you may require.

White Flash

Their super ideal cut diamonds line is meticulously curated to fit precise standards. They provide a variety of hearts and arrows diamonds with high ratings for symmetry, light performance, and polish. This line is additionally AGS certified.

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Closing Remarks 

Hearts and Arrow patterning speaks volumes of precision and advanced craftsmanship. All the facets have to be aligned in three dimensions for the diamond to display a specific degree of brilliance and elegance. 

Light performance and optical symmetry are key features that contribute to the overall quality of a hearts and arrows diamond. Of course, no diamond is perfect, but a perfectly cut diamond with ideal proportions is worth more than a thousand ordinary diamonds. 

It is essential that you consider the various aspects that give a diamond its brilliance and magnificent nature before committing to a purchase. If you find a competent and transparent vendor, you can never go wrong with hearts and arrows diamonds. 


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