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Birthstones March Birthstone History, Origins, Care, and Settings Birthstones

March babies are fortunate enough to have two birthstones, namely aquamarine and bloodstone. Though very different in appearance, both March birthstones have a reputation for promoting the health of the wearer. Aquamarine gems evoke blue skies and calming waters, while the dark green bloodstone with its characteristic red flecks is associated with vitality and strength. […]

Birthstones A Complete Guide To The June Birthstone Birthstones

The month of June is one of the few that boasts not one, not two, but three birthstones (August and December also have three birthstones). While the traditional June birthstone is pearl, moonstone and alexandrite have been added to the list of modern birthstones. Pearl has long been admired as a gemstone, although it is […]

Birthstones Everything You Need To Know About Birthstones: December Birthstones

A birthstone is a gemstone popularly associated with an individual’s birth month. There are traditional and modern birthstones. While most months have just one or two birthstones, December has four: turquoise, tanzanite, topaz, and zircon. All the December birthstones exhibit a rich blue color; invoking images of both crisp winter days and clear summer skies, […]

Birthstones Citrine Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties, and Everyday Uses Birthstones

With a color as bright as the noonday sun, this November birthstone is like summer incarnate. You can’t help but feel uplifted by its sunny disposition and old Hollywood vibes. Besides being beautiful, citrines are also thought to possess many healing properties, such as stimulating the thyroid and digestive system and aiding in the release […]

Birthstones All About January’s Birthstone: Garnet Birthstones

As one of the oldest gemstones known to man, garnet has inspired many legends and popular associations with vitality, love, and friendship. Commonly associated with the color red, it is both the traditional and modern birthstone for January, as well as the gemstone that represents the second wedding anniversary. Learn all about January’s birthstone from […]

Birthstones ‘Emerald by Day, Ruby by Night’: The Ultimate Guide To Alexandrite Birthstones

Alexandrite is one of the most unusual gems in the world. You may have heard it being referred to as an ’emerald by day’ and a ‘ruby by night’. This is due to its remarkable color-change ability, which allows it to transform from green in daylight to red in incandescent light. However, June’s modern birthstone […]

Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond Carat Weight What Does A 5-Carat Diamond Ring Cost? Diamond Carat Weight

If you want an engagement ring that stands out, a five-carat diamond is certainly the way to go. A 5-carat diamond ring emanates an air of luxury that’s impossible to miss. As long as you don’t compromise too much on the quality of a stone of that size, your engagement ring will be an absolute […]

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity In-Depth Buying Guide to VVS Diamonds Diamond Clarity

A diamond’s clarity grade describes the amount of foreign material or ‘inclusions’ visible within the stone. This includes any blemishes or imperfections on its surface. ‘VVS’ is a diamond clarity grade that stands for ‘very very slightly included’. It is divided into two subcategories: VVS1 and VVS2, with VVS1 connoting a slightly higher clarity grade […]

Diamond Cuts

Diamond Cuts What is a Radiant Cut Diamond? Diamond Cuts

The radiant cut is a relatively new diamond cut, having made its debut on the diamond market in the 1980s. Designed by Henry Grossbard, the radiant cut combines all the finest qualities of the round brilliant cut and the emerald cut. The result is an effervescent sparkle that can only be described as ‘radiant’. If […]

Diamond Cuts Should You Buy an Emerald Cut Diamond? Diamond Cuts

If you’ve got your heart set on an emerald cut engagement ring, this guide is for you! In it, we provide the full run-down on this sophisticated diamond shape, from how they compare to other popular diamond shapes to how to choose the perfect emerald cut diamond. Characteristics of Emerald Cut Diamonds Emerald cut diamonds […]

Diamond Cuts What Is A Rose Cut Diamond? Diamond Cuts

The rose cut is an antique diamond cutting style used for engagement rings and other types of jewelry. It is known as a rose cut due to its shape resembling a rose bud. In this article, we will compare the rose cut to other types of antique diamond cuts, namely the Old Mine and European […]

Diamond Cuts What is an Asscher Cut Diamond? Diamond Cuts

Asscher cut diamonds feature an octagonal shape and facets arranged in parallel lines on all sides. This diamond shape also has a high crown and a deep pavilion, both of which contribute to its signature sparkle. The Royal Asscher Diamond Company developed two kinds of Asscher cuts: the original Asscher cut and the Royal Asscher […]

Diamond Cuts Cushion Cut Diamond Buying Guide Diamond Cuts

A cushion cut diamond is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. It will appeal to those who like the square shape of a princess cut but who are looking for something a little less mainstream. Adding to its appeal is its relatively low cost compared to a round diamond. Below is a guide with […]

Diamond Cuts What are Polki Diamonds? Diamond Cuts

If you’ve never heard of a polki diamond, you’re not alone. We’re so used to sparkly, polished diamonds that the idea of something that is beautifully rustic while still brilliantly sparkling is hard to imagine. Although most of us are not familiar with these gemstones, polki diamonds are not particularly rare, and they are becoming […]

Diamond Pricing

Diamond Pricing 1 Carat Diamond Price + Buying Guide Diamond Pricing

You can find a wide selection of 1 carat diamonds both online and in local diamond jewelry stores. When shopping for the perfect 1 carat diamond ring, you will notice that these diamonds vary considerably in both beauty and price. One of the reasons for this is the various markups charged by jewelers. In this […]

Diamond Pricing Valuing Diamonds: Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Price Diamond Pricing

If you’re in the market for a diamond engagement ring, chances are you have a set budget. And your aim is to find the best diamond on that budget. In this article, we show you how to get the most bling for your buck when it comes to buying a diamond ring. We explain all […]

Precious Gemstones

Precious Gemstones The Montana Sapphire: A Guide Precious Gemstones

The U.S. state of Montana is known for producing most of the country’s sapphires. For this reason, it has been fondly nicknamed the ‘Treasure State’. It is also known for producing Yogo Sapphires, which are characterized by their cornflower blue color. The state prides itself on its ethical mining practices, making Montana Sapphires an excellent […]

Precious Gemstones Star Sapphire Gemstone: A Comprehensive Guide Precious Gemstones

We are probably all familiar with the beautiful sparkling face of the traditional blue sapphire. But this article will focus on a lesser-known variety of sapphires: colored star sapphires. These refer to gemstone-grade sapphires that feature a white or golden star across their center. This pattern is called ‘asterism’. In this guide, we are going […]

Precious Gemstones Where Does Blue Sapphire Come From? Precious Gemstones

The sapphire is a beloved gemstone that has been cherished for centuries and used in hundreds and thousands of timeless jewelry pieces. This gemstone is known for its mesmerizing colors and beauty, as well as its durability. But did you know that not all sapphires are blue? Typically, people think of a blue stone when […]

Precious Gemstones Emerald Stone Meaning, Properties, and Value Precious Gemstones

May’s birthstone, emeralds are one of the world’s most beloved precious gemstones, not to mention one of the most enchanting. This striking green gem even captured the attention of Queen Cleopatra, who was known for her affinity for emerald jewelry. Throughout the ages, emeralds have been regarded as symbols of love, growth, and rebirth, and […]

Semi-Precious Gemstones

Semi-Precious Gemstones Turquoise Meaning and Uses Semi-Precious Gemstones

Turquoise is one of the most popular gemstones to date. Its clear sea-green color has captivated many. It can also make any ring, bracelet, or necklace shine. However, turquoise stones were not always just for the glamor. In this article, we’ll discuss what the turquoise stone means, its symbolism, its healing properties, and what to […]

Semi-Precious Gemstones Jade Jewelry: History, Meaning, Properties Semi-Precious Gemstones

As one of the most beautiful, mystical, and alluring gemstones in the world, jade has a reputation comparable to diamonds and gold. It also has a long history of being used for ritual, ceremonial, and ornamental purposes. While the history of its first use dates back to Ancient China, jade has also been used by […]

Semi-Precious Gemstones Onyx Stone: Everything You Need to Know About the Stone of the Mind Semi-Precious Gemstones

Most people think of onyx as a black gemstone. Black is not a color that appeals to everyone, but the mysticism associated with these opaque gemstones is quite influential in the history of the onyx stone. That being said, black is not the only color that onyx comes in, despite being the most popular. Interestingly, […]

Semi-Precious Gemstones All About Moissanite Semi-Precious Gemstones

Moissanite engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular due to the gem’s durability, sparkling appearance, and affordable price tag. If you’re considering buying one yourself or simply want to find out more about this diamond look-a-like, then you’ve come to the right place. Our guide below covers everything you need to know about this scintillating gemstone, […]

Semi-Precious Gemstones Everything You Need To Know About Turquoise Jewelry Semi-Precious Gemstones

Turquoise has captivated the Eqyptian, Asian, Persian, and Native American cultures with its alluring natural beauty and supernatural properties for more than six millennia. The fascination with this mesmerizing blue stone later extended to Western cultures and it has experienced several waves of popularity ever since. Today, like in the 1970s and early 2000s, turquoise […]