Diamond Cuts

Diamond Cuts

Diamond Cuts What is a Radiant Cut Diamond? Diamond Cuts

The radiant cut is a relatively new diamond cut, having made its debut on the diamond market in the 1980s. Designed by Henry Grossbard, the radiant cut combines all the finest qualities of the round brilliant cut and the emerald cut. The result is an effervescent sparkle that can only be described as ‘radiant’. If […]

Diamond Cuts Should You Buy an Emerald Cut Diamond? Diamond Cuts

If you’ve got your heart set on an emerald cut engagement ring, this guide is for you! In it, we provide the full run-down on this sophisticated diamond shape, from how they compare to other popular diamond shapes to how to choose the perfect emerald cut diamond. Characteristics of Emerald Cut Diamonds Emerald cut diamonds […]

Diamond Cuts What Is A Rose Cut Diamond? Diamond Cuts

The rose cut is an antique diamond cutting style used for engagement rings and other types of jewelry. It is known as a rose cut due to its shape resembling a rose bud. In this article, we will compare the rose cut to other types of antique diamond cuts, namely the Old Mine and European […]

Diamond Cuts What is an Asscher Cut Diamond? Diamond Cuts

Asscher cut diamonds feature an octagonal shape and facets arranged in parallel lines on all sides. This diamond shape also has a high crown and a deep pavilion, both of which contribute to its signature sparkle. The Royal Asscher Diamond Company developed two kinds of Asscher cuts: the original Asscher cut and the Royal Asscher […]

Diamond Cuts Cushion Cut Diamond Buying Guide Diamond Cuts

A cushion cut diamond is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. It will appeal to those who like the square shape of a princess cut but who are looking for something a little less mainstream. Adding to its appeal is its relatively low cost compared to a round diamond. Below is a guide with […]

Diamond Cuts What are Polki Diamonds? Diamond Cuts

If you’ve never heard of a polki diamond, you’re not alone. We’re so used to sparkly, polished diamonds that the idea of something that is beautifully rustic while still brilliantly sparkling is hard to imagine. Although most of us are not familiar with these gemstones, polki diamonds are not particularly rare, and they are becoming […]