Precious Gemstones

Precious Gemstones

Precious Gemstones The Montana Sapphire: A Guide Precious Gemstones

The U.S. state of Montana is known for producing most of the country’s sapphires. For this reason, it has been fondly nicknamed the ‘Treasure State’. It is also known for producing Yogo Sapphires, which are characterized by their cornflower blue color. The state prides itself on its ethical mining practices, making Montana Sapphires an excellent […]

Precious Gemstones Star Sapphire Gemstone: A Comprehensive Guide Precious Gemstones

We are probably all familiar with the beautiful sparkling face of the traditional blue sapphire. But this article will focus on a lesser-known variety of sapphires: colored star sapphires. These refer to gemstone-grade sapphires that feature a white or golden star across their center. This pattern is called ‘asterism’. In this guide, we are going […]

Precious Gemstones Where Does Blue Sapphire Come From? Precious Gemstones

The sapphire is a beloved gemstone that has been cherished for centuries and used in hundreds and thousands of timeless jewelry pieces. This gemstone is known for its mesmerizing colors and beauty, as well as its durability. But did you know that not all sapphires are blue? Typically, people think of a blue stone when […]

Precious Gemstones Emerald Stone Meaning, Properties, and Value Precious Gemstones

May’s birthstone, emeralds are one of the world’s most beloved precious gemstones, not to mention one of the most enchanting. This striking green gem even captured the attention of Queen Cleopatra, who was known for her affinity for emerald jewelry. Throughout the ages, emeralds have been regarded as symbols of love, growth, and rebirth, and […]