Precious Metals

Precious Metals

Precious Metals All About 24 Karat Gold: Pros, Cons, Price, and Purity Precious Metals

A ‘karat’ is the unit measurement for gold purity. Most gold jewelry consists of gold alloyed with other metals. Lower karats mean less gold; for example, 14-karat gold contains 58.3 per cent gold and 41.7 per cent other metals, such as silver or copper. 24-karat gold is pure gold containing no other metals. The reason […]

Precious Metals What Is Sterling Silver & How Is It Different From Pure Silver Jewelry? Precious Metals

Silver has long been one of the most popular materials used by humans. Throughout human history, our society has used silver to produce coins, high-status homewares, mirrors, cars, electronics, medicine, and more. The jewelry-making industry also uses silver to craft timeless pieces symbolizing prosperity and 25 years of marriage. If you’re a jewelry lover, there […]

Precious Metals What Is Rose Gold? Precious Metals

Rose gold is a colored gold with a distinctive pink hue. It is also sometimes called pink gold or red gold. Rose gold is a popular option for engagement rings and other jewelry due to its romantic vintage appeal. Read on to find out more about this gold alloy, from how it’s made to where […]

Precious Metals A Complete Guide to Gold Jewellery Precious Metals

Choosing the right precious metal for your jewellery piece can be a challenge. Perhaps the most traditional choice is yellow gold. Gold is loved for its durability and rich appearance. It is also an especially popular option for things like wedding and engagement rings. There is an old expression that goes ‘All that glitters isn’t […]

Precious Metals Everything You Need to Know About Gold Pendants Precious Metals

When you are shopping for gold pendants, it goes without saying that you would want to choose the right one for you. Finding a design that you like is important, but so is knowing how to care for your gold pendants. There are also different types of gold that you need to know about. How […]