Ring Size Guide

Avoid ordering the right ring in the wrong size. This guide covers how to measure your ring size, handy measuring tips and includes tools(ring sizer, ring size chart and ring size conversion chart) so you can shop with confidence. 


It’s important to find a ring that fits comfortably. The ideal ring should have enough grip so that it doesn’t fall off by itself and be loose enough to slide off with little to no effort. Before measuring your finger you’ll need to keep in mind that it changes depending on the time of day and the temperature of your surroundings.

The ring size for women ranges from size 3 to 9, with 6 being the global average. The ring size for men ranges from size 8 to 10, with size 10 being the average here in the U.S.

Measuring your ring size is important and you’ll want to be absolutely sure you’re getting the right size before you order. There are plenty of ways to find your ring size at home. All the best methods are outlined below.

Find The Correct Ring Size
Finger Ring Sizer

Free Ring Sizer

We are happy to provide customers with a free ring sizer to help find their exact size while at home.

Printable Ring Size Chart

Our free printable ring sizer chart lets you easily determine your measurements. Simply, print out our online ring sizer and follow the instructions. The chart includes a cutout sizer that you can wrap around your finger to determine your size.

All ICONIC rings are listed in standard US sizes. If you already know your ring size in a different country’s sizing system, you can use the Ring Size Conversion Chart to find your US ring size.

Note: This guide will not take into account the style of the ring you choose. When selecting a ring with a deep bandwidth, you may need a larger size. You may contact us for further information.

Iconic Ring Sizer Guide

Before Printing Please refer to the instructions within the downloadable PDF.


  • Ring size can vary with temperature and time of day. It is best to measure your ring finger at the end of the day when your fingers are warm. 
  • Take measurements several times to ensure accuracy. 
  • While the ring fit can be a matter of personal preference, we recommend a ring size that is comfortable but requires slight force to slide over your finger. If a ring slides too easily, it may fall off when your ring finger is at its smallest (when cold, etc.). 

Ring Size Conversion Chart

All rings on ICONIC are listed in standard US sizes. If you know your ring size in a different country’s sizing system, you can use the Ring Size Conversion chart or download a printable PDF.

Size Conversion Chart


Picking out an engagement ring can be difficult. Here are some ideas on how to get her finger size is without her realizing:

Method 1 : Use a String

Try looping a piece of string around her finger while she’s asleep. Just make sure it’s not wound too tightly. Once you’ve got it on right, make note of the meeting point of the string, then mark it with a pen or cut to the correct length. You may use a ring sizer from our website to measure the exact finger size.

Use A String


It is best to keep in mind that her dominant hand will be a little bigger than the other. If she’s right handed, her ring finger on the left hand might be smaller in size. 

Make sure that you don’t over tighten the knot when measuring her finger with a piece of string. If this happens, the measurement you get may end up being smaller than her actual finger size. The string should be able to move gently over her knuckle. Also, when using a pen or a marker, make sure that the pen you use is finely tipped. If the ink bleeds, the markings will be too wide and you will end up having a highly inaccurate measurement.

Also keep in mind that rings are not as flexible as a string so even when this method is executed perfectly, it’s still less accurate than simply having her try a ring on.”

Method 2 : Trace a Ring She Owns

You can also check her jewelry box when she’s not looking. All you have to do is trace out her ring on a paper and bring it to an expert for accurate sizing. But be careful! She might own a ring that is meant to be worn on the thumb or pinky finger. If you happen to measure the wrong kind of ring, you will get a completely different size than the one she wears on her ring finger.

Trace A Ring She Owns

Method 3 : The Direct Approach

Alternatively, there is always the option of simply asking for her ring size and gifting her some fashion jewelry from an accessories store – this could make for a nice surprise when she receives her actual gift.

The Direct Approach


For most of our customers, a tight-fitting ring is preferred. But how can you tell if a tight-fitted ring is in fact “too tight”? It may not seem important, but having an overly narrow ring may cut off circulation and leave your finger feeling numb.

Is Your Ring Too Tight

One way to know whether your ring is too tight is by twisting it on your finger. If you can effortlessly turn it from side to side with little resistance, the size is just right. If your skin sticks to the metal and twisting the ring requires extra force, then it’s safe to say that your ring is too tight for your finger. 

Alternatively, you can simply try taking off your ring. If you can remove it without a hitch, the ring fits you perfectly. If it remains stuck on your finger, it’s too tight. If you’re in a situation where you can’t slide your ring off, you can try icing your finger or dipping it in oil or butter. If it still doesn’t come off by itself you should immediately seek out a doctor. 


No couple wants their wedding rings to fit too tight, but you also don’t want it to be too loose. Rings are often quite costly, and losing one can be a nightmare! It’s even more frightening when you don’t realize it’s gone until hours later. A good ring must slide off your finger easily but not have too much mobility around the base of the finger. 

If the ring can slide off your finger without having to twist or pull or it’s so loose that it spins on your finger, you need to have your ring resized immediately.


We Offer Free Resizing

ICONIC provides resizing for most engagement rings and wedding rings. Certain rings, such as eternity rings and rings with ornate bands may not be eligible for a resizing. A jeweler will have the right gadgets to get the perfect fit for you and your partner.

Resized or altered rings may not be returned. After getting it resized the first time, the ring will get weaker with each following resize. This will only make the ring more susceptible to tearing and damage, so we highly recommend only doing it once. So if you do decide to have your ring resized, make sure that you get an expert’s opinion on your size. 

We are always happy to help. Our team of jewelry experts will be delighted to assist you in getting the perfect fit for your engagement ring! We’re online daily via live chat, or you can simply send our team an email.

To have a ring resized, please contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very difficult to put a figure on how much an engagement ring should cost, but the modern rule would suggest it should cost approximately two month’s salary. However, it will depend very much on how much you earn for whether this is feasible with many people spending a lot more, and others spending far less.
If we assume that your future fiancée doesn’t know that you are going to propose and you don’t want to tell her, you will need to get creative. The best option is to find a ring which she wears on her left ring finger (although this generally unusual) and take it to a jewelry store. Failing that, we would suggest wrapping a piece of string around her finger while she is asleep and marking down the size.
In the current climate, a 1-carat diamond will be worth anything from $1,800 to approximately $12,000. Prices vary significantly because other factors are deemed to be more important such as the cut of the diamond and its quality, the clarity of the diamond and its colour.
In the US, the average ring size for a female is between a size 5 and a size 7, all of which are almost equally as common. You can also check out our ring size guide for more information.
The average ring size for a man varies to a greater extent than with women with sizes generally ranging from an 8 to a 14. A size 10 would be regarded as the most common although most rings purchased range between sizes 8-12. Feel free to check out our ring size guide for more information.
In general, rings can be resized up to two sizes either way before too much stress is placed on the metal.
In the US, the average standard ring sizes for a female is between a size 5 and a size 7, while size 10 is the most common mens ring size.
To measure ring size at home, take a piece of string or dental floss and wrap it around the base of your finger. Mark the meeting point of the string, then line that up with a ruler and note its length in millimeters. You may use a ring sizer from our website to check your finger size.