Ranging from dainty pendants to diamond strands, necklaces can be ideal for everyday wear or reserved for special occasions. A solitaire pendant featuring a gemstone of her favorite color makes an ideal gift. Factors to consider when choosing a necklace include: style, length, metal, gemstones, and, in some cases, chain type.



Pendant necklaces feature a small piece of jewelry suspended from chain, usually by a small loop.

Pearl Strand

A pearl strand features a single row of matched pearls, with their size either uniform or graduated.


A chain is formed from a series of connected metal links. Fine metal chains come in a variety of styles and widths.


Similar to chains, link necklaces are made up of connected links. However, links tend to be much larger and may feature non-metal accents.


The collar necklace is a wide necklace style that lies flat over the collar bone or base of the neck.


Suitable for those with long, slim necks, choker necklaces fits snuggly around the neck.


Like a tennis bracelet, a tennis necklace featured a fixed row of matched diamond or gemstones.


A riviera necklace features a single strand of diamonds or gemstones that are graduated in size, from largest in the front center to smallest in the back.


Necklace Lengths and Chain Types