Jewelry Education

With so many jewelry styles to choose from having the right jewelry education is essential to ensure you make an informed decision and maximum value for money.

Jewelry Education

You dont need to be a jewelry industry insider to know how to pick quality pieces. This guide is intended to help you learn about jewelry- precious metals and gemstones, and what to consider when selecting and choosing gemstones- whether it is for personal fashion, gifts, bridal jewelry or an event such as an engagement or anniversary.

We have a series of fine jewelry education pages covering the Four Cs (cut, clarity, color, carat) of diamonds and gemstones in addition to choosing and buying jewelry guides.

Jewelry Ed

Jewelry Guide

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From elegant studs to dainty drop earrings, there is an earring style to suit every taste. Read on to learn which pair is ideal for you.

Choosing a Style
Choosing a Precious Metal
Choosing a Gemstone

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Whether worn every day or reserved for special occasions, a beautiful necklace crafted in a precious metal can be enjoyed for years to come. Learn how to choose the right style and length for you.

Choosing a Style
Choosing a Precious Metal
Choosing a Gemstone

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From fashionable charm bracelets to luxurious diamond bracelets, there is a bracelet style for every budget. Read our guide to become acquainted with the bracelets styles, metals, and gemstones available.

Choosing a Style
Choosing a Precious Metal
Choosing a Gemstone


Learn all about the Four Cs of gemstone grading: color, clarity, cut, and carat (weight). Gemologists grade gemstones based on these properties. We will also touch on gem enhancements and gemstone care.

Choosing a Gemstone

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the study of jewelry called?

The study of jewelry is called gemology. A person who studies jewelry is known as a gemologist.

How to clean jewelry?

Warm water and a mild dish soap detergent is generally the safest option. Avoid using hot water or scrubbing jewelry with any abrasives or harsh chemicals. After cleaning, rinse in clean water and pat dry.

How to store jewelry?

Fine jewelry should be stored in soft cloth bag or fabric-lined jewelry box to keep is safe and protected when not being worn. Store like-metals together and keep delicate gemstones separate so they dont scratch one another.

What is the best jewelry cleaner?

A simple solution of warm water and a mild dish soap detergent is generally the safest option for most metals and gemstones.

What is fine jewelry?

Fine jewelry is a term used to describe jewelry featuring precious gemstones such as diamonds and rubies, precious metals such as gold, sterling silver, and platinum. Whereas fashion costume jewelry is usually made with non-precious stones and metals.

How do I choose jewelry for my girlfriend?

For an elegant classic woman, consider a striking large diamond ring made with yellow gold and high-quality diamonds or Diamond earrings like Classic Round Brilliant Diamond Studs.  Eye-catching modern pieces like Falling Star Diamond Drop Earrings can make a statement. A playful fashionable woman might love stackable bands or rings made with rose or white gold. For necklaces, a traditional girl will love a pearl pendant or for a romantic gift try a heart-shaped pendant like the Coeur Vert Diamond Pendant.

What is the rarest gemstone?

Rare gemstones like the red diamond can fetch over $1 million per carat and there are less than 30 red diamonds found in the world.

What jewelry looks best on me?

It is a good idea to look at your skin tone as certain metals are best suited to particular skin colors. People with fair or cool skin tones best suit white metals such as white gold, platinum and silver. People with warm skin like olive and darker tones, are better suited to yellow and rose gold jewelry. If you have a neutral skin tone, you are lucky because you can wear any type of metal.