Bracelet Buying Guide

Whether it’s a dainty and stackable bangle bracelet or a stunning diamond tennis bracelet, bracelets can be ideal jewelry for everyday wear or reserved for special occasions. They also make great presents that can be worn often and beautifully mixed and matched.
Our bracelet guide covers things such as style, length, metal, gemstones, and chain type.


Bracelets are a type of jewelry constantly visible to the wearer, making it a meaningful gift and a constant reminder of the giver. Factors to consider when purchasing a bracelet include style, metalgemstones, length, and fit. While some bracelets are “free size,” others come in different lengths or can be adjusted to fit the wearer. Shop bracelets

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There are several different kinds of bracelets to choose from when considering your purchase. While keeping in mind the different jewelry considerations like metal and gemstones, you should also consider the lifestyle and fashion and jewelry sense of who you are buying it for. Select a design well suited to your style or the style of who you are giving it to. A diamond tennis bracelet is beautiful but may not suit someone who is less classic and more whimsical and might better enjoy a fun charm bracelet.

Here are the different styles of bracelets you can consider:

Chain Bracelet

Among the various types of bracelets, chain bracelet is formed from a series of connected metal links to form a band with a typical clasp closure to fit a particular wrist size. Fine metal like sterling silver or gold chains come in a variety of styles and widths, like a plain chain or with charms attached.

Link Bracelets

Similar to chain bracelets, a link bracelet is made up of connected links. However, links tend to be much larger and sometimes feature non-metal accents.

Pearl Bracelet

A pearl strand features a single row of matched pearls to form an elegant bracelet for the wrist. Pearl bracelets are a gorgeous choice for elegant sophistication that is not as expensive as diamonds.

Cuff Bracelet

Cuffs are a solid bracelet with no hinge, clasp, or moveable parts. Though similar to a bangle, a cuff does not form a full circle.

Corded Bracelet

Corded bracelets are made of cord, a thin rope formed from twisted strands. They often feature a metal clasp or accents.

Braided Bracelets/Leather Bracelet

Made from leather instead of precious metal, bracelet styles include leather cuffs and braided leather bracelets. Some may feature pendants or charms.

Beaded Bracelet

These bracelets feature beads threaded onto string or wire. Beaded bracelets are a popular choice with wearers preferring crystals and gemstones for a colorful bohemian look.

Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are a common style of diamond bracelet featuring a fixed row of matched diamonds or gemstones in a symmetrical pattern linked by a chain of precious metal. The tennis bracelet is the most popular diamond bracelet style.

Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a bracelet of chain links of thin wire or silicone rubber that features a variety of small charms held in place by metal loops. Sometimes the charms all match a theme or sometimes the wearer selects them. The fun part is that charm bracelets can be very personal. And if the wearer wants to make it fancier, they can also pick charms with diamonds with links attached. Charm bracelets usually become family heirlooms as they are handed from one generation to another.

Bangle Bracelet

A bangle bracelet is a single rigid bracelet of very solid materials. A bangle can either be a solid, continuous circle or be made up of two pieces connected by a hinge (split bangle). Bangle bracelets can also be purchased as a stack that can be worn alone, together, or mixed and matched. The best part about bangles is that they are very versatile. They may contain diamonds and be more formal like a tennis bracelet or they can be chunkier and more youthful and trendy.

Other Newer Popular Types of Bracelets

In recent years, traditional types of bracelets have been modified into newer styles that become trendy. Some were started by hobbyists making bracelets for themselves and their friends, putting a personal touch in their creations. As such, these develop popularity and earn their own niche among various bracelet types.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets started out as a token of friendship presented between friends as gifts to show how much they mean to each other, as a symbol of long lasting companionship. Originally made from woven embroidery threads with any color or design pattern. Among the youth, SOP was to have a friend tie the bracelet on the recipient’s wrist who will be making a wish at the same time. The bracelets are not taken off, when they fall off naturally the wish will be granted.

Multi strand Bracelets

A multi strand bracelet or multi layer bracelet is a bracelet having two or more strands. The multiple strands can be numerous separate pieces or multiple strands connected by a link or chain or loop. Mult strand bracelets are sometimes called wrap bracelets and decorated with tiny gemstones or beads.

Slider Bracelets

Slider bracelets are among the recent trends among bracelet types. The principle behind the slider system started in costume jewelry allow the wearer to adjust the bracelet made of different fabrics, to a comfortable length. This style has evolved in the use of materials, semi-precious and precious metal chains are now used.

Affirmation Bracelets

Affirmation jewelry became popular as an offshoot of the affirmation philosophy that started in the 20th century. Affirmations are positive statements used to help a person challenge and/or overcome negative or self-damaging thoughts. Repeating these like a mantra can start a person on to positive changes. So affirmation jewelry helps that philosophy with the law of attractions, by wearing the affirmation jewelry always, or as often as possible. The affirmation bracelet was the first of affirmation jewelry styles.

Delicate Bracelets

Delicate bracelets are made of fine exquisite chains of precious metals. Jewelry wearers accessorize with delicate bracelets with diamonds contained in the links when occasions call for formal dresses. Delicate bracelets are usually extremely fancy in design and materials used.

Identification Bracelets

The identification bracelet is a bracelet with a narrow plaque for the owner’s name.

Made along the principle of medical identification bracelets with essential medical information inscribed to provide emergency health or medical workers the information about particular conditions or concerns relevant to the wearer’s care in case s/he becomes unconscious. Or to the identification neck-chains called dog tags worn by military personnel containing essential identification information.

Identification bracelets used to be common, besides people with existing medical conditions, among children, containing emergency phone numbers aside from the wearer’s identification information.

Statement Bracelets

A statement bracelet is usually a chain bracelet that distinctively expresses or projects or states the wearer’s philosophy, mantra, motto or any other significant statement s/he wants to proclaim without words. Similar to a personalized charm bracelet, a statement bracelet portrays the wearer’s identity through this external piece.

Sports Bracelets

Sports bracelets are wristbands made of silicone or negative ion that are popular accessories among athletes, students and professionals.

Infinity Bracelets

The infinity bracelet is a band or chain shaped as an infinity and is a significant gift to express everlasting love and affection. The infinity symbol in delicate silver or gold featuring gold or silver balls or stunning crystals add an extra wonderful sparkle to your outfit or to your loved one who you will gift it to.

Wooden Bracelets

Another newer type of bracelet, born out of the New Age spirituality. Most wooden bracelets are made of wooden beads believed to be representative of creativity and freedom. Many wooden bead bracelets have tassels attached, or poms, that are used for prayer or meditation or yoga.

There are so many styles of newer bracelets. More personalized bracelets are being created and designed, especially with the popularity of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. A few other bracelets retain the classic and traditional designs still.

Bracelet Size Guide

Deciding on your preferred bracelet style is the first step. Next you need to get the right measurement for you or the one you are giving the bracelet to. Try to be as accurate as possible. If a measurement is too loose the bracelet may fall off. If it’s too tight though it might not fit.

Measure your wrist with a measuring tape then check your size in centimeters or inches against our size chart below to determine the right fit for you. However, also bear in mind that some types of bracelets should be looser – like bangles and cuffs.

Bracelet Size

Bracelet sizes by bangle diameter:

Small: 6 centimeters

Medium: 6.3 centimeters

Large: 6.7 centimeters

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is among the different types of bracelets that contains a series of gemstones such as diamonds that are connected via a thin precious metal chain. This elegant item of jewelry is usually made from 14k or 18k gold although Sterling silver and platinum are also popular. Diamond tennis bracelets are one of the more popular choices for diamond bracelets.

How do you clean a silver bracelet?

Silver bracelets can be cleaned by placing them in a bowl of warm water containing a mild detergent for approximately 10-15 minutes. It can then be gently scrubbed using a soft toothbrush, rinsed under a running tap and dried with a microfiber cloth or left to air dry. If the bracelet contains stubborn grease, it could be soaked in a solution of vinegar and baking soda for 2-3 hours before cleaning as directed above.

How to measure bracelet size?

Wrap a piece of string or a tape measure around your wrist, so it is tight but comfortable to get the ideal length for your. Take the measurement and compare it to a sizing chart. Sizes for men and women are different but range from extra small to extra large. For bangles, you might want to add a little more wiggle room.

How to fix a broken metal bracelet?

How you fix a broken metal bracelet will depend very much on what the damage is. If the chain or bracelet itself is damaged, it can be soldered back together. If the clasp is broken, ideally it should be replaced as any repairs are likely to weaken an already delicate part of the bracelet. If the hinge on your bangles needs repairing, this will need to be fixed by a jewelry expert as more metal may need to be added, springs replaced, or the inner wires tightened.

What are the most popular bracelets?

Some of the more popular styles/types of bracelets include bangles, cuff bracelets, chain bracelets with gold or silver chains (or a simple chain bracelet using other precious metals), beaded bracelets, charm bracelets, friendship bracelets common among young people, pearl bracelets, and . Other bracelet types are designer bracelets (or a diamond line bracelet) for those who want to show elegance, boho chic includes beaded chakra bracelets, wooden bracelets, memory wire bracelet and magnetic bracelets. For those who want no-frills there are slap bracelets, stretch bracelets and wristwatch bracelets.

How do I know my bracelet size?

Refer to our bracelet size guide above for bracelet sizes. When getting the final size for your jewelry though always keep bracelet design in mind. Someone might be better a bit looser while others look better tighter on the wrist.

Which wrist to wear a bracelet?

It is a personal choice. If you wear a watch, it can be a good idea to wear a bracelet on the other wrist so as to make sure the watch doesn’t scratch the bracelet especially if the bracelet features gemstones, pearls, or diamonds.

How do I choose a bracelet?

Pick a style, then your size and metal or combination of metals. Is it an everyday bracelet you are looking for or something for special occasions with diamonds or gemstones? Would a rose gold bracelet suit your skin tone or is a leather bracelet more your thing? With so many different types of bracelets available from cuff bracelets to tennis bracelets to bangles, chain and bead bracelets- the perfect bracelet is yours to choose.

How should a bracelet fit on your wrist?

The ideal fit is being able to comfortably slip two fingers under it.

Should you wear bracelets on both wrists?

Some believe this is fashion faux pas, as over-accessorizing can cheapen an overall look and make the wearer seem tacky. However, if the pieces are chosen correctly, then bracelets on both wrists can look good and enhance your overall outfit and appearance. It’s just a matter of choosing complementary jewelry pieces.

What’s the average wrist size for a woman?

There is no “one size fits all” formula that will work for all women. An excellent choice when you are unsure of the wearer’s wrist size is an adjustable C-shaped cuff bracelet. This can be shaped tighter or looser to fit the wearer.

What kind of bracelets do guys wear?

Typical bracelet types of men include ID bracelets, leather cuffs, broad metal bands, and rope cords.

How do you choose the kind of metals for your bracelet?

Whether you choose rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum depends largely on your design, bracelet style, and budget. You may also want to consider your other jewelry pieces. Some people prefer all their gold to match and don’t like mixing white gold with yellow gold or rose gold. Price is also a contributing factor.