Our Story

Founded in 2017, ICONIC is a leader in climate-conscious jewelry. Our mission is to make beautiful jewelry that directly reduces Carbon dioxide levels from the atmosphere. And to form business processes, that are made available to other companies to do the same.

ICONIC follows strict standards in crafting jewelry. We use high-grade diamonds and gemstones to make stunning designs. The materials used in our jewelry making are ethically sourced and are certified to originate from regions that are conflict-free. Our customers are offered a choice between natural and lab-grown diamonds.

All ICONIC jewelry is carbon offset. This means that the carbon emitted during its sourcing and production is offset. ICONIC also offsets its operational emission at the company level as well as donates 5% of profits on every piece of jewelry sold to further research climate change elevating technologies.

Our Values

Fighting Climate Change

We offset carbon emissions accumulated in the sourcing and production of our jewelry pieces as well as throughout our company’s operations.

Each item sold is offset at double its emission values effectively removing carbon from the environment.


We hold strict standards by using only conflict-free diamonds and gemstones and a zero-tolerance to human rights violations. We only use ethically-sourced natural diamonds and gemstones, as well as lab-created diamonds.


We use diamonds that have been assessed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA- Graded Diamonds have undergone the GIA’s rigorous grading process and this ensures our stones are of high grade and quality, so our customers can have peace of mind in their special purchase.

Our Beginnings

ICONIC was founded as a response to the growing concern on climate change and the slow adoption of new initiatives meant to offset greenhouse gas emissions generated by the private sector.

We began with a belief that business processes can be used to responsibility and inexpensively reduce carbon dioxide emitted from the production of products. And that brand can channel business processes to other companies and promote a more sustainable approach to carbon emissions. 

ICONIC believes that measuring the impact of the work towards a better world can be infused into physical products and that these products can be attributed to this ‘goodness’ thus creating new standards and grades that would strengthen product brands. This results in the creation of a new grade of ethical jewelry; underpinned by eco-consciousness and a commitment to fighting climate change.