Everything You Need to Know About Gold Pendants

When you are shopping for gold pendants, it goes without saying that you would want to choose the right one for you. Finding a design that you like is important, but so is knowing how to care for your gold pendants. There are also different types of gold that you need to know about.

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How Many Types of Gold Are There?

Broadly speaking, there are four types of gold, and each has different care requirements.

Solid Gold Pendant

Solid gold pendants are the most popular option but can also carry quite a price. That being said, the word ‘solid’ should not mislead you. Pure gold is soft and, therefore, not scratch resistant. It can also lose its shape under pressure. To prevent this, jewelers often mix pure gold with other metals that are stronger. How much gold is included in the alloy ultimately determines the price. The purity levels of precious metals are measured in karats. With gold, the purest jewelry-grade metal is 24 karats.

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The minimum karat rating allowed for gold in the US is 10 karats. Anything less no longer carries the karat stamp. In terms of popularity, 14k gold is the most popular karat grade on offer. It is quite durable, and the color is better than at 10 karats. Another popular type of gold is 18 karats. White and rose gold are also available in 18 karats, and the luster is better than 14k gold. If you are looking for an even richer yellow or rose gold then there is also 22 karats, but remember that it becomes quite soft at this point.

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Gold Filled Pendant

This term refers to a thick layer of gold that is placed over a core of strong base metal. It results in a permanent bond between the two metals and is less likely to scuff off like vermeil might. At least 5% of the total weight of the pendant needs to be gold in order for it to be considered ‘filled’. Anything less than 5% of the total weight is considered vermeil or plated. However, because of the low weight, exposure to certain chemicals in significant quantities can still result in tarnishing.

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Gold Vermeil Pendant

This type of gold pendant is also ‘filled’, but the plating is only around 2.5 microns thick. This type of gold pendant does not tarnish, but if the plating is not done well it can rub off. For the most part, plated pendants usually have a base of silver, which can tarnish once it is exposed.

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Gold Plated Pendant

Plated gold pendants will have a base metal of aluminum, nickel, or copper. The thickness of the plating depends on what the pendant is meant for. Costume jewelry has a thin plate of around 1 micron, whereas higher-end pendants will have between 2 to 3 microns of coating. The price of the piece will be determined by how thick the coating is.

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Essential Details about Pendants

A gold pendant is a specific style of necklace. Usually, such a necklace will have a relatively thin chain in a style of your choice. There are various different chains on offer that might differ in terms of style and metal. However, we suggest that you match the metal and quality of the chain to the pendant that you intend to hang from it. For example, a white gold pendant should be hung on a white gold chain. Solid gold pendants should be hung on the same kind of chains.

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The different styles that are available in terms of pendants are almost endless. Religious options may include things like a last supper pendant, or something depicting the image of Jesus. You can also find highly feminine options on offer. Something simple and beautiful like a diamond pendant is quite common. There are also more masculine options on offer. We are therefore confident that you should be able to find a pendant that suits your taste.

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Tips for Buying a Gold Pendant

When you are looking for something special like a diamond pendant or a gold pendant there are some things you should look out for to ensure you are buying a quality piece. If you want a diamond pendant, remember to enquire about the 4Cs and make sure that there is some guarantee should you need to replace the pendant due to manufacturing problems.

There are many different places that sell pendants all over the world. These days, the online market for such items is huge, and orders can be placed from anywhere. Most people who shop online can do so with confidence as long as they pay attention to the finer details like product reviews and the reputation of the company. We recommend James Allen and Blue Nile as two reputable online jewelry retailers.

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Always make sure that the chain you are buying is strong enough to support the diamond pendant without breaking. An expertly crafted chain will likely already be strong enough, but if you are unsure it is best to check before adding it to your cart. You want to pick one that is thin enough to fit through the gold pendant, but also strong enough to support it. Especially if you have a diamond pendant or something special to you that you do not want to lose. If you want to save some money, try to find a sale on offer from a reputable company. Be sure to check the quality of the craftsmanship before you checkout.

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We have discussed the difference between various types of gold pendants and have briefly discussed the importance of the right kind of chain. A gold or diamond pendant is surely something that you would want to wear and want to stand the test of time, but that does not mean that you cannot save some money by finding a smart sale on offer. For such a major purchase, we always suggest buying from a reputable seller. It is often the case that pendant jewelry is sentimental. A yellow gold chain with a pendant carrying the image of Jesus or another religious figure is something truly special. But even a diamond pendant on a yellow gold chain given by a mother to her daughter can be really special too. It is essential that your necklace is taken care of so it can last a lifetime. If you are buying your own pendant then you also need to understand how to take care of it based on the type of gold the pendant is made of.


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