Carats vs Karat

Gemstones and Gold!

Most people understand that both carat and karat refer somehow to quality, but few really understand what they are precisely and how it works. A basic way to understand the difference is that a carat is a unit of weight while karat measures purity. Carat is applied to gemstones; karat is applied to gold.

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Diamond Carat Weights

What Does It All Mean?

Diamond carats are the same as other gemstone carats. Carat can be abbreviated as ct. A single carat weighs 0.20 grams. This can also be quantified as one-fifth of a gram.

When It All Started

The carat weight measurement for pearls and other gemstones was decided on in 1907 at the General Conference on Weights and Measurements. It was later adopted by the rest of the world and remains commonplace today.

When determining the value and price of a gemstone, it is important to remember that carat is only one of four factors that determine the overall cost of the gemstone.

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Is There a Difference in Carat Weight of Different Gems?

Rubies and Diamonds Are Not the Same

The main thing that impacts gemstone size in relation to carat weight is the density of the gemstones. For example, colorless diamond carat weight results in a larger diamond than a black diamond of the same carat weight.

One carat equals 0.20 grams, but the density of the gem will determine how big that one carat will be in circumference. The denser the material, the heavier a smaller piece will be.

Magic Numbers

Price Categories

According to the carat system, carat weight determines the price of the stone. This suggests that larger diamonds get higher prices. While this is mostly true, we also need to remember that quality also matters. A flawless stone will fetch higher prices per carat than a lower clarity diamond.

So Where Are These Category Points?

Magic numbers indicate carat weight points where the prices take a significant upwards leap. These are 0.90 cts, 1.00 cts, 1.50 cts, 2.00 cts, 3.00 cts, 4.00 cts, and 5.00 cts. These magic numbers suggest that a diamond between 1 and 1.5 cts has a similar cost per carat. When it then crosses into a new range, the cost per carat goes up significantly.

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Can Two Diamonds With The Same Carat Weight Have Different Values?

How Value is Determined

This is pretty common, yes. Large diamonds, however rarer than small diamonds, can have their prices impacted by clarity as well as cut. A diamond’s value is determined by the Four C’s, and carats are only one part of that measure. A one-carat diamond of excellent clarity and cut is not equal to a diamond that weighs the same but has poor cut and clarity.

Regardless of what one carat equals, most diamonds are considered examples of great beauty and elegance. Most people cannot judge a diamond’s clarity by sight alone.

Pure Gold Karat

All That Glitters

Karat can be abbreviated as k. Unlike carats, karats indicate the purity of gold, not its weight. Because gold is so soft when pure, it is more common for gold used for jewelry to be mixed with other metals. This makes an alloy that is stronger than gold in its purest form.

Common Karat Measures

In its purest form, gold measures 24k. This makes jewelry with this karat grade very soft and vulnerable to breakage and damage. If gold is measured at 16k, then it contains eight parts of an alloy metal. Comparatively, 12k gold is 50% gold, and 50% allow metals.

Karat can also affect the color of the metal. Yellow gold at 24k will be a brighter shade of yellow than 16k.

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Is There an Example of the Perfect Piece of Jewelry?

What You Need To Know Before Buying

When you shop for jewelry, whether on an online site, through a magazine article, or in a physical shop, you want to make sure that you are getting the best value for money for the article you intend to purchase.

Consider what Impacts Prices

Diamond carat weight per one hundred points might have an effect on the price, but not so much on what the jewelry article looks like to the naked eye. When deciding on karat for the metal, consider the hardness of the gem you decide on. A diamond is extremely hard, while gold of a purer degree is quite soft. If the gold breaks for whatever reason, the diamond will likely be lost.

What About the Shop Itself?

When making a purchase from a jewelry shop, make sure to get a certificate indicating the gemstone or diamond carat weight. Also, make sure that you understand the warranties, the cleaning instructions, and the rules of aftersales engagement that a customer has with the shop.


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