Silver Or Gold Jewelry: Which Is Best?

Should you wear gold jewelry or silver jewelry? This has been the million-dollar question for decades. You can approach this concept by considering several variables, such as skin tone, makeup, and your overall wardrobe.

Still, times have changed, and essentially anything goes in fashion these days. You don’t necessarily have to choose a preference. You could wear both! The challenge comes in when you have to decide WHEN to wear silver and when to wear gold.

While silver brings about a cool effect, gold is warmer and more glamorous. Both being equally aesthetic, you could play around with mixing metals, combining gemstones, and even matching jewelry of both silver and gold.

Whatever your personal preference, let’s explore some common factors to consider when deciding between silver or gold jewelry.

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Skin Tone

It has long been an endured wisdom to pick your jewelry based on your skin tone. The traditional approach is that skin tones with cool undertones pair well with silver jewelry, whereas warm undertones work best with gold jewelry.

Unless their makeup boffins, the average person isn’t very clear about their skin tone. So how do you figure out which skin tone you conform to?

The simplest way to identify skin tone is to look at the veins found on your wrist. Veins that appear greenish are more exclusive to warm skin tones, whereas blue veins are more exclusive to cooler skin tones.

Another distinguishing characteristic is how vulnerable you are to sunburns. If you are the type of person to turn as red as a tomato after a day in the sun, you probably have fair skin with a cool skin tone. Conversely, if you tend to tan quite easily without being burnt, you likely have a darker skin color with a warm skin tone.

How To Determine The Skin Tone Of Darker Skin Colors

The vein color approach cannot always be applied to dark skin. The best way to identify darker skin tones is by creating contrast and evaluating the colors that become evident.

You can stand in front of a mirror with a white wall behind you. Assess the colors that appear against the white. You may find your skin appears more red or brown. If this is the case, you have a warm undertone. If your skin looks more tan or ash, you have a cool undertone.

An alternative method is to identify the clothes that look best with your skin color. Throughout your life, you may have noticed that cool reds and blues compliment your dark skin well; this means you have a cool skin tone. In contrast, if your look better in dark red, orange, and green, you likely have a warm skin tone.

Choosing Jewelry According To Skin Tones

Once you’ve identified which skin tone you conform to, you can fill your jewelry box accordingly. Rose gold and yellow gold look great with warm skin tones, whereas sterling silver, white gold, and platinum metals pair well with cooler skin tones.

Gold Jewelry For Warm Skin Tones

Gold jewelry has been considered the more suitable option for warm skin tones through the ages.

Light metals, like gold, compliment warmer skin tones well, similar to how clothes of warm colors suit you best. If you are blessed with a neutral skin tone, you would probably look fantastic with both silver and gold jewelry.

Yellow gold, in particular, is widely known to flatter warm tones the most. If you appreciate a bolder look, try pairing your gold jewelry with colorful gemstones, including orange, turquoise, brown, and green colors.

Silver Jewelry For Cool Skin Tones

Silver is believed to enhance the beautiful qualities of fair skin, such as blue and rosy red. You are likely to have a cool skin color if you have blue or green eyes and light hair. Both white gold and sterling silver jewelry look great with a more pale skin tone. If you often wear colors like deep reds, pinks, purples, and blue, it tends to illuminate your silver jewelry and truly make it shine and stand out.


Many professionals recommend matching your jewelry to your makeup. Since makeup is also largely dependent on skin tone, you’ll likely end up wearing jewelry that matches your skin tone.

Whether you decide on silver or gold jewelry, matching jewelry with makeup in terms of intensity is essential. You don’t want your jewelry to be overpowering and mask your makeup efforts, or the other way around.

If you’re in the mood for a bold and dramatic makeup look, stick with understated, fine jewelry that adds a bit of simplicity to your appearance. Conversely, if it’s of those “only mascara and lipstick” days, wear gold or silver chunky-style jewelry. You could experiment and mix metals to make your look a bit more complex.

Another aspect of matching jewelry to makeup is pairing the tones you’re using. For instance, if you used warm colors on your face, like a smokey eye with red-brown lipstick, go for bold or fine gold jewelry.

In contrast, icy makeup, including blues and greens, works best with sterling silver jewelry. A good tip is to stick to simplistic fine jewelry if you use metallic colors in your makeup, to ensure balance.

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Another factor to take into account when choosing between gold or silver jewelry is the outfit you’ll be wearing. The same principle of matching jewelry to color applies to clothes. Ensure that the tone of your jewelry complements your clothes.

Yellow gold jewelry generally pairs well with clothes of earthy colors and gemstones’ shades. For instance, a navy, emerald, or cranberry-colored dress will work excellently with pure gold or gold-plated jewelry. Whatever the type of jewelry, the key is to stick to gold.

If you are fond of incorporating pastel and cool colors like lavender, mint, baby blue, or rose undertones into your outfits, sterling silver jewelry is the way to go.

A complete black outfit looks stunning with both gold and silver jewelry. Black tends to emphasize any jewelry that has a glow to it. However, all-white outfits should be paired with gold jewelry as silver jewelry tends to get lost in the brightness of white clothes.

If your getting ready for a night out and decide to be bold by wearing a metallic outfit, you should match your jewelry to the tone of your clothes to ensure uniformity and tidiness. However, it won’t cause any harm to mix metals and wear the opposite color jewelry. This is a more refined look to pull off, but it is undoubtedly bold and exciting.

The outdated rule of not mixing silver with gold shouldn’t define your outfits. If you wear a metallic outfit, you can essentially wear gold or silver jewelry. Just make sure you wear fine silver or gold jewelry to prevent overdoing it.

Advantages Of Gold Jewelry

Gold Offers A Variety Of Colors To Choose From

Silver is appreciated for the shiny and bright luster it offers, whereas gold is prized for its variety of different colors. Pure gold has more yellow undertones, whereas mixing pure gold with alloys results in a multitude of colors to choose from. The majority of gold jewelry comes in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. It is worth noting that the following forms of gold do not only have an authentic gold color, but it is also real gold, despite the misconceptions about alloyed gold.

White Gold

White gold is an alloyed product made by mixing pure gold with silver, nickel, palladium, or other alloy options, which gives white gold its silvery appearance. The final piece of jewelry always gets a rhodium plating to make it suitable for long wear. Your white gold jewelry may need to be related after a few years if the white glow starts to fade. While platinum is a soft metal that is easily scratched, white gold offers the same look with more durability.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is created by mixing pure gold with a copper alloy. The copper is what gives rose gold its pink hue, and the more copper is added to the mixture, the more prominent the pink color will be. Rose gold commonly consists of the same amount of pure gold as white gold and yellow gold jewelry. Rose gold is frequently used for engagement rings as it has a certain romantic air to it. It can be described as both vintage and modern and makes for a beautiful version of the precious metal we all love.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is composed of pure gold, silver, and copper. The warm glow of yellow gold is often used in jewelry in conjunction with diamonds with subtle yellow undertones. Although gold with a higher carat count will offer a richer color, gold jewelry with a lower carat content will be more scratch resistant as pure gold is extremely malleable. Yellow gold does not contain a thin layer of rhodium plating like white gold.

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Gold Jewelry Has Less Maintainance

In general, gold pieces don’t require nearly as much maintenance as sterling silver jewelry.

If you sterling silver jewelry, you are probably familiar with the upkeep of your jewelry collection. Sterling silver tends to turn brown or black with time. Storing your jewelry in a dry, cool place may aid in preventing tarnish, but at some point, you have to polish silver pieces.

Gold, particularly white gold, is much less prone to tarnish and doesn’t require a fraction of the care other metals do. In addition, gold is more scratch-resistant and withstands elements such as water and heat much better than silver. Although white gold may lose its shine after a while, it can easily be restored by taking it to a reputable jeweler for a thorough, professional cleaning.

Gold Is More Durable Than Silver

Despite being the most malleable of all the precious metals, gold jewelry does not corrode or oxidize. In addition, there aren’t many acids that could severely damage gold. In contrast, silver scratched ore readily. Silver tends to change shape after long periods of excessive wear.

Gold’s durability and unshakeable value make gold jewelry a wise option for investors and jewelry experts alike. If you are looking to buy jewelry for everyday wear, gold surpasses the other precious metals in terms of resilience and longevity.

Advantages Of Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry Is Less Expensive

The price difference is frequently the biggest advantage that a silver piece of jewelry has over gold pieces. Although silver is one of the world’s precious metals, it is still noticeably less valuable than its gold counterpart. The lower cost of silver jewelry is attributed to the large supply of this metal.

Another reason for the reasonable price of silver is that it isn’t as hard and durable as gold pieces of jewelry. Furthermore, people with sensitive skins and metal allergies are more likely to have allergic reactions to silver than other metals.

Nevertheless, silver jewelry makes beautiful engagement rings paired with a brilliant diamond or gemstone. Silver is also the preferable option if you wish to fill your jewelry box with a variety of designs for ordinary days and special occasions alike. Not to mention how easily a professional jeweler can restore the bright luster of silver jewelry,

Silver Is The Only True Match For A Cool Skin Tone

People with fair and pale skin may find it challenging to find jewelry that compliments their skin tone. Silver flawlessly enhances the lovely bare effect of pale skin. Although it is still a matter of preference, silver is an excellent option for those with bluish undertones in their skin, where other precious metals and gemstones may bring about a cold appearance.

While pure silver is more prone to tarnish, sterling silver is a much stronger solution if you want to wear silver jewelry daily.

The compatibility of a fair skin tone with silver does not imply that any other precious metal will be entirely inappropriate. Those with lighter skins can essentially still wear gold and silver and look equally lovely with both, but silver is simply the more suitable option when all other aspects are equal.

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Is Silver Or Gold Better For Me?

Whether you buy silver or gold depends on your personal preference. Although skin tone has been a determining factor through the ages, it isn’t the be-all and end-all. You can ultimately choose silver or gold as the metal of the majority of your jewelry as your own inclination should determine your taste in accessories.

Wearing one of these precious metals shouldn’t demotivate you from wearing the other. You can wear whatever you like and feel good in

However, if the financial drain is a predominant factor for you, sterling silver is a superb option, and you don’t have to break the bank to build a collection.

On the other hand, if the price is not a troubling concern, gold is a wonderful investment in addition to being suitable for daily wear. Gold pieces hold more value than any other precious metal while making for a beautiful jewelry collection. In addition, gold requires less maintenance than its silver counterpart.

Whichever metal you decide to embrace, ensure that you’re consulting and buying from a reputable jeweler who you know will provide you with pure, quality pieces you can cherish for a lifetime.


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