The Best Spring Jewelry Trends Of 2022

With oversized, quirky, and colorful jewelry trends hitting the runways this year, designers and fashion experts alike are begging us to be more adventurous and daring with our spring jewelry this coming season.

Many of us are guilty of getting comfortable in the same style every year. I mean, if it works, it works, right? Although this may be true, why would you not want to spice up your jewelry box with bold accessories when spring is such an exciting season.

There is no better time to be fearless with jewelry trends and shop for colorful beads, layered necklaces, statement earrings, and whatever takes you out of your comfort zone.

An outfit never really seems complete without jewelry, regardless of how fashionable your clothes may be. In the last couple of years, many of us have dropped the ball a bit when it comes to keeping our style fun and creative because why?

Nevertheless, it’s astonishing what a difference a chic pair of playful earrings or an elegant gold bracelet can make to your overall demeanor.

Runway fashion shows have tried their very best to inspire us this summer and spring with the most adoring spring jewelry trends that will bring the light back to your eyes. Whether you appreciate a simplistic gold necklace or prefer colorful and chunky earrings, there is a trend out there for every jewelry style you want to try this spring.

Below is a list of 5 trendy styles making headlines this spring. Explore ICONIC’s and other brands’ favorite spring jewelry to reinvent yourself this season.

Top 4 Spring Jewelry Trends

1 . Stacked Bracelets

The classic stacked bracelet look will never go out of style. We all have that one bracelet that we’ve had for ages but just can’t find a way to wear it versatilely.

Utilize that bracelet by pairing it with combining it with a mix of metals and maybe a colorful stone or two.

You can emphasize the rest of your jewelry by working in metals like gold, rose gold, and silver in bold conjunction to promote the fun look you’re pulling.

ICONIC offers elegant bracelets with a natural air which are ideal for your spring jewelry collection.

Alongside ICONIC’s sophisticated jewels, check out these other brands to shop for your luxurious bracelet collection.

Courtesy of ICONIC:

Try combining the flowy bracelet above with the ones below to create a well-balanced spring feeling.

Courtesy of ICONIC:
Courtesy of ICONIC:

Furthermore, Christian Dior offers beautiful bracelets sure to add some distinction to your wardrobe. A classic Dôme Cuff bracelet will draw attention to the surrounding dainty bracelets.

2 . Layered Necklaces

Although a minimalist approach to jewelry is unfailing, piling more than one necklace in a compatible manner is sure to pop in a crowd.

Spring brings out the playfulness and free-spirited nature in all of us, and layered chains are a great way to emphasize that. A chunky necklace is best paired with delicate gold or gold-plated necklaces and maybe a pretty pendant to maintain the balance.

Search for the perfect necklace collection to wear with any outfit on ICONIC’s site.

Courtesy of ICONIC Necklace :
Courtesy of ICONIC Necklace:

3 . Anklet

There’s something nostalgic about anklet jewelry trends. An elegant anklet that links fun-lovingness with sophistication is the best way to experiment with your daily wardrobe. 

Whether you’re running barefoot in the sand or attending a business meeting, this trend never fails.

Paired with a stylish pair of Saint Laurent heels, wearing a classy gold or silver anklet will pique the interest of any audience.

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3 . Cuffs

A gold cuff is one of the most famous jewelry trends for the more bold jewelry wearers. Wear a cuff that links the varying styles of your outfit together.

Whether you are rocking a knitted jersey or a little black dress suited for a glamorous party, a daring cuff will elevate any trend and make your look runway-ready.

A classic Dôme Cuff bracelet will draw attention and compliment a fun pair of chunky earrings. This look is perfect for virtually every season, from summer to winter.

With ICONIC’s wide variety of cool cuffs and mix of colored stone incorporation, you can shop for any trend on our site.

Courtesy of ICONIC Photo:

Moreover, Saint Laurent, Tory Burch, and Versace offer beautiful cuff jewelry trends to choose from.

4 . Bold Earrings

Even if you usually prefer simplistic fashion jewelry trends, nothing makes a statement like chunky or colorful earrings.

I believe that earrings were created to accentuate our most beautiful facial features.

Just like a bold necklace would draw attention to your neckline, earrings frame the face and have the ability to colorize any fashion choice.

Courtesy of brands like ICONIC, Chanel, Acne Studios, and Versace, you now have endless possibilities to explore.

Although it is a matter of preference, natural elements like a leafy effect or dainty butterfly are ideal for spring fashion jewelry.


Closing Remarks

We hope we have helped our audience find their personal preference with these top spring jewelry trends.

How you present yourself lies entirely in your hands. Thanks to renowned brands like ICONIC, Chanel, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent, and Tory Burch, everyone now has the freedom to explore a wide variety of trends until they find their individual style.

Sign up with ICONIC and shop our endless styles for timeless jewelry pieces sure to put a smile on your face every day.


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