Emerald Anniversary Jewelry

An anniversary ring or jewelry piece is the perfect gift to represent the milestone years in a relationship. Most often, the Emerald Anniversary represents the 20-year wedding anniversary.

Traditionally, the twentieth-anniversary gift one would give to a spouse is fine china, in the form of crockery. This classic gift is to symbolize the life you have built together. However, many modern couples opt for emerald jewelry to commemorate this milestone year. This is often paired with platinum.


Emerald is a strong gemstone due to the amount of iron it contains, and it ranks 7.5 to 8 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. In more general terms, this makes it the perfect jewelry for daily wear, as it can withstand scratching reasonably well.

When paired with platinum, an emerald ring or other jewelry piece is even more durable, as platinum is the strongest precious metal of all. In addition, this specific metal is entirely resistant to wear and will always be the same weight as when it was bought.

While platinum is the popular choice of precious metal to pair with emeralds to celebrate this anniversary year, emeralds also pair well with many other metals, such as yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and white gold. Emeralds can also be paired with an anniversary band made of both silver and gold, giving it a vintage two-tone look.

Emerald gemstones can be sourced naturally or lab-grown. However, it is best to double-check pieces with a jewelry consultant when shopping for emerald jewelry, as there are significant differences between them.


Visual variations and inclusions are prevalent in any natural emerald gemstone. As with other gemstones, they are caused by the minerals within the stone. Some may view these inclusions as flaws, while others believe they make the gemstone more unique.

Natural emeralds can be found in Colombia and Brazil, and they have a beautiful deep green color. Typically, natural gemstones are rarer as they have to be mined. That means that a natural emerald will have a higher price than a lab-created one.


Lab-grown emeralds contain no imperfections or inclusions and have a clear, glass-like appearance. Chemically they have the exact composition of natural emeralds, which means that they are still considered genuine. However, as they can be created rather than mined, they are less rare and usually less expensive.

Lab-created emeralds are lighter and less saturated in color than the green one would find in a natural emerald. Because of the significant difference in appearance, many couples decide to buy a smaller and less expensive natural emerald for their 20-year anniversary instead of a larger lab-created gemstone.



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The name “Emerald” comes from the ancient Greek word “Smaragdus,” which means green. Ancient Roman lapidaries were said to have soothed their eyes simply by looking at the lovely green shade of emerald stones.

Even today, the color of an emerald is associated with lush landscapes. Ireland is still referred to as The Emerald Isle because the stone resembles their green hills and mountains. Seattle in Washington is called The Emerald City because of its many evergreen trees. In Thailand, the most sacred Buddhist temple contains a religious icon dubbed the Emerald Buddha, even though it is carved from jasper.

According to ancient legends, emeralds would grant the wearer foresight into the future and protection against evil. It was also believed to be a cure for diseases such as cholera and malaria.

The first emerald mines date back to 330 BC and were used well into the 1700s. They were to be found in Egypt, and it is said that Cleopatra had a fondness for this green gemstone. She would use it in her royal jewelry pieces and present visiting dignitaries with emeralds that had her likeness carved into them.

Nowadays, emeralds are most often sourced in Colombia and Brazil.


Because the emerald is so strong, it symbolizes strength in a relationship. Along with strength and endurance, it also represents prosperity and happiness. The green color of an emerald is meant to represent growth, fidelity, and true love- making it the perfect gift for a wedding anniversary.

Emerald Jewelry Gift Ideas

Reputable jewelry stores like James Allen and Blue Nile offer a wide range of jewelry pieces in emerald. Discover some of the most popular gift choices for the 20-year anniversary.


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Rings are the classic choice for anniversary gifts. The circular shape of rings is symbolic of never-ending love, making them popular choices to embody romance. Part of the appeal of rings is that they can be gifted to men and women.

James Allen and Blue Nile offer a stunning collection of emerald rings to choose from, whether you are shopping for something simple and elegant or more intricate and detailed.


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Earrings are another popular choice for an anniversary gift, especially for women. They embody femininity, and as they come in a pair, they are also representative of the relationship between you and your partner.

Hoop earrings are very trendy at the moment, as they can be styled in many different ways. For example, emerald embellished hoop earrings can make a casual outfit look more formal.



Bracelets, like rings, have a round shape that is often associated with eternal love. That makes them another classic choice for an anniversary gift. Historically, bracelets have also been worn to showcase marital status.

In the case of solid band bracelets, they offer up more space for romantic engraved messages than rings do.

Emerald Jewelry FAQs

What finger is an anniversary ring worn on?

While there is no golden rule for which finger to wear anniversary rings on, it is most common for people to use their right-hand ring finger. This is because the left-hand ring finger is usually reserved for the engagement ring, and later, the wedding ring or wedding ring set.
It isn’t necessary to get an anniversary band. There are many different 20th anniversary gifts that would be equally meaningful, like bracelets or earrings.

What is a traditional anniversary ring?

The most traditional ring styles for engagement rings are solitaire diamonds. Similarly, it could be considered traditional for anniversary rings to contain a solitaire gemstone. However, as these anniversary rings are meant to celebrate special occasions, their center stone is often paired with additional stones.
Some people even decide to pair their center stone with small, natural pearls.

Is an emerald ring the same as a green sapphire ring?

Emeralds are not the same as green sapphires.
Emeralds are usually a more vivid shade of green and are more expensive than green sapphires. However, green sapphires score a 9 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale, while emeralds score an 8. Green sapphires are, therefore, more durable.

What is the traditional gemstone for the 15-year anniversary?

Ruby jewelry is traditional for celebrating a 15-year anniversary.
James Allen and Blue Nile have a wide range of stunning ruby jewelry pieces to choose from, regardless of what is on your wish list. If you shop around, you are bound to find something to fit your personal style.

What is the 25-year anniversary called?

The 25-year anniversary is referred to as the Silver Jubilee, as its traditional anniversary gift is silver. Blue Nile also has a beautiful collection of sterling silver jewelry to choose from, whether you are shopping for an anniversary ring or other similar items.


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