Promise Rings: Sapphire

Many people view promise rings as interchangeable with purity rings, but there are actually important differences between the two. A purity ring is solely given or worn as a promise to remain celibate until marriage. A promise ring, however, can symbolize a number of different promises.

When given between two significant others, it is suitable for individuals of all ages. It tends to usually be a step up from dating, but not an engagement as yet. It is a sign of commitment and monogamy for a lot of people but indicates that a couple is not ready for an engagement yet. Although this is the most common type of promise ring given today, it is not the only one.

They are also popular among people who do not believe in marriage and can also be given as signs of friendship or as a promise to yourself.

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Purity Rings

Purity rings are actually a type of promise ring, but they should not be used interchangeably. A purity ring is more common among young girls but can be worn at any age and by any gender. It is basically just a sign of commitment to abstinence until marriage. Not all promise rings, however, are abstinence promises.

In your search for this kind of ring, remember that most purity rings, regardless of price, often feature a heart somewhere. Check out this gallery of promise rings from the online store James Allen to get you inspired. Whether you shop here or elsewhere, be sure to request as much information as you can.

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History of the Promise Ring

As far as we can tell, the promise ring dates back to ancient Rome. Romans had to wait a long time before they were allowed to marry. Because of this, they often exchanged rings to indicate commitment during this long wait.

Later the so-called ‘posy’ rings became popular. These rings had an engraving of romantic poetry. It was most popular between the 15th and 17th centuries. Posy rings symbolized romantic love and devotion and is still common today.

The next type of ring that became exceedingly popular was the Acrostic ring, popular during the Victorian and Georgian eras. They were known to have spelled out “love” or “regard” in symbolic gemstones.

As for a modern promise ring as a pre-engagement sign is a modern concept but finds its roots in ancient times.

Common Promise Ring Meanings


Most popularly, promise rings are given as a pre-engagement token when a couple is not yet ready for engagement but wants to indicate their seriousness and commitment.


Rings as a token of friendship are also fairly common, especially among people who have been friends for many years. It is usually a promise to support one another.


More specifically, a purity ring indicates a desire to save oneself until marriage. It is often given by a parent or between significant others. It can also be a promise to yourself.


For some couples, monogamy is so important that they exchange monogamy promise rings before a pre-engagement ring.

Promise to Oneself

Most commonly, a promise ring for yourself is a sign of abstinence from things like substances, negative influences, etc. The ring serves as a reminder to resist temptation.

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What Form can a Promise Ring Take?

Firstly, a promise ring can be worn on any finger, on any hand. If it is the correct size and an appropriate design, it will not make a person look engaged. Cluster rings are a popular choice for promise rings where small stones are clustered together. There is a lot of sparkle, but it does not come across as an engagement ring.

An exceedingly popular choice for this type of ring is a birthstone. It makes the ring appropriate to wear along with an engagement ring without taking center stage but still holding a special place in the wearer’s heart.

This type of ring most often sports a simple band and is not usually paved. There is often an engraving either on the outside or the inside of the band, and it is more often than not sterling silver instead of another precious metal used in jewelry.

This type of jewelry will also feature a smaller stone. Heavier solitaire stones are more appropriate for engagements, but smaller stones are common in this type of ring and go well with the sterling silver band.

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Why should I choose a Sapphire Promise Ring?

Sapphires are a common choice for this kind of jewelry because of their brilliant color. Even if blue is not for you, there are numerous other colors available in sapphires, except red, which is reserved for a ruby.

While diamonds are also available in several colors, they tend to be more expensive than sapphires, making sapphire a more accepted stone for a promise ring. A sapphire is also a very hard stone, not as hard as diamonds, but it comes pretty close. This means that a sapphire can be worn every day.

Sapphire is the gemstone of choice for royalty, making it even more attractive to some girls. You can also bank on a larger sapphire than a diamond simply because the sapphire is more affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a gold ring instead of sterling silver as a promise ring for my daughter?

Yes, you can. While sterling silver is more common, there is no rule saying that you cannot purchase gold instead. What is most important is that the metal suits your daughter’s individual tastes. Remember when opting for gold that it is quite soft, and if she is wearing the ring every day, you might need to buy an alloy metal instead of pure gold.

My friend loves purple, can I get her a purple sapphire promise ring?

Sure! A sapphire comes in a wide range of colors, and this hue is fairly affordable.

What can I engrave in the ring?

It is best to speak directly to a jewelry consultant, but usually, you are looking at one or two words only. If you are engraving, always make sure that you have the ring size correct. Double-check it because resizing is extremely difficult for an engraved ring.

What should I look out for before I purchase this kind of ring?

Ensure that you are buying a superior quality product and that the store has a good exchange policy. When hunting for the perfect jewelry to send the message that you need to send, it is important that you continue shopping around and not necessarily purchase the first item from the first store that you like. You can likely find similar items at another store for a better price; you just need to know where to search.
Keep your eyes open for special offers. They can be great, but you should be wary as to why a product is on special offer. Make sure that you aren’t purchasing a rejected quality item. If at all possible, visit the store yourself and see if you can view the item in person.

Is a sapphire promise ring the best option for young girls who want promise jewelry?

A sapphire promise ring is a good option, but it is not the only one. In more general terms, there are an endless amount of stones and metals to choose from, and you might need to search for a while to find stock of what you are looking for.
If you are buying second-hand, make sure that the gift is in its original condition and that stock is well cared for. The ring you are buying needs to live a long life with the person who wears it. Both the gemstones and the metal need to be built to last. Blue sapphire is a very hardy stone which helps to make it a popular choice.

Are the details really that important?

Usually, when you give this sort of gift, it is quite a meaningful thing to do. Your search should be extensive, and you should research the store you want to buy from. As a customer, it is good to be sure that you are buying ethically sourced stones. You do not want to support a store that is involved in nefarious dealings. You also want the person you are buying the piece for to be happy with it.


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