Create Sapphire Ring

Create the Ring of your Dreams from Scratch

For someone who is looking for something particularly unique and special, they might find that they want to create custom rings. Creating your own ring or own jewelry can be a very special experience, and having a unique piece is fairly rare.

While you can select any gemstone as your center stone, we will place focus on the brilliant blue sapphire. We will also briefly discuss a white sapphire as a diamond alternative.

When creating your own ring, you should be sure about your ring size and have some idea of the final cost you are looking for. Remember to include shipment costs in your calculations, international shipments will naturally be more expensive. Also try to keep an eye out for special offers.

14K white gold floating oval sapphire and diamond micropavé diamond halo ring by Blue Nile

Sapphire Engagement Ring

A blue sapphire engagement ring is much more popular than many people think. The most famous example, of course, is Princess Diana’s engagement ring. It features a 12-carat blue sapphire as a center stone and is surrounded by smaller diamonds in a halo setting.

A sapphire is a popular choice even today for engagement rings. Before the De Beers ad campaign that shot the concept of a diamond engagement ring through the atmosphere, the sapphire and ruby were far more popular for engagement rings than diamonds.

Today, most sapphires are more affordable than diamonds, and many people prefer their more striking appearance.

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Create Your Own Engagement Ring

While any jewelry store will have prefabricated engagement rings, it might be extra special for a couple to be able to design their own engagement ring.

Blue Sapphires vs. White Sapphires

Many people actually turn to a white sapphire ring as an alternative to a diamond ring. A white sapphire lacks the fire that a diamond has and rather has an icy white sparkle to it. Some people prefer this over the colorful fire of the diamond.

Another reason for finding an alternative center stone is that sapphires are more affordable than diamonds. If the color is not so important, then a blue sapphire is also a great choice for an engagement ring.

Sapphires are also available in any other color except red. Only rubies are red, but sapphires can be any color of the rainbow. If you like a deep green color but do not want to go with a sapphire, you can select an emerald. There are only four precious stones and those stones are diamond, emerald, sapphire, and ruby.

diamond ring and gemstone ring

Choosing Precious Metals

There are only a handful of metals that are considered “precious”, and these come in various price categories and colors. Some are also much softer than others, which makes them vulnerable to damage.

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold?

Most often, when working with precious gemstones, it is expected that they will be set in some kind of gold setting. Many people have a preference for what shade of gold they like, but some consideration should also be made for what the stone will look like in its setting.

Consider the color schemes that you are looking for. Consider what a red ruby will look like in pink rose gold. Remember that a sapphire is considered a cold stone. It has very little fire, and the white and blue colors are naturally colder than a warm red ruby. So having a sapphire set in white gold will enhance the coldness of the stone, but setting it in yellow gold will create a stark contrast between warm and cold.

Also, consider the value of the stone compared to the value of the metal. Some stones are not suited to be set in something like platinum due to their low cost compared to the cost of the metal.

The other main consideration is the hardness of the stones compared to the hardness of the metal. Sapphire is an extremely hard stone; it measures almost as hard as a diamond. So it cannot be set in a soft metal like 24K yellow gold. A gold alloy like white gold is better suited to harder gemstones because it is more durable.

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Platinum is an extremely expensive metal but is quite robust. High-quality sapphires would do fine in a platinum setting. Remember that this is also a cold color metal, so a blue sapphire will create a colder jewelry piece for your collection.

When you are looking at creating your own engagement ring, you should remember that many people will wear an engagement ring every day, and this daily wear calls for a harder stone and a harder metal. Rings are also more often bumped against objects, get stuck in objects, and are exposed to chemicals and creams more than other jewelry.

This makes colder metal like platinum and white gold or even sterling silver good options for an engagement ring.

Choosing Gemstone Cut

You will also need to consider the shape of the gemstone. A round cut is more expensive but reflects light extremely well and creates a lot of shine. Less popular shapes like the pear shape are far more affordable than round shapes, but they are also more pointed, so they can get caught on things more easily.

Other gems may have specific cuts that they are known for. For example, a diamond is most often round-cut, an emerald has its very own signature cut, and a sapphire is often round or oval.

In the end, the most important thing is that you are happy with your engagement ring. The gemstones that you choose must add to the overall style that you like.

Diamond Cut Shapes

The World of Custom Jewelry

You can customize other jewelry as well, such as a necklace, pendant, or earrings. The process is generally the same for whatever piece you want to make. You must find a shop that allows customization, then you must decide on the details of the piece. You usually start by picking the loose gem; then, you go through settings that work with your gem. You will also have to decide on the metal that you want, for example, white gold or silver.

Most places let you choose your gemstone according to color and not style, but others allow you to choose various filters. They will start with color, then ask about the shape of the gemstone. Pear shape, round shape, oval shape, etc. Any style you can imagine. Once you have decided on a loose gemstone, you can shop for settings. Bear in mind that the style and shape of the gemstone can impact what setting you need to go for. A princess shape might be suitable for whatever setting you want, but an oval and pear shape is not suited to just any setting.

You can decide whether you want accents or not. Some places will also give you a choice of natural or lab-created gems. When choosing an engagement ring, the default setting will usually be a diamond, but you should be able to change that.

The last thing that you identify is the ring size. Remember that if you take a diamond pave-type engagement ring, you should have your size just right because resizing might not be possible.

You might also find a website for a company that asks you to add inspiration and choose favorites like shape, shade of gold, etc., in a wish list. They will then have the designer contact customers directly to work on a piece to best suit their life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is white gold?

White gold is a metal allow made up of yellow gold, silver, and nickel. White gold is much stronger than other gold because of its composition.

Can I have a blue sapphire in my engagement ring?

Yes, of course! A sapphire ring was the most popular kind of engagement ring for thousands of years before De Beers launched a campaign promoting diamonds as the gemstone of choice for an engagement ring.

The sapphire ring is often a sign of royalty, and it is still not rare to see a wedding set sporting a sapphire ring for the engagement ring along with blue pendants and blue earrings to match.

What is the difference between a lab-grown and natural sapphire or diamond?

Both diamonds and a sapphire can be grown in a lab. This does not make them “fake,” as they have the same chemical composition as natural gemstones. A natural gemstone, on the other hand, was mined from the earth.

With diamonds especially, a natural gemstone is much more expensive than a lab-created stone. Natural sapphires and diamonds often also have more impurities than lab-created ones. Natural sapphires and diamonds are becoming exceedingly rare, especially bigger ones. This is pushing the price up significantly.

Can I pare my sapphire ring with blue earrings?

Yes, it is not uncommon for a designer website to have paired pieces, but you can also seek out your own pairings. Find your inspiration and purchase whatever blue pieces you like.

What should I consider before I purchase a blue sapphire ring?

You should remember that certain cuts are more expensive than others; for example, princess cuts are more expensive than pear cuts. If you are making a custom ring, you might need to wait quite a while for the final product, especially if you are buying from a smaller business.

You might also need to make an appointment if the store is local, or if they are making a truly unique ring, then they might request that you come in to review the product, but this is relatively rare and will only happen if the store is local.

With purchases that are quite big, you might need to sign some papers when the sale is made. In most places, an electronic signature is also possible.

Can I buy a ring for my friend?

Buying a ring for a friend can be tricky. Especially if you are a man and the friend is a woman. Think carefully about the message that a ring sends. It is often associated with a promise or engagement, so if you do want to gift your friend a ring, make sure that the message is clear.

What month is the sapphire birthstone?

The blue sapphire is the birthstone for September. A ring sporting a sapphire is not an


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