Design Emerald Ring: The Ultimate Guide

Emeralds have been one of the most treasured gemstones for centuries. This gem can make for an exquisite emerald engagement ring with unique textures and captivating patterns. Lab-created emeralds offer a high-quality alternative to natural emeralds for jewelry lovers who appreciate a stunningly vibrant and lush green color.

Many of us have very distinct tastes when it comes to an engagement ring design. A classic emerald engagement ring is an excellent alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring.

You maybe have the opportunity to design your own engagement ring and wish to incorporate emeralds. But how does one start designing an emerald engagement ring from scratch? This article will guide you through the design process and help you identify which characteristics you desire in your customized engagement ring.


What Is An Emerald?

The birthstone of May, the emerald gemstone belongs to the beryl family. Emerald engagement rings are undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to a conventional diamond ring. Emeralds are prized for their striking hues ranging from deep, dark woodland tones to icy pistachio.

Emeralds display a softer brilliance and a wider color depth than a natural diamond. An emerald engagement ring can be paired with virtually any metal, though some are more complimentary than others to create a modern or vintage engagement ring.

Although emeralds are relatively durable gemstones, registering around 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, many emeralds are additionally treated with resins and oils to fill their internal fractures. This extra step reduces the potential risk of damage and breakage in an emerald stone.

A cleverly designed emerald engagement ring is a mesmerizing piece to behold and is sure to keep you happy with your ring for years to come.


Is An Emerald Engagement Ring Right For You?

Every jewelry shop has its own collection of engagement rings and wedding bands that incorporate May’s birthstone. Still, you may be the type of person who appreciates the distinctiveness of designing your own ring for something you will essentially be wearing your whole life.

Emerald engagement rings embody glamour and sophistication, additionally being an exciting and unconventional alternative to diamond rings.

However, if you are highly attracted to an eye-catching sparkle in brilliant stones, emerald rings may not be the best option for you. Due to the abundance of inclusions seen in emerald rings, clarity is not a quality that adds to the value of an emerald stone.

Furthermore, if you live a very active lifestyle or work with your hands daily, your daily activities may be a bit too rough on emerald rings, and you would do better opting for a different stone, like a colored diamond or a green sapphire.

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The classic and timeless style is hugely associated with clear stones like a white gem, but emerald rings are the way to go if you desire a bold engagement ring.

Although emerald rings can achieve a wide range of styles, they are best suited for vintage-inspired rings.

Utilizing our design process, you can explore various options for your custom ring. Yellow gold tends to accentuate the beauty of an emerald best and contributes to the vintage style many find admirable. A rose gold setting alternatively does well to accomplish this idea.

Conversely, white metal settings, such as white gold or platinum, convey freshness and an overall cool palette, ideal for those seeking a more contemporary style. For the nature-lovers out there, a white gold setting with some leafy details will bring the earthy nature of emerald rings to life.

The versatility of emerald rings and other emerald jewelry is something not often found in other stones, like natural diamonds.

We can help you design your own ring that emphasizes all your best qualities.

Is An Emerald Engagement Ring Suitable For Everyday Wear?

An emerald engagement ring is an exciting option for a wedding or engagement ring. However, there are several essential factors to be aware of before purchasing an emerald ring.

Natural emeralds display beautiful inclusions and aesthetically pleasing textures but may pose some risks. With a moderate rating of 7.5 on the Mohs scale, emeralds are undoubtedly more prone to damage than sapphires and diamonds.

Emeralds range widely in cut and size, which significantly contributes to the durability of each individual stone. Therefore, an appropriate setting could go a long way in optimizing the longevity of emerald engagement rings.

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If you have already decided that an emerald ring has the style you desire, there are several measures you can take to ensure that your gemstone will withstand the test of time. For example, if you’ll be using an emerald as a center stone, a quality stone with minimal inclusions would be ideal.

Furthermore, the setting you choose will highly impact the quality and durability of your emerald ring. A bezel setting is typically the most desirable option for this gemstone.

The Best Cuts For Emerald Engagement Rings

Emeralds can be considered a more brittle gemstone due to their inclusions. The renowned “emerald cut” was explicitly created to correct any issues this characteristic may bring about.

The emerald cut was advanced through the trap ring setting, which includes big tables and rectangular facets. The emerald cut is designed to optimize the stability of the stone to make emeralds suitable for everyday wear jewelry.

An emerald center stone with an emerald cut in an engagement ring is justifiably the most popular style for this gemstone.

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Emerald with a very high quality won’t contain as many inclusions as others, so these gems have a more comprehensive range of suitable cuts to choose from. A quality emerald engagement ring can have a classic oval or round cut and many more unconventional shapes.

Not only do emeralds make beautiful center stones, but they also make for endearing side stones in conjunction with natural diamonds. Surrounding emeralds highly compliment a diamond center stone on an engagement ring.

Diamond Cut Shapes

Emerald color: Is Light Or Dark Better?

Emeralds vary widely in color and hue. You will commonly see these gemstones in colors like light seafoam to a darker mossy tone. The color of emeralds is judged according to three primary factors: tone, hue, and color.

The tone of an emerald describes the color saturation, which ranges from light to intense and deep. The hue of an emerald refers directly to the color of the stone. Traditionally, a fierce blue-green emerald is deemed of the highest quality.

That being said, there really is no right or wrong preference regarding color. The beauty of a specific emerald color lies in the eyes of the beholder. For example, you may be drawn to a classic forest green hue with deep undertones, whereas others might prefer a light green emerald engagement ring.

We advise you to try on a few different shades and assess which hue and tone complement your skin tone before deciding on an emerald.

Closeup Of A Bunch Of Many Green Rough Uncut Emerald Crystals
Closeup of a bunch of many green rough uncut emerald crystals

How To Pick An Emerald

If affordability is high on your priority list in your search for the perfect engagement ring, lab-created emeralds are the most wallet-friendly option. Being identical to natural emeralds in every way, lab emeralds are a great way to acquire emerald rings without breaking the bank. In addition, the highly controlled environment of a lab results in emeralds with higher clarity and fewer inclusions, so the risk of fractures and damage is lessened.

Lab emeralds offer incredible color and clarity for a much lower cost, although some believe that a natural emerald’s included pattern makes this stone so unique.

In your exploration of emerald rings, it is essential that you consider how the colors of rings will interact with surrounding tones. Yellow gold jewelry is typically recommended for warm skin tones and also brings out well-designed emerald rings’ grass-green tones. If you prefer a modern twist on emerald rings, rose gold does well to add a touch of progressiveness.

Cooler skin tones are usually complemented by white gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. Therefore, choosing a cooler metal color like that for your emerald engagement ring will bring a clean look.


Our Design Process

ICONIC offers you to design your own engagement ring, along with your own earrings and own necklace. Explore our beautiful gemstone and diamond collection to create the perfect jewelry with the best value for your money.

ICONIC has guided many to discover their personal style. So whether you want to design your own engagement ring or gift a friend with their own earrings or own necklace made with their birthstone, our team of experts will help you find the perfect gemstone or diamond ring with a compatible metal of your choice.

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Step 1: Share Your Ideas

Firstly, we want to understand precisely what you love in emerald rings. You can share images that inspired you to fall in love with emerald rings so that we can get a better idea of your personal style.

During this step, we want to be able to identify which metal best meets your requirements. Your examples should reflect that if you prefer yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, or white gold settings. Furthermore, we would also like to see your desired cut. Although the emerald cut is usually advised, there are many other options to choose from.

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The Metals We Offer:
  • Silver
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Platinum
  • White gold
Cuts We Offer:
  • Round-cut
  • Marquise-cut
  • Princess-cut
  • Heart-cut
  • Cushion-cut
  • Emerald-cut
  • Oval-cut
  • Radiant-cut
  • Asscher -cut

If you cannot find any existing designs that accurately represent your taste, you can provide us with illustrated drafts of emerald rings you find charming.

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Step 2: We Produce A 3D Model

We create a 3D representation of your emerald engagement ring using our advanced computer-aided design software from your design ideas. A 3D image will allow you to view your gemstone from every angle so you can be sure you’re making the right purchase for your vintage wedding or engagement ring.

Step 3: Review And Approve

We deliver the 3D design to you so you can assess the gemstone ring design and consider any alterations you would like to make. If your wish to make any changes to enhance to beauty of the gemstone, you can simply propose any other offer, and we will help you perfect the design.

Maybe you have been inspired by other rings and wish to incorporate diamonds alongside your emeralds, and we understand that. The goal is to get the design exactly as you want it, so feel free to make any suggestions or adjustments.

Create Your Own

Step 4: Place Your Order

After perfecting your emerald engagement ring, we will send you an offer that you can readily accept and pay online. We offer insured international shipments completely free of charge. Before you sign for the package, we encourage you to check and confirm the contents.

If you feel like you haven’t received the full value for your purchase, we will gladly replace your order. Feel free to contact us with any queries or if your package didn’t arrive.


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