Ruby Ring in Sterling Silver

Sterling silver ruby rings are reminiscent of Christmas cheer with their dark red sparkle in a snowy setting. This blood-red stone goes well with just about anything, but there is something about sterling silver that just brings it to life and adds an aura of mystery that is sure to beguile onlookers.

Sterling silver ruby rings accompanied by white sapphire are a much more affordable option than the traditional diamond and white gold combination. And, along with the better price, rubies create an allure of passion and a pop of color that brings out the best in your special someone.

Whether it is warmth or cool mystery that you want to add to your collection, sterling silver ruby rings are the perfect jewelry items to add to your shopping cart today. Search no further, for we have just what you need.


Skin Tone and Your Ring

Sterling silver ruby rings are the rare kind of jewelry that works beautifully with most skin tones. While gold shades with diamonds can be striking on darker skin, they can sometimes look just a little bit too warm or cliche. Give your admirers something unexpected at a much better price, suitable for any occasion! Go for a sterling silver ruby halo ring accented with white sapphire.

Value of Rubies

The value of a ruby can vary greatly and depends largely on carat and clarity, much the same as a diamond. There seems to be a considerable debate in the world of corundum. Pink corundum is most often seen as sapphire, whereas red corundum is seen as ruby. Despite the disagreement on the name and category, what we can all agree on is that all of these stones are absolutely beautiful and would make a great addition to anyone’s collection.

When you are shopping, though, be aware that some dealers will put any shade of pink to red under the ruby category, whereas others will place only red as rubies and pinks under the sapphire category. This will likely affect your search for the perfect sterling silver ruby ring.

The Marriage of a Ruby and Diamond Ring

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As much as a white sapphire is a great alternative to a diamond, there is just something that every customer loves about the combination of a ruby and a diamond. Some will choose to layer a ruby ring and diamond ring, whereas others will combine ruby and diamond on the same ring, and whether this ends up being sterling silver or yellow or white gold is more of a personal preference.

Few things say passion quite as clearly as a carefully crafted sterling silver halo ring sporting a delicate combination of diamond and ruby stones. It is the kind of jewelry piece that any woman would love to add to her collection.

The Big Four

Ruby is a proud member of the so-called big four of gemstones in the world. The others are diamond, emerald, and sapphire. Prices for these vary depending on their quality, and which ones you pick will depend on your personal look and budget. If you are purchasing jewelry as gifts, make sure that the required sizes are clear.


Even if women do not intend to wear their ring but simply keep it safe as part of their collection, details such as the size of the band, the color of the metal, or the quality of the stone can be essential to making the right kind of impression

Customer satisfaction relies on being able to ensure that their order is adhered to and their special piece arrives exactly as the order that was placed. These items are extremely precious, and a lot of time is spent picking exactly the right combination for the right woman’s collection.

Clarity and Silk

Much like a diamond, one of the features of ruby that measure its value is its clarity. However, inclusions are much more common in ruby, so they are measured more on how many inclusions are visible to the naked eye.

Some ruby inclusions are called silk, and they add to the value of the gem. Heat-treated gems will contain damaged silk, which is a good way to judge whether a gem has been treated or not.

Sterling Silver Ring

Sterling silver is actually a silver alloy and is, therefore, more suitable for a ring than fine silver. Fine silver tends to be extremely soft, so it would not last long if used for a ring. Rings are often worn on a daily basis, and fine silver would break or scratch easily under these conditions.

When you add another element, such as copper, which is common in sterling silver, it strengthens the metal.

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Closing Thoughts

These are all important things to know and understand in your search for the perfect ring for your special someone. Before deciding on a brand or which stores to support, try and learn as much as you can about the jewelry. Add to your understanding and knowledge of the symbol of your love. Time, trust, and appreciation are the things with which love is powered, so be sure that you are choosing the right stores and brand through which to express your love and devotion.


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