Emerald Jewelry: Men’s Selections

What you need to know

Jewelry has become a popular adornment for women, but little acknowledgment is given to the prevalence of jewelry among men in the past. There was even a time when men were the ones who wore engagement rings!

In today’s society, the popularity of men’s jewelry is increasing, and it is steadily becoming a fixture in more the life of distinguished male style. That being said, what role does emerald jewelry play in this game?

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Men’s Jewelry

How is it different?

Mostly, men’s jewelry will not have gemstones, but emerald jewelry is often a favorite when gems are involved. Jewelry for a man often involves simpler designs and fewer details than in women’s jewels. The settings tend to hide the brilliance of the gems and overall look more robust. But the good news is that a man tends to prefer this. They want something that is better suited to a more active lifestyle that involves working with your hands. So when you shop for jewelry for a male friend, bear in mind how much shock the piece will need to withstand if you are shopping for a daily wear piece.

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May Birthstone

And how that affects the price

Remember that an emerald is the birthstone for May. This makes emerald jewelry great gifts. It also means that you will encounter special offers when you shop close to May. Keep your search broad and see where you can save on the overall price of the piece. If you are buying online, try to browse for a sale so that you can get the best possible deal. Emeralds can be extremely expensive, so when you search by category, keep an eye on price, and remember that you often pay separately to ship the piece.

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Sterling Silver vs. Other Metals

What to look out for

When you are looking for something that can take a knock or two, and you want to bring out the cool color of the emerald, it is best to mount the gem in sterling silver. Silver will bring out the cool shade of green in a gem-quality emerald. Whether you are buying a bracelet, a ring, or a necklace, silver is more durable overall. If you do want to invest in another precious metal, consider gold alloys that are stronger. The type of metal that you choose will affect the overall price of the piece. Try to find a site that offers you different price options on the account depending on the type of metal that you choose.

If prices are not listen, it is a good idea to request this information from the shop. If the shop does not have different prices for different metals, it is not a good sign.

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Emerald Prices

The bottom line

Overall an emerald is quite an expensive stone. The emerald is one of only four “precious stones,” which greatly impacts the cost of a quality gem. Remember that with an emerald, darker is better—the darker the emerald, the better the quality (excluding inclusions).

So whether you are loading up on precious stones to spoil your beau or whether you are just looking for that one perfect emerald to stand front and center, ICONIC has a great deal for you!


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