Mens Ruby Jewelry

Contrary to popular belief, jewelry was always more popular among men in some civilizations. There were some places where women were not allowed to wear jewelry for many decades in ancient times. In modern times jewelry appears to be more popular among the fairer sex, but there is still a vibrant industry for men’s jewelry.

Men’s jewelry standards should be the same as standards for women’s jewelry. Gemstones should be purchased based on their quality, and each piece’s overall design and craftsmanship are essential. Remember that only four gemstones are considered precious gems: ruby, emerald, diamonds, and sapphire.

While this has style implications that affect the price by affecting the demand for these gemstones on accessories, it does not mean that these stones are rarer or more valuable than a semi-precious gem. That being said, a gem like rubies is much better suited to settings of higher grade precious metals than some semi-precious stones. Cubic zirconia, for example, is not the kind of gem that is set in platinum. Whereas a ruby, sapphire, emerald, even diamonds are perfect for anything from rose gold or white gold to sterling silver or platinum. When shopping for men’s jewelry that features a ruby, there are certain considerations to keep in mind:

14K white gold men’s diamond and ruby grooved wedding ring by Blue Nile

July Birthstone

The ruby is the official birthstone for July and is a popular gemstone for men’s jewelry due to its bold color. Excellently crafted men’s jewelry pieces can be wonderful birthstone gifts for the special man in your life. Our website features numerous men’s jewelry pieces with rubies at the center. You can search the website to find the perfect men’s jewelry piece to add to your collection today.

We have a design to suit your individual men’s jewelry style and a price to satisfy your expectations for value for money. If you want to learn more, feel free to browse around our site, check for a sale, find the items that you love and place your order to ship as soon as possible.

Yellow Gold

Rubies set well in yellow gold and give a particularly warm countenance in yellow gold settings. We have several design options for rubies in a yellow gold setting. Have a look and make your choice today.

Rose Gold

Although most people tend to avoid setting the red ruby in pink rose gold, there is no rule against it, and it can be a daring and unique piece of men’s jewelry in a changing world.

White Gold

White gold is a colder metal and makes for the perfect balance between a warm ruby and a cold color metal.


Platinum is the more expensive option but also far more durable than gold, so if you are looking at investing in an everyday piece, then platinum might be a better option in the long run. It also creates the same color balance as white gold does in combination with a ruby.

Sterling Silver

Silver is another cold color metal that goes very well with the red of a ruby, and sterling silver is strong enough to wear every day. It is also a far more affordable metal than gold or platinum.

Black Gold

Black gold is a new concept that is only just appearing on the jewelry circuit. It consists of yellow gold mixed with alloys such as cobalt. A ruby set in daring black gold can make a truly unique gift for the more adventurous man. You can never go wrong with a ruby, no matter what metal you choose.

Common Errors Made About Rubies

Difference between rubies and sapphires

Many people do not realize that a ruby and a sapphire are actually made of the exact same mineral, and the only real difference is the color of the stone. Rubies are always red, but any other color of the mineral corundum is considered a sapphire, even pink. Both stones are an excellent option for men’s jewelry, but there is something about the July birthstone that makes the ruby stand out as a bright, daring choice for men’s jewelry.

Cut of the gemstone and the metal setting.

The cut of a gemstone can impact its price, how it looks in a specific setting, and whether it produces a large amount of shine. For example, a bezel setting will greatly reduce the amount of sparkle that escapes a stone because there is not a lot of light passing through the stone. With a ruby, this is less of a problem, but if you are looking for something that can filter the light more noticeable, you do not want to hide your ruby in a gold box.

Other settings might be a little less secure than others. You should also consider this when you order. It might filter light brilliantly and be just the sort of results you are looking for in the design details of your birthstone men’s jewelry, but if you want to wear the items daily, you may want to consider a more secure setting for your precious gemstone.

A low price means a bad quality gemstone.

This is not necessarily true. When you shop for men’s jewelry, it can be helpful to try and learn some background about the piece you are interested in. The ruby, as with diamonds, loses a lot of their original value as soon as they are purchased, so if you are buying at a secondhand or antique shop, you will likely find reduced prices. If the jewelry is pre-owned, it is not necessarily a sign of poor quality.

Another factor that has a significant impact on price, every time, is the cut of the stone. A ruby that is completely clear might end up being affordable due to it being poorly cut. If you are considering buying badly cut items, just bear in mind that a poor cut can make the gemstone weaker. A ruby measures extremely high on the hardness scale, so it is quite robust, but small details in a poor cut can weaken the stone, which is another reason why a poor cut results in a lower value.

Searching for a substitute for diamonds

Once people realize that they can substitute diamonds with other white gems, many will search for more affordable white stones with which to substitute the more expensive diamonds. While this has been a common practice throughout time, a major mistake that a novice makes is to see a ruby as a diamond substitute.

Your search results will quickly show that a ruby is not available in white. All rubies are red. The same is true for the emerald; it is not available in white. Only the sapphire, which is a very close sibling to ruby, can be used as a diamond substitute in your collection.

However, the lack of fire in a white sapphire is often an obvious sign that the stone is not a diamond. Be aware of these details when you shop for men’s jewelry.

Will my ruby be damaged if I ship it from a faraway shop?

During shipping, damage to a ruby or any other men’s jewelry piece is pretty rare. A ruby is extremely durable and quite resistant to damage, but despite that, jewelry is shipped very carefully. For starters, only the most reliable companies are used because shipping this sort of product is risky for the company as well.

Theft is a serious concern, and some men’s jewelry items are more easily damaged than others. A ruby is hard enough to withstand quite some shock, but gold will likely scratch, so whatever sort of men’s jewelry item you have purchased is carefully packaged, and details about the package are kept secure to protect against theft.

Should it so happen that your men’s jewelry ruby piece is damaged, we strongly suggest contacting the company where the item was purchased and seeing about exchange details.


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