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There are many reasons why jewelry makes for a great gift. It has become symbolic of how much you value the recipient, and it has long since been symbolic of beauty, passion, and love.

Often, people don’t tend to buy jewelry for themselves, as it can be expensive. However, in the case of genuine jewelry, it can be worn for the rest of a person’s life. It is classic, timeless, and the perfect gift for a friend or someone you love.

Jewelry is also a functional item while being sentimental. It can be worn all day and remind a person of happy times with a loved one or a specific occasion.

Another thing that makes jewelry pieces excellent gifts is that they can become an heirloom, gifted down from generation to generation. This can make jewelry an even more meaningful gift since it carries a family history.

Some jewelry, even those initially bought at a lower price, may become more valuable over time, turning it into an investment.

Because jewelry can be custom-made to contain meaningful messages, names, or even the dates of important events, it is the perfect gift for friends, family, or the woman you love. A custom message can take any jewelry and elevate it to a great statement piece. Some people opt for jewelry with the letters of the recipient’s name.

With the massive assortment of style, fashion, and taste available to buy either from an online collection or in a store, it has become easy to find the perfect gift for every personality type when purchasing jewelry as gifts.

Trends are constantly changing, and anyone can wear jewelry, regardless of age, skin color, or gender. There is no ‘wrong choice’ when it comes to jewelry.

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Jewelry has been used since ancient times.

Neanderthal people living in Spain created the earliest jewelry using small seashells, dating back to 115,000 years ago. More than 40,000 years ago, ancient tribes made jewelry using ostrich eggshells in Kenya. The Star Carr pendant was found in Britain, dating back to 11,000 BC.

Jewelry gifting is not a new concept, either. Some archeological finds suggest that jewelry as gifts may date back to as early as 25 000 years ago. In addition, studies have found that ancient Egyptian couples already gifted each other rings to be symbolic of their marriage.

Some of the most famous gifts in history have been jewelry.

Harry Winston, dubbed the King of Diamonds, purchased a rough yet flawless diamond of nearly 70 carats and had it cut to a pear shape and set as a pendant necklace for his wife in 1966. Later, Richard Burton decided to purchase this iconic jewelry gift for Elizabeth Taylor.

Actress Grace Kelly was famously quoted saying that her favorite type of jewels were pearls. Perhaps one of her most famous necklaces is the three-strand pearl and diamonds necklace given to her in the 1950s by Prince Rainer, her then-husband-to-be.

In 1936 the Duke of Windsor abdicated the British throne because he wanted to marry Wallis Simpson, the woman he loved. As a result, one of the most famous bracelets in history was gifted to her by the Duke on their wedding day in 1937. The silver bracelet features dazzling diamonds and sapphires.

The David Webb frog bracelet is perhaps the cutest of the famous gold jewelry statement pieces found in history. The bracelet was also gifted to Wallis Simpson by the Duke of Windsor in 1964. It features two gold and green enamel frogs, many rubies, and several smaller diamonds. They were made to wrap around the Duchess’ wrist.

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Gift Jewelry

The right piece will depend on the men or women you shop for and will have to suit their unique style and personality.

Diamond Stud Earrings

No matter the occasion, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of diamond stud earrings. They are iconic and famous for their versatility as they go well with almost all outfits. So if you struggle to decide which kind of jewelry to gift someone, it may be a sign that a pair of diamond studs is the best option.

Ear Cuffs

For something more alternative, or even as more gifts to add to earrings you already plan to purchase, you could consider ear cuffs. They are earrings specifically made to wear alongside other earrings and often adorn only one ear. They would be an ideal gift for a teen or young adult, and the asymmetry is what makes these so unique and fun.

Signet Rings

Another classic gift is a signet ring. These are often given to men or children when they come of age. Traditionally, a signet ring contains the initials of the recipient.

Birthstone Jewelry Gifts

Another popular choice of jewelry gifts is jewelry containing the birthstone of the person receiving it. Each month has a specific gemstone associated with it, and for most people, getting a piece of jewelry containing their birthstone is something they look forward to.

Initial Necklaces

There is also the option of jewelry in the shape of someone’s initials or the first letter of their name. Many people combine this with the birthstones mentioned above to form a piece entirely unique to the one receiving it.


Apart from a plain precious metal ring, a watch is perhaps the most common jewelry gift for men. It is a functional item but can be just as stylish and sentimental as necklaces or earrings are for women.

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Gift Jewelry


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