The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Diamond Necklace

Diamond jewelry will likely never lose its timeless elegance. Diamond necklaces and diamond pendants alike are popular options for women worldwide.

A diamond necklace or pendant can range from being beautifully understated fine jewelry to turning heads as a statement diamond piece of jewelry, suitable for a red carpet event.

Diamond necklaces and pendants have the ability to transform any outfit into a masterpiece and add an exquisite touch to any style the wearer pursues.

However, choosing the right pendant or necklace for the occasion requires careful consideration.

For some, a diamond pendant signifies wealth and prestige, whereas others merely wish to elevate their daily style with a classic diamond necklace.

Whatever your motivation for purchasing diamond jewelry, we have constructed a comprehensive guide to help you identify the ideal necklace or pendant that reflects your inner sparkle.

18K white gold three-stone drop diamond pendant by Blue Nile

What Is The Difference Between A Diamond Necklace And A Diamond Pendant?

Many people confuse these terms and wrongly believe that necklaces and pendants are the same thing. However, there are some distinct differences between these two jewelry items.

A pendant is a small piece of jewelry that you can attach to a chain and wear on different body parts.

For example, a round diamond shape in a halo setting can be attached to a fine sterling silver chain, and the chain length can be adjusted to the jewelry item can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet.

In contrast, a necklace is a piece of jewelry that can exclusively be worn around the neck. A necklace normally consists of a chain made of precious metal.

Necklaces can range in complexity from having a series of colorful gemstones to consisting of mere colorless diamonds linked on a simplistic chain.

14K white gold diamond infinity necklace by Blue Nile

Understanding The Four Cs

Although you don’t need to be extensively trained in diamond jewelry, a clear understanding of the four Cs will optimize your diamond shopping endeavor.

You should be able to perform a superficial assessment of the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of a diamond before committing to a purchase.

Beautifully cut diamonds should be your highest priority. The cut quality of a diamond determines its brilliance and scintillation to a great extent.

The cut of your diamond should display the shine and shimmer of the diamond and catch your attention immediately. If it does not, move on to your next option.

Your second priority should be the size of the diamond. Since a diamond pendant or necklace is displayed as a center point of your overall appearance, the diamond will be seen from a further distance than other jewelry would. Therefore, in shopping for diamond necklaces, size does, in fact, matter.

It is completely acceptable to opt for a lower color and clarity grade, like I or J, when it comes to color and clarity. This is because most people won’t be able to tell the difference between a high or low-grade diamond when it is mounted on a pendant.

You will be able to save a lot of money while still getting a larger size diamond pendant. With a diamond engagement ring, people often view the diamond closely and inspect its different qualities with eager eyes.

This is not often the case for diamond pendants. People tend to notice the beautiful brilliance of the diamond without feeling the need to investigate every detail of the diamond, like they would with engagement rings.

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Choosing Diamond Pendants For Diamond Necklaces

The Diamond Shape For Your Diamond Pendant

The princess cut and round brilliant cut diamonds are the two most popular options for a diamond pendant. For the more adventurous personalities, a pear- or heart shape will make for beautiful jewelry.

A Diamond Solitaire Pendant

A solitaire pendant is a diamond necklace with only one diamond. The diamond stands alone on a chain, typically made of yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum.

The most versatile style of diamond necklaces consists of a diamond solitaire pendant. A solitaire pendant is simplistic and classically elegant, with only a single diamond hanging on a sterling silver or gold chain—Solitaire diamond necklaces romanticize even the plainest outfits. From an evening gown to jeans and a t-shirt, this diamond necklace is sure to add a touch of refinement to your look.

These diamond pendants can be mounted in a multitude of different settings, each with its own unique style. If you wish to achieve a more eye-catching style with your diamond pendant, consider incorporating halos and multiple stones to really set your necklaces apart.

Diamond melees around a center stone undoubtedly display incredible brilliance, although they may not be considered as valuable as a solitaire pendant.

14K white gold diamond solitaire pendant by Blue Nile

Diamond Pendant settings and designs

There are various precious metals to explore that will enhance your diamond pendant best. Both 14 Carat and 18 Carat weight gold is durable enough for daily wear. The type of gold you choose is entirely a matter of preference.

A yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold diamond pendant chain tends to illuminate colorless diamonds and fancy colored diamonds significantly. Platinum is another alluring option for a pendant chain, although it is more expensive and often unnecessary.

Prong settings are very popular for diamond pendants as prongs allow optimal light to enter the diamond. As diamonds offer unparalleled brilliance, more light is exactly what a classic diamond necklace requires.

 There are many different settings to choose from, and, once again, it is all up to your preference. Bezel settings surrounding an exquisite diamond pendant are another timeless style. Additionally, you can never go wrong with a halo setting.

The most important thing to consider when you buy diamond pendants is that you are supporting a reputable and reliable vendor who will supply you with trustworthy reports on the relevant diamond pendants.

14K yellow gold diamond milgrain smile necklace by Blue Nile

Consider Personal Style When Buying A Diamond Pendant

A diamond pendant is a perfect gift for a loved one who appreciates the elegance of diamond jewelry. However, it may be challenging to determine which style best suits the receiver.

Before purchasing diamond pendants for someone else, investigate their personal style and existing jewelry collection to derive their preferences. You may also want to get them a diamond pendant that stands out from everything they already have in their jewelry collection.

If they already own a wide range of diamond necklaces and pendants, opt for diamond rings or a bracelet with a diamond center stone instead.

When To Give A Diamond Necklace As A Gift:
  • As an anniversary gift
  • For Mother’s Day
  • As a Valentine’s Day gift
  • As promise jewelry
  • As a graduation gift

If you are shopping for a diamond pendant for yourself, only you would know which diamond shapes and settings best fit your fashion sense. Buy a diamond that will compliment the jewelry you already own. Everyone likes to match their jewelry, and not all diamonds will work with the metals you wear frequently.

silver pendant necklace

Choose A Diamond Pendant Suitable For The Age Of The Wearer

Different styles appeal to different age groups. For example, where older women may be more inclined to buy diamond pendants that convey sophistication, younger wearers may be drawn to more alternative and trendy styles.

Keep the appropriate age in mind when shopping for a diamond pendant. In our personal experience, we have noted that older women tend to be drawn to a classic solitaire pendant in a bezel setting surrounding the entire diamond. In contrast, younger customers go for larger diamonds in prong settings.

Chain Length

Most diamond vendors will offer standard chain lengths of 16 to 24 inches, the most popular being 18 inches. The types of clothes one wears ultimately have a great influence on where diamond pendants should be positioned on the chest.

In conjunction with the ideal location of the diamond pendant, people have different preferences regarding chain length. Some find longer chains to be more comfortable and practical, while others prefer a shorter chain length because it better displays the diamond.

In general, a person who frequently wears turtle neck tops should opt for a longer chain length so the diamond pendant won’t be hidden. Conversely, if a person like wearing lower cut tops, a short-chain length would be ideal.

Furthermore, there are many chain styles to explore for your pendant. In today’s market, the role, rope, cable, box, and Figaro chains are the most popular chains for diamond pendants.

A chain length of 14 inches is considered a choker style, which is a more modern style and holds its own class, but it can be quite uncomfortable for daily wear.

Grading Reports For Diamond Pendants

A grading report is essentially a full assessment of the characteristics of mined diamonds and lab-created diamonds. Educated gemologists are usually responsible for carrying out the appropriate procedures and constructing a comprehensive report.

Neutral third-party laboratories use special geological tools to ensure there will be no conflict of interest.

Neutral parties include reputable establishments like AGS or GIA. These organizations have consistent and strict grading standards they adhere to. Unfortunately, jewelers often perform their own in-house assessments of diamonds, which results in a biased grading report.

If you ever encounter non-GIA certified diamonds, you should realize that the diamonds are not graded according to strict standards, and the jeweler is simply attempting to elevate his business with an enthusiastic report.

Due to various economic reasons, not all diamonds come with a grading report. For example, diamonds with less than 0.30 carats in total weight will not have a report because the lab examinations entail expenses that far outweigh the value of the actual diamond.

In addition, diamond melees will not commonly come with a report for each individual diamond. It is generally acceptable to buy a diamond necklace containing many melee diamonds without a report, as long as you are buying from a reputable vendor whose policies allow for refunds, in case you discover red flags.

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Best Online Retailers For Diamond Pendants And Necklaces

1) James Allen

James Allen is currently the only online retailer that offers a 360-degree view of your diamond pendant. With James Allen, you get to design your own necklace and return your purchase within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

James Allen jewelry sells at competitive prices and delivers cut-quality diamonds.

2) Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers an impressive variety of diamond necklaces and rings, with over 150,000 diamonds in their inventory. Blue Nile has a “Build Your Own Pendant” tool that allows buyers to design a diamond pendant suitable for their needs.

In addition, Blue Nile has a wide collection of ready-made diamond pendants of numerous styles and prices.

4) Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin diamonds are renowned for their cut quality and innovations to perfect diamond cuts.

Their extensive range of diamond pendants is expertly crafted and stylish.

5) Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a great place to shop for diamonds online. They offer both mined diamonds and lab-created diamonds with a “Create your own” option for designing diamond necklaces.

Brilliant Earth jewelry is known for its versatility, and customers can benefit from its inclusive service plan.


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