Secrets From Emerald Jewelers

These are just about the only gemstones that have a color named after them. Everyone is familiar with the term “emerald green,” and it is easy to see why. Unlike most other gems, the emerald only comes in green.

That being said, an emerald oozes beauty no matter what metal it is set in. Any shade of gold and even platinum and silver makes emerald jewelry shine. Because it is one of the four precious stones in the world of jewelry, it is well suited to use in fine jewelry.

18K white gold emerald solitaire pendant by Blue Nile

Emerald Jewelry

While natural emeralds are available in more sizes now than a few years before, finding a large natural emerald is rare. For this reason, inclusions are tolerated more in an emerald than any other gemstone on the market. The emerald is the birthstone for May and measures at 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes the emerald quite soft compared to other precious stones, but this just adds to the allure of emerald jewelry.

The emerald is part of the Beryl family, and although it has a high price point, it is more affordable than sapphires and diamonds of the same carat weight. Even though an emerald is technically quite soft as far as gemstones go, it is still suitable to be worn every day and is a great addition to anyone’s quality jewelry collections.

The price of emerald jewelry largely depends on the color. A deep bluish-green to darker green color with strong saturation is most sought after. While emerald jewelry can be worn daily, earrings might be a better option than rings. This is simply because rings are more often in contact with things that can cause damage, whereas earrings are relatively well protected.

Gold tends to bring out the brilliant green color of this gemstone, but any shade of metal can work great. You will love the contrast of the warm gold tone and the earthy emerald green for your quality jewelry pieces. Green is a sign of nature, the perfect canvas for flowers and woods.

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