What are Deer Antler Rings?

Every year, a variety of deer species naturally shed antlers that are usually used for taxidermy purposes or simply left in the woods. Recently, more than one company has come up with the idea of taking these antlers, combining them with other materials, and crafting them into beautiful and unique jewelry pieces.

Antler rings combine unique materials like Black zirconium, titanium, and Damascus steel to create these little round beauties. There is usually either an antler sleeve inside the ring, or an antler inlay on the outside of the ring. All in all, these rings are durable, natural, and uniquely beautiful.

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Where Do Antler Rings Come From?

Antler jewelry is sourced from naturally shed antlers that are easily found all over the US. For this reason, manufacturers are never able to make guarantees related to its color. But they can promise a beautiful ring of jewelry quality craftsmanship and detail. Such a unique piece is sure to draw some attention on your special day. The color of your antler jewelry is irrelevant to its quality, but you can expect colors that range from a bright pattern to a tan or gray muted tone.

Can You Resize Deer Antler Wedding Bands?

Due to the nature of this unique material, it is often not possible to resize antler rings. If you are concerned about the size, check shop policies or speak to the seller before making a purchase.

Finding Deer Antler Wedding Bands For Him

This piece of jewelry can be a truly meaningful gift for the person you love. The unique style of these pieces is timeless. Deer antler wedding bands are perfect for someone who loves the outdoors or a person who enjoys hunting. They are especially popular in places like Texas. Jewelry made from these unique materials tends to be durable and breathtaking in its simplistic beauty.

Many Rings to Choose From

If your future husband or wife enjoys hunting, then they will absolutely love a deer antler ring. It is an elegant and beautiful choice for a wedding band and can make for some amazing pictures! And since there is no need to hunt in order to acquire deer antlers, these rings, earrings, or other jewelry pieces are also suited to nature lovers who do not enjoy hunting. The industry is quite sustainable too, as shedding happens often and there are many species that also have an antlered doe (female deer). At this point in time, many of these jewelry pieces are made by a small business, with sales being limited to a specific region. But as its popularity rises, you might see some of the bigger name brands starting to make antler jewelry as well.

These amazing rings are usually quite popular among men, but there are quite a few women who purchase deer antler rings for themselves as well. Seeing such materials featured in jewelry is a sign of changing and evolving times. Some couples even opt for matching deer antler rings in similar styles.

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Things to consider when choosing your antler ring

Deer antler rings are made from naturally and ethically sourced materials. They are also really unique materials. An antler wedding ring is made from high-quality metals so that the antler material can be well protected. All of these components are non-toxic. Both titanium and tungsten are strong metals that will protect your antler ring. They can be set with unique gems as well if you prefer. Due to how robust most of the materials are, antler rings also tend to last longer than some standard wedding ring options on the market. If you like the natural look, antler rings can also be crafted with exotic woods or inlaid with rare stones along with other materials.

Antler rings are also some of the most affordable rings you can shop for. High-quality antler wedding rings are usually no more than $250, which is quite reasonable for something so durable. You’ll never regret your checkout decision with a deer antler ring.

Furthermore, deer antler rings are highly water and weather resistant. They also do not scratch easily, so they are suitable for customers with manual jobs and hobbies who want to wear their rings daily. You can wear your ring in the bath or shower, and even in the ocean or a swimming pool. This is not always the case with wedding bands made from other materials, especially precious metals like gold. If you’re looking for a lightweight ring, keep the metal that you want to use in mind as some metals are heavier than others.

When it comes to choosing a wedding band, it is important to find something that agrees with your personality and lifestyle. The ring also needs to be made from material that will last a lifetime, while still being durable enough for daily wear. Your wedding ring is symbolic of your love and union with your partner, and it is important that your choice reflects this. Wedding rings overall are a dime a dozen, and although there is nothing wrong with traditional varieties, if you are looking for something special and exciting, there are many different styles of antler wedding rings to choose from!

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