Jewelry Classics

It can be said that a woman’s jewelry collection is a representation of life’s greatest moments.

Whether you want to express affection, congratulate a loved one, or show gratitude, a beautiful ring or necklace will do the trick. These glamorous pieces come in an array of carat weights and precious metals, including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. 

From fun-loving statement pieces to items that exude timeless elegance, it’s easy to find iconic jewelry pieces that will be treasured for decades to come.

What is Fine Jewelry?

Jewelry refers to items used for personal adornments like rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, or even cufflinks. Jewelry can be attached to clothing or the body.

“Fine jewelry” means jewelry made of precious metals like gold, platinum, or silver decorated with gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. Fine jewelry is durable, made with the intent to last beyond a lifetime, to be passed on to the next generation. Even if a piece breaks, it can be easily fixed, increasing in value over time. Fine jewelry is often bought for special events (like weddings or big celebrations) and investment purposes.

Some of the names associated with fine jewelry are the Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra necklace collection, the Cartier love bracelet, and various other brands that make diamond earrings or hoop earrings, and other luxurious pieces.

Jewelry and People

Since time immemorial, jewelry and gemstones have adorned people the world over. The earliest date recorded is more than 25,000 decades ago, when a necklace made of fish bones was discovered in a cave in Monaco.

Pendants and rings were used as seals and symbols of identification, rank, and authority, while pins and brooches began as clasps to hold clothing in place. Indeed, jewelry’s roots are both decorative and practical. In ancient times, feathers, bones, shells, and colored pebbles were used. Unbeknownst to man at the time, many of those “pebbles” later turned out to be gemstones. They were admired for their beauty and durability, and we still use them as adornments to this day. 

The value of diamonds was also not known and appreciated until the art of diamond cutting was invented to enhance their brilliance. This started in Europe in the 1300s. At the time, most jewelry acted as functional items. Today, jewelry is bought, collected, and secured for protection, luck, identification, rank, authority, utilitarian purposes, and for wearing as a “personal statement”.

The four-leaf clover-inspired design of the Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra collection, for instance, has established itself as the classic symbol of luck. One of its most famous diamond pieces is the Alhambra necklace.

What Jewelry Means to a Woman

For women all over the world, jewelry is an opulent expression of personality and style. Conveying messages of confidence and class, jewelry reaffirms the power of femininity. The options are endless, be it bangles, gold, pearls, or diamonds; in whatever form, they are always inspired investment pieces.

Gold necklaces, for example, are thought to bring good fortune and protect against bad luck. Hearts on a chain necklace symbolize universal love. Pearl rings and pendants connote wisdom and serenity, while 1-carat diamond studs are a simple statement of power.

There are also some women who prefer to collect their jewelry rather than wear it, appreciating each solely as a wise investment piece. 

Generally, a woman’s most important jewelry pieces are their engagement and wedding rings.

Famous Jewelry Pieces Through Time

All over the world, there have been people whose names are inextricably linked to a legacy of style and fashion. This is because they have intentionally associated themselves with brands, clothing, scents, hairstyles, and jewelry through the centuries.

The late Princess Grace was identified with Cartier, Wallis Simpson with Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels, and Elizabeth Taylor has had a long relationship with Bulgari since 1962.

These personalities have even worked to create some of the most classic pieces. For example, tennis bracelets were popularized by tennis champion Chris Evert, who famously sported a diamond bracelet.

How to Choose Jewelry for a Woman

If you’re looking for a classic piece for a special lady in your life, the secret is to buy her what she loves. 

How can you tell what a woman loves? 

Shop or browse for the jewelry together, look in her jewelry box, listen, and finally, get something of sentimental value to her or both of you. 

If you want to surprise her, speak to a close family member or friend.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry

What are some classic brands of fine jewelry?

The following are brands known to our grandmothers and mothers; they have bequeathed us their pieces with these brands, so much so that they have become heirlooms. They are called classic because they add instant polish to any outfit and never go out of style.
1. Tiffany & Co. – The life of this brand is underscored by its Tiffany bracelet -a timeless favorite. It was immortalized by the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which starred another movie and fashion style icon, Audrey Hepburn.
2. Cartier – the Cartier Love bracelet is timeless. So is its necklace.
3. Mikimoto – the name for cultured pearls, being the first to create these gemstones. A strand of Mikimoto pearls is another classic present.
4. Gucci – not only does this company make classic bags and shoes, but it is also known for its accessories, with the tiny star motif in its bangles, earrings, and pendants being the most popular through the years.
5. Bulgari -pretty and exotic timeless pieces.
6. Harry Winston – famed through time for some of the world’s most famous diamonds.
7. Hermes – another classic name, usually associated with the Birkin bag or its scarf, their designs are also created in fantastic jewelry pieces.
8. Chopard – with its signature “Happy Diamonds” line in bracelets, earrings, and rings.
9. Chanel – timeless chic. Clothes, bags, perfume, and jewelry worn by A-listers the world over.
10. Van Cleef & Arpels – another icon for timeless top-of-the-line diamond pieces.

What is the difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry?

Fine jewelry is made of precious metals, everything from gold and silver to platinum, with or without precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies, sapphire, and emeralds. Fine jewelry makers are required by law to have standard stamps to show which precious metal is used.

Fashion jewelry includes pieces with a lower price point and is also known as costume, imitation, or fake jewelry. Made from common base metals and simulated stones like plastic or paper-like materials, it’s easy to see why this kind of item would be cheaper than precious metal items that have higher manufacturing costs.

What are some popular fashion jewelry brands?

Coco Chanel (iconified for brooches, gold-plated and faux pearl pieces), Elsa Schiaparelli (surrealist and shocking pink collections), Hatti Carnegie (gold mesh, florals, animals, Swarovski crystals), Christian Dior (Aurora borealis colored Swarovski crystals), Jonas Eisenberg (enamel and rhinestone pieces), and Hobe (tasseled, beaded, floral) are among the classic fashion jewelry brands.

Is gold-plated jewelry considered fine jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry is one step below fine jewelry. However, it can be of high quality and is typically much more affordable, so it’s the perfect option for those on the hunt to find something they like without spending an arm or leg!

Can you wear fine jewelry every day?

There’s a jewelry piece for every occasion; it can be as formal or informal as you want to make it. Fine jewelry will work with any of your wardrobe choices – from jeans and a white t-shirt to a little black dress. There is no one set rule when it comes to wearing jewelry, and you can wear as much or as little of a piece that works for your style. The critical thing with any accessory like this is to be aware of what feels good on YOU – not someone else. One golden hint? Keep things subtle, so they’re less overpowering than other elements in an outfit (such as an elegant blouse worn over jeans).

Do women prefer earrings or rings?

A study found that 57% of ladies would like to receive a pair of earrings as a gift, ahead of necklaces (42%), bracelets, and fashion rings.

What is the most famous necklace?

The Incomparable Diamond Necklace (L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace), priced at $55 million, is the most famous necklace. It is owned by Mouawad, a Swiss and Emirati company. Its centerpiece is the largest flawless yellow diamond, which is about the size of an egg.

Do women prefer jewelry as gifts?

A survey found that women would rather receive jewelry as a gift (58%), ahead of tickets to the theatre (30%), perfume (23%), or a meal out (15%). 57% said they want a pair of earrings, and only 42% prefer necklaces, bracelets (30%), or fashion rings (26%)

What is the ideal age to gift a daughter/niece/god-daughter with jewelry?

Here are some points to weigh before you buy and gift her with jewelry: 
a) is she old enough to wear and keep it safely? 
b) is she old enough to appreciate that the special piece is meant for special occasions or sentimental reasons? 
c) if she appreciates ‘real’ jewelry or wants glittery baubles that sparkle. For really young girls who enjoy playing ‘dress-up,’ there are plastic bracelets and necklace beads, and toy jewelry sold in toy stores. These beads are colorful and glittery enough to please them without making a dent in your wallet. There is no set age for older girls and teenagers by which those points will be responded to. Trust your discretion when you make your decision.

Do millennials buy jewelry?

An independent study has come up with these findings on millennials in 2020: 
1) Millennials want quality, unique design, and a brand name. 
2) Millennials want diamonds most of all. 
3) Millennials want to finance their jewelry purchases. In fact, according to De Beers (the diamond company-mining, diamond trading & retail, etc.), forty-five percent of all diamond purchases in major markets across the globe are attributed to millennials, and they drive 59% of the diamond demand in the United States.

What is the most iconic gemstone?

The most iconic gemstone is the Hope Diamond. It is even ranked first among the world’s most expensive gems, estimated to be between 150-250 Million GBP (or 344 Million USD). Having passed through the hands of Indian, French, and English royalty and socialites, rumors about this stone abound, making it more mysterious and increasing its value even more. Not to mention the fact that the gem glows red when exposed to UV light.

How do you pick timeless jewelry?

Here are some ways to pick timeless jewelry pieces:
1. Decide on your signature style. That is, a look that symbolizes the ‘you’ people remember and know.
Is it feminine, casual, sporty, or formal? Your signature style will also define your clothes, accessories, and, of course, jewelry. People change over time, but these changes will not necessarily affect your personal style.
1. Think vintage and antique – Vintage shops, pre-owned jewelry exhibits, and sales provide a wellspring of ideas on the pieces that are truly timeless. Even if you prefer brand-new bling, timeless pieces will always draw attention in unique and tasteful ways.
2. Watch for trends. Trendy pieces can be enjoyable, but you must learn to differentiate between trendy and timeless. Some trends turn into timeless pieces like the Tiffany silver bracelet from Audrey Hepburn’s movie. Watching trends gives you the chance to see which styles to avoid, those that won’t be attractive after some time. Watch out for pieces that could be long-term investments.

What is the most famous necklace?

The Hope Diamond is, by far, the most famous (and expensive) necklace. Its classic style is so iconic that it served as inspiration for the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ chain in the movie Titanic.

Does Yurman hold value?

David Yurman launched his trademark cable bracelet – a twisted helix decked with gemstones in 1982. From then on, the name became a top-quality jewelry brand overshadowing competitors and keeping its pieces reasonably priced. As a result, a Yurman has become a classic piece of jewelry, holding great value!

What are good men’s ring brands?

These are the top ring brands for men and their signature works:
– Kay Jewelers Black Silicone Men’s Wedding Band
– Legacy for Men by Simone I. Smith Textured Ring
– David Yurman Petrvs Horse Signet Ring
– Foundrae Earth Wide Band
– Eva Fehren The Hero Signet Ring
– Reinstein Ross Half Round Band
– Tracee Nichols Oxidized Sterling Silver Roman Signet Ring
– Title of Work Mixed Metal Ring 053
– Oura Heritage Smart Ring
– Alexander McQueen Skull Stack Ring
– Martine Ali Anchor Silver Chain Ring

What is the best type of ring for a man?

The popular rings for men are signet rings, wedding rings, and thumb and pinky rings. The best metals for men’s rings are Gold, White gold, Platinum, Titanium, Sterling Silver, Tungsten, and Zamak. Good alternatives are Silicone, Wood, Ceramic, and Tungsten if you have sensitive skin.

Are men’s rings fashionable?

Men’s rings have been used for centuries and are still popular in style up until the present. They have been accessories for any outfit. Besides being fashionable, they are also worn as statement pieces.

What are rings for men called?

Band rings, Promise rings, Eternity Rings, Engagement Rings, and Wedding bands are the common ring types for men. In addition, there are other fashion and statement rings, like the Pinky Ring, Initial Ring, and Minimalist and Customized rings.


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