What Is a Picture Necklace?

Everyone, no matter their gender, is fond of jewelry these days. Necklaces are an especially popular fashion choice among both women and men. This is not surprising, given that there are so many different styles of necklace available. Necklaces are also an extremely versatile accessory that can add a touch of glamor to any outfit.

Recently, a new type of necklace has arrived on the scene. Taking inspiration from the locket necklaces of the past, the photo necklace is now all the rage. These necklaces feature a clear glass pendant with a photo embedded inside.

If you’re here wondering what all the fuss is about, not to worry. This article will give you the full run down on this new type of custom necklace that makes for a special gift, either for yourself or for a loved one.

Where Do Picture Necklaces Come From?

The picture necklace is nothing new. It originated from the locket necklace. A locket is a type of pendant comprised of a small ornamental case, traditionally made of gold or silver, that hangs from a necklace. The locket could usually open to reveal a space inside for storing a small memento, such as a picture or a lock of hair.

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Nowadays, picture necklaces have evolved to the point where they even use modern technology! This may sound a little strange, but allow us to explain below.

Projection Necklaces: The New ‘In’ Thing

A projection necklace is simply a photo pendant (a glass pendant with a picture inside it) that uses the modern technology of your mobile phone’s camera or flashlight to reveal and enlarge the image.

The photo can be of anything – your loved ones, friends, spouse, or even a beloved pet. This makes it an amazing personalized gift to give your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or parents and is a great way to keep special memories alive.

How Do You See The Photo Inside a Projection Necklace?

There are a couple of ways you can view the image inside a projection picture necklace. The first involves using a phone camera. Aim the camera so that the lens is facing the front of your projection necklace. You may need to play around a little to find the perfect angle, but once you get it you’ll be able to see an enlarged version of the image on your phone screen.

Another method involves using a flashlight (any flashlight will do) and a smooth surface like a wall. Stand facing the wall and aim the flashlight so the light shines through the photo pendant. The image will be projected onto the wall and – hey presto! – your photo will appear in front of you.

If you are unable to get the right angle using either of the above methods, don’t fret. There is an even easier way to view your photo. Just close one eye and look at the picture inside the pendant with the other. Voila!

Reasons To Buy A Photo Necklace

  • Picture necklaces make beautiful personalized gifts. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or some other milestone, a photo necklace is a wonderful way to honor the occasion and show your affection for your loved one.
  • Picture necklaces can be used as keepsakes. If you like to capture memories in the form of pictures or want a small reminder of your loved one to carry with you wherever you go, a picture necklace is a great option.
  • Picture necklaces can be passed down as heirlooms. As long as it has been made from great, quality materials, your photo pendant should last you for the rest of your life and many years thereafter. As such, it can make a great gift to pass down to your grandchildren.
  • Picture necklaces are unique. You can customize your photo pendant to reflect your unique style and personality. Or you can customize it to suit the tastes of the person you’re buying it for.

Closing Thoughts

Photo necklaces feature an image of your choice embedded inside a glass pendant. Although today’s projection picture necklaces have evolved quite a bit from their predecessor, the locket, they still share the same function. They are a unique, personalized way of keeping your memories and loved ones close to your heart.

A custom picture necklace also makes for an amazing gift, whether you are buying it for yourself, a friend, or a loved one.


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