The Name Ring

Name rings have not been around for that long yet, but they are exceedingly popular. The options at your disposal for a personalized name ring are endless.

Origin of Name Rings

The first name rings were designed by Janine Binneman. She wanted people to be able to personalize their stories through jewelry. Her name rings were part of the Stacking Ring collection which allowed wearers to build a personal stack of rings that tell their very own story.

While name rings are readily available at many different outlets, the original and authentic designs are only available from Janine Binneman Jewelry.

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What are Name Rings?

Name rings are exactly what it says on the box. They are rings that have a name cut into the band. Some might have a name embossed on the inside, or an inscription along the band on the outside, but Name Rings specifically have the name cut from the band itself. It is much more eye-catching this way.

And because variety is the spice of life, there are no shortage of options in the name ring market.

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Design Varieties

Sterling silver Name Ring

The most readily available metal is sterling silver. A sterling silver name ring is more affordable than gold varieties, but no less special. Remember, however, that sterling silver is a relatively soft metal and might tarnish if not properly cared for. It can also sustain damage under pressure, or scratches during sports or manual labor.

Yellow Gold

A step up from sterling silver is yellow gold. It is a bit more expensive and catches the eye in a different way. It also tends to be quite popular, especially when someone is investing in a personalized name ring.

Gold jewelry comes in different karats, from 10k to 24k. The purer the gold the brighter it shines, but also the softer it becomes. We therefore advise weighing your options carefully. For example, if you are a very active person and want to wear your name ring as much as possible, a 14k ring would be a better choice than a 24k ring.

White Gold

If you like the color of silver, but would like something more expensive or exclusive, then white gold is a great option. The same rules as yellow gold apply, but the color is quite different.

Rose Gold

The last gold color variety is the pinkish rose gold. This is an especially feminine option and is quite popular for personalized rings. The general rules for gold apply to rose gold as much as the other types, but the color of this variety is truly something special.


The most expensive and exclusive precious metal you can invest in is platinum. The silver color is quite striking, but there is a significant monetary difference between sterling silver and platinum at the end of the day. Platinum is also better suited to daily wear than sterling silver as it is much harder and more scratch resistant.

Alternative Metals

A name ring does not have to be made of a precious metal. Alternative options include tungsten, titanium, and stainless steel. These are a great alternative for someone who has a very active lifestyle and wants to wear their rings without having to worry about damage or breakage.


Typically, name rings did not have any stones. But if you want to elevate your ring then a pavé of stones, or simply an accent stone here and there, is a great way to personalize your ring even more.

If you want to go fancy you can opt for a diamond pavé. But do not feel like the diamond is your only option. There is no limit to the color or variety of stones you can choose from when personalizing your ring.

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Engraved Ring vs Name Ring

If you are unfamiliar with a name ring, you might be confused as to the difference between it and a simple engraved ring. An engraved ring is a solid band with a word, name, or phrase engraved into the band. This is quite different from a name ring, as these are not simple solid bands at all. The name is laser cut or otherwise physically carved into the band, so the band is not straight-cut. It is as if the material of the band itself has been used as ink to quite literally write your name in gold.

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Important Details to Consider

While engraved rings are almost always customized, the engraving is often hidden inside of the band. The same is not true for a name ring. The name on the ring is an always visible and obvious element to its design.

You will often find an existing stock of rings with common names, but you are not obliged to purchase one of these standard rings at all. Most places that sell these will have the option for a custom ring as well.

Customized rings can have unique script and other special qualities that you can discuss with the jeweler in advance. Various style elements are also available to you depending on where you are commissioning your piece from. And as a bonus, in the modern world, you can order a custom piece from anywhere across the globe, as long as shipping is available to your location.

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Why Get a Personalized Name Ring?

A name ring can be the sweetest reminder of how you feel about someone. Whether you are wearing their name, or they are wearing yours, the sentiment is clear. Any name that you want to hold dear can be scrawled on your finger, regardless of your ring size. And let’s face it, something like that goes with any outfit.

There are many quality options available, and the price can vary dramatically depending on your style specifications. Typically, you can expect to pay more for gold than sterling silver, and obviously, a diamond pavé will add to the overall price. Regardless, when considering personalized categories of jewelry, a name ring tends to stand out.

You have the option to go bold, or keep it understated and simple. Furthermore, there is no rule saying you must put a name on your ring. You can choose an entirely personalized option like a heart, date, or short message that is important to you.

Tips for Choosing a Script

If you are having trouble deciding exactly what you want your personalized ring to say, then think about what is closest to your heart and how much of that you want the world to see. With a custom ring your options are endless, but unlike a traditional inscription, this version is much more visible to anyone looking.

When deciding on a custom piece, keep in mind that there are things that impact the cost of custom jewelry more than standard options. The length of the inscription often has an impact as the amount of gold or silver needed will differ. You will also naturally pay more if you choose a gemstone or diamond pavé for your special piece.


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