The Deeper Meaning Behind Silver Items as Gifts

Silver gifts are a good present for the sensitive and gentle. Some people believe that silver gifts represent imagination, intuition, the feminine energy of the moon, and wisdom. This is not the only meaning associated with silver though. We will discuss this in more detail below.

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Silver items represent focus, clarity, and purity. It gifts the wearer with subtle strength. It can also purify the spirit and soothe stressed souls. Additionally, when we look at history, there are a number of meanings connected to silver jewelry. Some of these include responsibility, self-control, dignity, justice, and compassion. People who wear silver are often seen to be optimistic and open-minded.

Due to its association with the moon, the power of silver articles will ebb and flow along with the cycle of the moon. This only adds to the persistent aura of mystery that surrounds silver.

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What Does Silver Jewelry Mean?

Silver is a popular option for modern jewelry. It is more affordable than platinum and white gold, but offers the same kind of luster, mood, and intricate craftsmanship. Silver items are often associated with femininity and can be extremely beautiful. Silver has become a symbol of eternal love and makes for an impressive gift.

As we have already illustrated, there are quite a few different meanings associated with silver. It has a strong association with vibrance, life, and wealth. Not to mention the association with beauty and youth. Silver cleanses and revitalizes. It is also considered auspicious as a present.

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Silver can also be a highly spiritual gift. It can be used in ritual, especially for Catholic prayers. There is a range of religious meanings associated with silver, including purity and devotion. Silver is also associated with celebrations like weddings. It shows that a person will grow into their new role.

What helps add to the symbolism of silver is the fact that it has proven antiseptic properties. This suggests that silver protects the health of the wearer. Pure silver is sometimes used in bandages and medical ointments to fight infection.

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It is believed that silver gives us a glimpse into our own souls. We are able to experience our inner selves accurately – how others see us. This also helps us to see where we need to improve ourselves. Silver is also a calming and soothing color that can help restore your body’s homeostasis.

In Greek mythology, silver is associated with the goddess Artemis who brings light to give us strength through fear. She is also a goddess known to protect the vulnerable. She is skillful, intuitive, and courageous.

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Common Qualities of Someone Who Loves Silver

  • People who love silver are introspective.
  • They want to find spiritual fulfillment.
  • They seek meaning in life.
  • Someone who loves silver will not let their heart rule their head, even in matters of romance.
  • They are gracious, kind, gentle, and mild.
  • People who love silver are open to new experiences and want an auspicious life.
  • They sometimes find decision-making difficult, which can be a problem in business.
  • Someone who loves silver is often an expressive writer.
  • They are also highly imaginative and creative.
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Contemporary Meanings for Silver in Celebrations and Everyday Life

Many people associate jewelry with auspicious gifting and are honored to receive any piece. Gifting jewelry is often an act of love, and is saved for a special occasion. There are specific jewelry items that are considered better suited to a specific occasion. For example, an engagement requires a ring. The birth of a baby also often involves receiving a ring as a present.

A beautiful bracelet as a gift is often associated with an occasion like a birthday or graduation. Something that is given for an anniversary might be a necklace or pendant. But regardless of what shape or form the present takes, silver is always an auspicious option that demonstrates wealth and beauty.

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Silver Bracelets

Silver is not the only part of a unique jewelry piece that can carry an important meaning. The stone that is set in the silver is just as important. Something like aquamarine is not only beautiful but can also increase your energy levels and help bring balance to your life. Green stones like peridot or emerald indicate personal growth. Purple stones like amethyst help improve your art by stimulating creativity. It can also help with brain fog and can calm a stressful lifestyle. Pink stones, like tourmaline, help you find self-love. Blue stones like sapphires stimulate loyalty, trust, and confidence.

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Silver charm bracelets are exceedingly popular, and for good reason. It is a product that has stood the test of time and can be found in any place you may travel to. People love to collect beautiful silver charms throughout the world. Places like India, London, Australia, etc., will all have silver charms for sale that you can add to your collection. Each charm will also be symbolic. Horseshoes are for luck; anchors are for loyalty; circles balance karma, etc.

One of the more creative options for silver jewelry is the friendship bracelet. There are many different kinds to choose from. Silver articles are also popular because of their more affordable price. Gifting someone a friendship bracelet does not need to carry a huge price tag when silver is involved. These silver gift items are particularly popular for an occasion like a birthday or a school leaving gift.

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Silver Faith-Based Jewelry

There is a large collection of religions that celebrate many different special occasions. It is not uncommon for gifting to occur on these occasions. Silver religious jewelry is popular because of how pure silver is believed to be. An occasion like a baptism might be celebrated with a piece of silver jewelry. The options are endless, and some might require custom pieces. But gifting for the purpose of a religious occasion is common, and some people would consider it a highly auspicious occasion. This is true for many religions, and the image of a god or goddess, saint, or angel, can also be incorporated into your order. Jewish people often choose to wear silver jewelry featuring a Star of David, whereas Christians may prefer a silver cross. There is something for everyone. Pooja items are most often associated with gold, but silver is not unheard of. A particularly auspicious option among pooja items is a silver figure of Lord Ganesha.

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Silver Jewelry for Milestones

Life is full of milestones and auspicious occasions. Why not celebrate each occasion with some silver? Every time we reach a new place in life it makes sense to celebrate what we have achieved so far, and why not do this with a beautiful silver gift?

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Silver Jewelry for Relationships

Here we are not only referring to romantic relationships. Celebrating a relationship with silver art or jewelry is elegant and will bring a sense of loyalty.

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Some relationships lead to marriage. A silver engagement ring is not uncommon and a range of these is available online. Custom promise rings are also usually made of silver. This is a great product for parents to give to teenage daughters or for young people in a relationship who are not yet ready for an engagement. It is a sort of way to promise commitment without having to get engaged yet. The birth of a baby is also an occasion that is celebrated with a silver set.

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Are Pure Silver Gift Items Good?

Pure silver gifts are not the best option as pure silver is extremely brittle and soft. It is, therefore, not suited to jewelry. Silver plate is a better option, but if not properly coated then the silver plate might degrade. So if you do plan to purchase silver plate, it is best to ensure that it was done by an expert.

Alternatively, sterling silver is suited to jewelry and makes for spectacular silver gift items. There is a wide array of silver gift items online that can be purchased from quite a few outlets.

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Closing View on Silver Jewelry

No matter the occasion, silver jewelry can make a great gift. With an affordable price and auspicious reputation, silver is nothing to be frowned upon. Its popularity also continues to rise. You can find any gemstone set in silver and can purchase custom items online. Although pure silver is not suited to jewelry, sterling silver is strong enough for home and jewelry items. Purchase a set of earrings or a necklace for your special someone on an auspicious occasion. Or buy Pooja items like a statue of Lord Ganesh for your religious friends.

Travel to India to buy another charm for your bracelet. Or bring home a beautiful auspicious return gift for your mother to show your love. Silver is a highly symbolic gift and there are endless opportunities to incorporate it into your gift-giving practices.

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