Diamond Cuban Link Bracelet

A diamond Cuban link bracelet can be an absolutely stunning addition to your wardrobe. Gold bracelets have been around since Ancient Rome was at its height. And people have been wearing gold jewelry as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. It was originally worn to ward off evil and to display strength and power. As such, gold has always been viewed as a valuable commodity.

Nowadays, there is no end to the styles that bracelets come in, but in this article we will be discussing diamond Cuban link bracelets. In recent years, Cuban links have become extremely popular, especially among men. The Cuban link style is quite new, and no one is sure about its origins. That being said, not everyone knows exactly what a Cuban link bracelet is. Although, most of you have probably seen one without knowing its exact name.

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What is a Diamond Cuban Link Bracelet?

It is not always easy to immediately spot the difference between a Cuban link chain and most other types of chains. However, the difference is quite significant. A Cuban link bracelet has unique features that make it stand out. For starters, it has oval-shaped links that fit together snugly, making a close rope pattern. This creates a larger surface area that’s ideal for displaying polished gold or diamond inlays.

This is why diamond Cuban bracelets are so popular. There is no other chain pattern that displays a diamond pavé better than the Cuban link.

In some cases, you might see a Cuban link bracelet referred to as a ‘Miami bracelet’, but there is no difference between these two besides the moniker. A diamond Cuban link bracelet can be a showstopping addition to your collection – no matter what you choose to call it.

Where Does The Cuban Link Bracelet Come From?

No one knows for certain where the Cuban link bracelet originated. But the general consensus is that the design first appeared during the 1970s. There were many influential rappers at the time who could have claimed ownership of the trend, but there is no reliable way to know who made the diamond Cuban link bracelet famous, or who originally designed it. Today, however, you can expect to find a diamond Cuban link bracelet in every showroom across the United States, especially in big cities like NYC and Miami.

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Why Is The Diamond Cuban Link Bracelet Becoming More Popular?

Put simply, the diamond Cuban link bracelet displays gold and diamonds better than any other bracelet. They are quite chunky and the large surface area makes a diamond pave much more visible, especially on a yellow gold bracelet. However, you can choose your metal according to your budget as all metal options are popular. White gold, yellow gold, and rose gold are available, along with two-tone or trinity patterns. Platinum is another viable option, especially if you are opting for a full diamond Cuban link bracelet as it will enhance the brilliance of the stones.

The bracelet length will also influence the price of your diamond Cuban link bracelet, as well as elements like diamond clarity and cut. But we will discuss costs a little later in more detail.

The diamond Cuban link bracelet has a strong cultural reference. Rap and R&B artists often wear a diamond Cuban link chain as it has been a staple in the rap culture collection since the 1970s. That being said, let’s take a closer look at the varieties of diamond Cuban link bracelet available to you.

Types of Diamond Cuban Bracelets

When it comes to diamond Cuban bracelets, there are quite a number of elements to customize. You can choose between a variety of styles, metals, stones, and combination designs for a Cuban bracelet. We will briefly discuss some options here:

  • Various shades of gold in different karats:
    • Yellow gold
    • Rose gold
    • White gold
    • 10k to 24k
  • Gold-plated Cuban link bracelet
  • Gold-filled Cuban bracelet
  • Sterling Silver
  • Platinum
  • With gemstones like diamonds, or without

Bear in mind that the type of metal and gemstones you choose will have significant impact on the final price, along with the bracelet length. For example, diamond Cuban bracelets will be considerably more expensive than simple gold Cuban link bracelets. A longer length will also be more expensive as more metal and diamonds would be needed to complete the piece.

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Choosing Your Style

Cuban link bracelets are easy to style. It can be combined with other pieces, or worn as a single statement piece. It can be dressed up or dressed down. It is great for day events or evening plans. The depth and sparkle of Cuban link bracelets bring something special to any outfit.

The overall bracelet length will be determined by the width of your wrist and how loose you want your Cuban bracelet to fit. Remember that the bracelet length will also have a significant impact on the cost of the product.

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Closing Thoughts

A diamond Cuban bracelet can be a showstopping addition to your jewelry collection. You have the option to check the stock in-store or look for an online offer. This kind of item is readily available at most reputable jewelers.

Furthermore, a white gold diamond Cuban bracelet makes a memorable statement when worn with a black suit, but the same product can also be dressed down. If you choose a diamond Cuban bracelet with a full pave we suggest that you ensure your diamonds have the required GIA certificates that confirm the diamond clarity, cut, status, etc.


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