A Guide To Choosing a Black Diamond Ring

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Black diamonds are known for their bold and unique appearance, which makes them stand out from traditional diamonds. Many people choose a black diamond engagement ring as it makes for a great statement piece to break with tradition.

A black diamond engagement ring is an excellent addition to any jewelry collection. They are mysterious and chic and ideal for those looking to showcase their unique fashion sense or celebrate the love they have for their partner in a fun way.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about these stunning, alternative stones.

What Is A Black Diamond?

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Black diamonds get their color from the many inclusions in the stone, making them appear black. While their body color may appear black when viewing them with the naked eye, black diamonds typically have a true body color of brown, olive green, or nearly colorless.

A black diamond also has a different crystal structure than that of a colorless stone. Instead of solid crystals, a black diamond consists of many crystals stuck together randomly. The inclusions are made up of things like hematite, pyrite, or graphite.

Colorless diamonds are traditionally valued based on their clarity and lack of inclusions, but this is not the case with black diamonds. Black diamonds are valued depending on the amount of inclusions they have.

They also typically cost less than colorless diamonds, which means that shoppers can get a black diamond with a higher carat weight for the same price as a smaller white diamond.

Popular Settings for Black Diamond Engagement Rings

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With their dark color and high luster giving them an almost metallic finish, black diamonds look great in a variety of cuts, styles, and settings.

They are often set in rose gold or sterling silver and surrounded by a halo of white diamonds. Because they are black, gold is also a popular choice of precious metal. However, keep in mind that yellow gold and silver are some of the softest precious metals, so you may need to have your ring serviced more often in order to keep it sparkling.

As black diamonds are fragile, many people opt for a sturdier setting to protect the stone. This may consist of a setting made of platinum with bigger claws.

It is most common for black diamonds to be round cut. Other popular cuts include the step cut, brilliant cut, marquise cut, emerald cut, cushion cut, and pear cut, with the center stone often surrounded by a halo of other stones.

A black diamond ring with a pear cut is also often accompanied by one or two wedding bands that complement the shape of the engagement ring.

Choosing a Black Diamond Ring: Pros and Cons

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There are some things to consider before you choose a black diamond for your engagement or wedding rings.

The price per carat of a black diamond is much less than other colored diamonds or traditional white diamonds. However, a black diamond is also more fragile.

The inclusions that give black diamonds their color are tiny fractures in the stone. This makes them more susceptible to wear and damage. This is something to keep in mind when purchasing a black diamond engagement ring.

All diamonds score a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. However, a black diamond is considered more fragile and more prone to wear and tear if worn daily. These dark stones are also multi-faceted, which makes them difficult to cut and polish.

While they may not come in large carat weights, they do make for great accent stones.


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Alternatively, you could opt for a treated black diamond. These diamonds are initially grayer in color but are treated with pressure and high temperatures to give them their black color. In this way, they have the same look as a natural black diamond but are less fragile and less expensive.

A black diamond can also be lab-grown as opposed to being formed in nature. A lab-created black diamond has the same chemical and structural characteristics of a natural black diamond but is typically less expensive than its natural counterpart.

Another great alternative to a black diamond is a black sapphire. Much like their diamond counterparts, black sapphires are nearly opaque and tend to absorb light. They are an excellent option if you are on a tight budget. With a Mohs Hardness Scale rating of 9, they are also relatively durable.

Caring for Black Diamond Rings

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A black diamond does not need to be cleaned as often as other colored or colorless diamonds.

When cleaning, it is best to avoid harsh cleaning techniques and agents that may damage your ring or break the diamond. These include steam and ultrasonic cleaning.

Instead, use mild soap and some warm water. You can also use a toothbrush with soft bristles to gently scrub your ring.

It is also recommended to take off your black diamond ring while working with your hands or performing tasks like gardening, washing dishes, or moving furniture. This minimizes the risk of loss or damage to your ring.

Many jewelry makers also provide complimentary cleaning services for the first few years after purchasing a ring. If you notice movement in the stone or fear your diamond may pop out of the claws holding it in place, your ring may be ready for a service at a reputable jeweler.

Store your ring in something soft like a fabric-lined jewelry box or a velvet pouch.

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