Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Baby Earrings: A Guide

As a parent, there are many milestones to look forward to after welcoming a new baby into the world. One of these is choosing their first set of baby earrings. It’s a special event that calls for a unique jewelry piece. It also warrants careful consideration and planning.

In this guide, we offer some essential tips for choosing the perfect pair of infant earrings and taking care of the piercings afterward to ensure a safe, memorable experience for you and your little one.

Things To Consider When Choosing Baby Earrings

Getting your baby’s ears pierced is a momentous occasion that should be met with care and consideration. To ensure their comfort and safety, bear the following factors in mind:


Babies have sensitive ears, so it’s important to choose baby earrings made from materials that are hypoallergenic and free from toxins.


Gold is the perfect choice for baby earrings due to its hypoallergenic qualities. 14k gold and 18k gold earrings are your safest options, as these comprise enough gold to stop allergic reactions but also contain other metals for durability and strength.

925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is another excellent choice for sensitive ears, especially when plated with rhodium. Rhodium is a member of the platinum family that is known for improving durability and appearance. It also makes silver tarnish-resistant.

Medical-Grade Steel or Titanium

For babies and toddlers with hyper-sensitive skin, medical-grade steel or titanium are ideal. They’re durable, affordable, and hypoallergenic.


Simplicity is key when it comes to baby earrings. They should be small, comfortable, and easy to clean to stop infections. Anything that dangles is absolutely out of the question, as these earrings can get snagged on clothing or by little hands learning to grasp.

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the perfect style for babies and toddlers. They are petite and lie flush against the earlobe, reducing the possibility of getting snagged or pulled. Think small pearls, diamonds, or gold balls, although you can also find a wide range of other styles.

Comfortable Backs

Earrings featuring a screw-back mechanism are the most secure option for infants. They ensure that the earring won’t fall out and minimize the risk of your baby accidentally taking off or swallowing the earring.

Weight and Size

Baby earrings should be lightweight and small, so they don’t weigh down your little one’s earlobe or lead to discomfort.

How To Care For Your Baby’s Ears Before and After Piercing

Before piercing: Disinfect your baby’s earlobes with a gentle antiseptic to prevent any chance of infection.

After piercing: Gently cleanse the pierced area with a cotton ball soaked in a warm saline solution or an antiseptic approved by a pediatrician.

Post-piercing care: Keep the site of the piercing clean and sterile for at least six weeks. Do not remove or rotate the earrings during this period. This gives the piercing time to heal. After healing has occurred, gently rotate the earrings during cleaning to prevent skin from growing over the earrings.

Routine inspection: Check the earrings often to ensure they aren’t loose or causing discomfort. Immediately consult your pediatrician if you see any signs of infection, such as swelling, redness, or pus.

Closing Thoughts

Selecting your baby’s first pair of earrings is a significant event. Because babies’ ears are sensitive, it is essential to do your research and pick a material, design, and size that is safe and comfortable. By following the above guidelines and buying earrings from a reputable children’s jewelry brand, you can ensure the best outcome for this milestone.


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