Everything You Need To Know About The Cape Cod Bracelet

At first glance, the Cape Cod Bracelet is nothing special. A simple gold ball mounted on a rigid silver band with the release mechanism hidden in the ball. But what makes them special is the fit caused by their shape. The idea of the unique fit of this bracelet is for comfort alone. The way that it is designed means that it can slide up and down the wrist easily without making a twist over the wrist bone, which means that the gold ball stays on top.

As for the name, it is unclear why the jewelry piece is named after this destination at all.


In the 1960s, there was a shop called Eden Hand Arts in the town of Dennis that was owned by John Carey and his wife, Eve. It was here that these bracelets were first invented. They were initially called Dennis Bracelets.

After their humble beginning, the popularity of these pieces shot through the roof when Amy Jo Johnson wore one on Felicity, a drama series from the 1990s. Next, they were featured on The Bachelorette, a reality TV show that featured a local from Dennis as a candidate (Chris Lambton) who gave one to the Bachelorette of the season (Ali Fedotowsky).

To this day, Eden Hand Arts is the only place that officially produces these bracelets, and the popularity has significantly increased the demand for this jewelry. The increased demand has resulted in many imitations on the market. This simple and elegant style has also crossed over into new pieces like rings, watches, necklaces, and earrings. As long as the gold ball and silver band feature strongly, they are called Cape Cod.

Certain modifications have also started showing up on the jewelry scene. A copper band with a gold ball, a silver ball, or even two or three gold balls have cropped up. There have also been similar bracelets that have diamonds on the gold ball and ones where the simple band becomes a chain. With these new varieties cropping up everywhere in gift shops and jewelry stores, there are also varying price points and quality products going around.

Up until 2008, John Carey designed and fitted these bracelets personally. After his passing in 2012, the original outlet was inherited by his daughter and her husband. They are still producing Cape Cod jewelry by hand. Today, the place is so popular that customers can only visit by appointment.

Photography is not permitted in the store either as they take the problem of imitations very seriously. The genuine article now has a small gold tag embossed with the word Eden. The very first one was sold in 1968, but today the small store can barely keep up with the demand and sells thousands each year.

How To Buy An Authentic and Original Cape Cod Bracelet

With all of the imitations going around you might be concerned about being able to find an original piece of Cape Cod jewelry.

How To Tell If A Cape Cod Bracelet Is Authentic?

There are two telltale attributes of a true Eden Hand Arts Cape Cod Jewelry bracelet to look out for:

  • If there is no space for a tag, the word Eden is etched onto the piece somewhere.
  • If there is space for a tag then the little shape will be hanging from the bracelet. It is almost always shaped like a heart.

How Much Does Cape Cod Jewelry Cost?

When you opt for the most basic bracelet, the price depends on the material. A solid sterling silver bracelet is around $60. For a sterling silver bracelet with a gold ball, it is about $150. If white gold is used for the band and yellow gold for the ball, the price is around $180 – $200. Because only the white band with the yellow gold ball is considered authentic, other bracelets of this design are not original.

Do Cape Cod Bracelets Tarnish?

If you do not care for your Cape Cod Jewelry properly then it might tarnish. This is more likely to happen with sterling silver, but it is also possible with other precious metals. It is generally not easy to tarnish well-made jewelry when it is properly cared for though. Having your Cape Cod Jewelry professionally cleaned is a good idea.

Can You Get A Cape Cod Bracelet Wet?

Eden Hand Arts insists that their Cape Cod Jewelry bracelets are made to be worn. This strongly suggests that they do not need to be taken off. That being said, swimming in the ocean or exposure to chemicals during painting or something similar can have an impact on the longevity of your bracelet if it is not properly taken care of. Polish is important, as is professional or gentle cleaning.

How Should A Cape Cod Bracelet Fit?

When buying your Cape Cod Jewelry directly from Eden Hand Arts, you will find that you get the handmade personal touch. Your wrist is personally measured so that they can ensure your piece fits perfectly. Your perfect fit is guaranteed with 50 different sizes on offer. With this particular bracelet, it should not be able to rotate completely around, it should also be loose enough to slide up and down over your wrist bone without sticking.

How Many Different Styles of Cape Cod Screwball Bracelet Are There?

While the original will always be a white metal band with a yellow ball, there are a great many new styles that have originated in the last few years. Traditionally, the screwball on the bracelet connects the two ends of the simple band together. There is also the choice of a double-ball or single-ball bracelet with various color combinations. There have also been some variations in style, such as diamonds in the ball or a knot in the band. The bracelet band can also have a pattern design to wrap around your arm; the most popular is the simple spiral twist.

When exploring these variations we have to remind readers, again, that the only authentic Cape Cod bracelets are sold by the original store in New England, Massachusetts.

Tips For Visiting Eden Hand Arts

When seeking out this timeless beauty, most everyone who wants an original and authentic piece will go directly to Eden Hand Arts, which means that they are extremely busy for a small family-owned business. Needless to say, a smile will go a long way and help you to stand out in the world of faces they see every day.

Furthermore, there are strict rules to bear in mind for your visit. The amazing beauty and exquisite quality of their jewelry are legendary, so if you want to purchase one of these classic pieces, please respect these rules. Due to the popularity of the Cape Cod bracelet, you might not be able to get an appointment the first time around. However, you will likely get one the second time, so think carefully before investing in a bracelet that is not authentic.

It is essential to remember that you bring a checkbook or cash to your appointment. There is no ATM nearby, and the shop does not accept cards, only cash or checks. Set a reminder so that you do not forget to request your ticket from the shop online. It is best to submit that request as early as possible.

Concluding Thoughts

There aren’t a great many things in life that are still authentic and original, so adding a Cape Cod bracelet to your collection can be really exciting. Receiving one for a gift is also something special. When visiting, remember that they likely will not have stock ready for purchase in-house, but feel free to check out the other jewelry they have in stock, including earrings and necklaces.


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