Fahlo Bracelets: An Easy Way To Become A Wildlife Advocate

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to support wildlife conservation efforts? Join the movement to save wildlife with a Fahlo bracelet. Fahlo bracelets are more than just trendy accessories. Each bracelet tracks a real animal in the wild, on land or at sea. Currently, the company offers ten bracelets. Each one corresponds to a different endangered animal: elephants, sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, penguins, lions, gorillas, giraffes, and polar bears. A portion of all proceeds from each sale is donated to various non-profit organizations that work to save these beautiful species, giving you the chance to contribute to their efforts.

In this article, we give you the rundown of Fahlo’s tracking bracelets. We also cover the company’s sustainability practices and briefly review each of the ten designs they currently have to offer.

Fahlo’s Mission

Fahlo aims to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and encourage individuals to become advocates for wildlife conservation through their animal tracking bracelets. Every order helps support various organizations that work to protect endangered species and their habitats. This includes fighting against poaching and other harmful practices against the environment.

How Do Fahlo Bracelets Work?

Every Fahlo bracelet comes with a different animal to track, allowing you to follow their movements on an interactive tracking map. You can access the map by scanning the QR code on the card that comes with your bracelet. The card includes all the details of the animal you’ve saved, including its name, age, and backstory.

Which Animals Can You Track and Save?

At the time of writing, Fahlo had ten animal bracelets to choose from. Here is a brief rundown of each one:

1. Sloths

The Wanderer Bracelet is the newest addition to Fahlo’s bracelet collection. Created in partnership with The Sloth Conservation Foundation, each bracelet helps support sloth conservation in Costa Rica.

2. Sea Turtles

The Journey Bracelet was created in partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservancy. Each bracelet tracks a different sea turtle.

3. Elephants

The Expedition Bracelet works to protect wild elephants in Kenya through Fahlo’s partnership with Save the Elephants. Your purchase helps to fight ivory poaching and secure a future for these gentle giants.

4. Polar Bears

Save a polar bear with Fahlo’s Venture Bracelet in partnership with Polar Bears International.

5. Sharks

With the Voyage Bracelet, you can track a shark as it moves through the ocean in partnership with Saving the Blue.

6. Penguins

The Passage Bracelet allows you to track a penguin in partnership with the Global Penguin Society.

7. Lions

The Excursion Bracelet was created in partnership with Ewaso Lions, which seeks to prevent human-lion conflict.

8. Giraffes

Track a giraffe with Fahlo’s Trek Bracelet in partnership with the Somali Giraffe Project.

9. Dolphins

The Odyssey Bracelet, in partnership with the FIU Marine Conservation Ecology Lab, lets you track a dolphin’s journey through the world’s oceans.

10. Gorillas

The Traverse Bracelet tracks gorillas in Africa in partnership with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

What Are Fahlo Bracelets Made Of?

Each bracelet is strung with recycled beads made of crushed stone. They come in several different color options, such as sky stone, lava stone, river blue, crystal blue, white howlite, and Kenya orchid pink.  

Fahlo’s Commitment To Sustainability

Fahlo is dedicated to upholding ethical manufacturing and sustainability practices. Each one of its bracelets has been crafted with eco-friendly materials, namely, recycled glass beads and sustainably sourced cotton string. So, when you buy a Fahlo bracelet, you’re directly contributing towards a more responsible, sustainable future.

Ready to Become a Wildlife Conservation Ambassador?

There are hundreds of ways in which to support wildlife conservation efforts, but Fahlo’s animal tracking bracelets put a unique spin on raising awareness for endangered animals. Each bracelet is designed with a different species in mind, and a portion of all the proceeds are donated to the non-profit organization associated with each animal. Currently, you can choose to save a sloth, sea turtle, elephant, polar bear, shark, penguin, lion, giraffe, dolphin, or gorilla. Of course, you can add as many bracelets as you would like to your order and even gift them to your friends and family members!

By buying a bracelet, you are not only supporting a good cause but also becoming an ambassador for endangered animals and their habitats. Join the movement and help preserve biodiversity on earth with a Fahlo bracelet today!


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