How The Perfect Gold Belcher Bracelet Came to Be

The Belcher bracelet is a descendant of the classic Belcher chain. These bracelets come in various sizes and in just about any kind of metal you can think of. Belcher chains are probably the most versatile jewelry chain variety on the market. It is also one of the strongest and is worn readily by men and women in various different styles.

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What is a Belcher Chain?

The traditional Belcher Chain is sometimes called a Rolo Chain, but this only applies to the variety with circle-shaped links. Thus, it refers to any type of chain with broad links that are similar in size and shape (either D-shaped, oval, or round), and are both interlocked and soldered together. This versatile choice is popular because it is easy to dress up or down as desired and, due to its design, the chain tends to be on the strong side.

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Characteristics of a Belcher Bracelet

Even though the chain is worn by women as well today, Belcher bracelets have traditionally been associated with men’s fashion. This is because they tend to be bulky, robust, and thick. Today, however, jewelry designs have grown and expanded allowing for more variation, which has resulted in unisex Belcher bracelets.

A Belcher bracelet tends to be less prone to damage than most other kinds of jewelry chains. This makes the Belcher design a great option for bracelets. A more robust chain is required for bracelets because they tend to snag or catch. We use our hands and arms quite often too, so if you wear a bracelet it is best to go for something that won’t break as easily. Belcher bracelets are also great options for charm bracelets due to their strength and link placement.

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The Origins of the Belcher Bracelet

At present, there are quite a few unanswered questions about the origins of Belcher bracelets. Although the general belief is that they originated in Britain during the 19th century. During this time, both Belcher rings and Belcher scarves were popular, and the idea is that the Belcher bracelet comes from these. Belcher rings are still being used even now to secure pieces of scarves together. There are also some sources that suggest the Belcher bracelet and chain were named after a popular English bare-knuckle boxer from 1800 to 1805 by the name of James ‘Jem’ Belcher.

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Choosing the Right Belcher Bracelet

The most basic elements that you will need to decide on before you buy a Belcher bracelet are the length, thickness, and metal. The most common options are sterling silver or silver-plated chains, white, or yellow gold, and non-precious metals like stainless steel or titanium. The price range between these will vary dramatically, so you should make your selection based on your budget.

The thickness of the bracelet will also have an effect on the price tag. While gold Belcher bracelets are a classic option, not everyone can afford them. But if you consider getting a thinner bracelet then it might be possible. The length of the Belcher bracelet will depend on the thickness of your wrist.

You can also shop online for a wider range of products, or to explore sales. These days, most places have worldwide shipping, and depending on the purchase price, your shipping costs might just be worth it. When you buy from a reputable distributor, you can basically be guaranteed value for money, and many places will allow you to add a personal touch to your item as well. Customization is becoming much more common in the jewelry market.

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All About Belcher Bracelets

As much as there is confusion over the origin of the Belcher chain, there also seems to be some confusion over the bounds of the design itself. Some designers do not support the inclusion of the D-shaped wire into the Belcher definition. There is also some resistance to the thicker chains being included under the Belcher banner.

The general consensus at present is that a chain crafted so that, when pulled taught, links alternate 180 degrees to its neighbors, qualifies as a Belcher chain. This design element is exactly what makes the Belcher bracelet so robust and strong.

As mentioned earlier, the Belcher chain has historically been associated with men’s fashion. But in modern times there are many more design options that have given rise to Belcher bracelets being worn by women. This is especially now that the bracelet can be made quite thin and delicate, and is available in rose gold. Links can also be adorned with diamonds, which tend to be very eye-catching. Both men and women have been known to opt for a full diamond pave for special occasions. Some pieces can be quite extravagant, while others can be simple and suitable for daily wear. Another look that is often seen in a Belcher piece is alternating a plain link with an adorned or faceted link. The shape of the links in a chain like this lends itself to making adornments more visible, and having only half of the links adorned makes for quite a striking piece.

Most people who know something about jewelry will know that Belcher bracelets exist, and will likely be able to identify them. Although there is some debate about what a Belcher bracelet exactly denotes, people tend to be familiar with the general idea and the link pattern they can expect.

As mentioned, a solid gold Belcher bracelet is easy to come by, and this includes yellow gold, white, and rose gold. Silver is also an option, as is platinum, although this is less popular in bracelets. Both men and women wear Belcher bracelets and there are many styles to choose from. Due to the popularity of these products it is possible to shop around and pay the best possible price.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Belcher Bracelets

Are gold Belcher bracelets a good investment?

Some Belcher bracelets are made with gold plating or real gold. Gold Belcher bracelets are also available in white, rose, and yellow gold. Solid gold is generally quite soft, which is not ideal for bracelets. However gold alloys, like rose and white gold, are slightly stronger than yellow gold. Gold-plated Belcher bracelets are also an option, although they can tarnish.

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How can I style my Belcher bracelet?

A Belcher bracelet is quite simple to style. If you want to splurge, you can add a diamond pave. Tthe bracelet can also be made thicker or thinner, depending on your personal preference. You can find just about any combination for your collection, and the strength of the chain allows for every day wear. The versatility of a Belcher bracelet also allows for it to look good dressed up or down. It can be sported on its own, or with other items.

How much does a Belcher bracelet cost?

The price of a Belcher bracelet will depend on its material, length, and thickness. There are also other design options that can impact the price, such as whether your Belcher bracelet is adorned with diamonds or other gemstones.

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Can I wear more than one Belcher bracelet at a time?

These items are great for stacking. You can wear different Belcher bracelets with different metals, thicknesses, and lengths to create textured looks, or a collection of similar bracelets for a chunkier look.

You may also find bracelet options where one link is silver and the next link is gold, and so on. There are many different options to choose from on any given day. And the price you pay is largely determined by the metals used.

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Can I order a custom Belcher bracelet?

Yes. You have the option to buy a ready-made item that is already in stock, or you can browse through the customization options on offer. Many jewelry stores will have basic stock but are also willing to create custom bracelets for your personal collection.


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