Kevin Jewelers | Kevin Jewelers

Established in 1975, Kevin Jewelers has been manufacturing high-quality jewelry and offering it at affordable prices to loyal customers for almost 50 years.

It all began with the dream of owning a jewelry store. It took many years of planning, saving, and developing until 1975, when Kevin Jewelers opened the doors to its first store in Beverly Hills, California. Since then, they have relied on one motto: ‘Your best price, our family’s promise’.

After their first store built up a large base of loyal customers, the dream grew beyond owning a single jewelry store. They also began noticing a trend across mall jewelry stores: subpar-quality merchandise being sold for astronomical prices. They knew what they had to do. In the years that followed, Kevin Jewelers made it their mission to deliver the same level of quality that customers had come to expect from their store in Beverly Hills to mall locations all over California.

They opened their first mall location in the Lakewood Center Mall, with the same mindset they had opening their first store: to leave customers feeling satisfied and loyal for life. Today, more than 47 years down the line, their approach to business and love for jewelry have not changed.

Kevin Jewelers now has branches in 40 mall locations all over Los Angeles, including Sacramento and San Diego. They have even established their own in-house financing company to help clients buy their dream jewelry.

Their reputation is preceded by their friendly and professional employees, who are always on hand to help customers find what they are looking for, providing the same personal and professional service that you can expect from family.

Why Buy From Kevin Jewelers?

At Kevin Jewelers, you can expect to be treated like family. Their goal has always been to offer high-quality jewelry at the most affordable prices. Every piece is crafted with care and precision, so you can rest assured about the quality of your purchase.

They offer a large variety of fine jewelry, including wedding bands, engagement rings, bridal sets, earrings, necklaces, watches, and more! You can also find genuine pre-owned Rolex watches and a selection of loose diamonds. But the scope of their offerings doesn’t end there! They also provide free gift wrapping, in-house financing, diamond upgrades, and more!

Experience everything that Kevin Jewelers has to offer by visiting your nearest store or checking out their website.


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