Nipple Piercing Jewelry Guide

So, you took the plunge, got your nipples pierced, and they’re completely healed. Now it’s time to shop for some sexy new jewelry to adorn your piercing.

Your first order of business is to establish your size. Generally, you want to look for 14 gauge (14G) or 16 gauge (16G) nipple jewelry with a wearable length of at least 0.6 inches or 15 millimeters.

Because nipples are highly sensitive, you’ll want to stick to jewelry made from high-quality materials that won’t cause irritation. Opt for nickel-free solid gold or another hypoallergenic metal like titanium.

What Types of Nipple Piercing Jewelry Are There?

In the past, captive bead rings (CBRs) were the most popular initial jewelry for nipple piercings. However, these have fallen by the wayside because of the large diameter needed to obtain a straight piercing and their tendency to get bumped and snagged. Nowadays, the default jewelry used for a nipple piercing is a 14G straight barbell, but you might get pierced with a thicker (12G) or thinner (16G) barbell, depending on the size of your nipple. Of course, once your piercing is healed, you can swap out your barbells for nipple rings if that’s what you prefer.

The length of the barbell also varies depending on the size of your nipples. It can be between 0.4 and 0.6 inches (12 and 15 millimeters) long. The initial jewelry must be long enough to allow room for swelling. If the piercing swells enough to push on the ends of the jewelry, you’ll need to be fitted with a longer piece. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of jewelry rejection or embedding.

Nipple Piercing Jewelry Styles

Straight Barbell

Despite being the most standard type of nipple jewelry, most piercing studios offer an extensive collection of straight barbells. These range from minimal to elaborate, so there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Circular/Horseshoe Barbell

Another popular style of nipple piercing jewelry, these typically offer a more masculine look. However, you can find circular barbells embellished with diamonds or gemstones for a more feminine look.

Curved Barbells

This style of barbell is in between the circular barbell and the straight barbell, featuring a slight curvature to the bar.

Captive Bead Rings (CBRs)

Similar to circular barbells, most individuals with a nipple piercing will have CBRs in their jewelry collection. They consist of a hoop with a ball that you pop in and out and are available in both basic and intricate designs.

Segment Rings

These nipple rings feature a similar closure to the ball on a captive bead ring, which allows you to pop the hoop in and out.

Seam Rings 

As their name suggests, seam nipple rings are a continuous circle. To insert these, you separate the two ends and glide it through your piercing hole.

Nipple Clickers

This type of nipple jewelry sports a convenient hinged mechanism for easy insertion. As a result, they are fast becoming a favorite type of nipple jewelry.

Twister Spiral Barbell

Twister spiral barbells are exactly what the name implies. They feature a twisted spiral you thread through your piercing hole and secure with a screw-on ball on both ends. You can find these in a variety of gauges, but the shorter ones are perfect for nipple piercings.


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