Rolex and Diamonds: A Story of True Love

Rolex watches are well known for their class and quality. When it comes to the gemstones selected for these beautiful watches, there is no compromise. Each diamond is carefully selected for its place of honor.

The team of specialist gemologists at Rolex apply their expertise in examining each diamond and setting it carefully. The only stones selected for Rolex watches have a color rating between D and G and a minimum purity of IF. Stones are not selected at random, each stone is selected for a particular watch where the brilliance of the diamond is offset against the brilliance of the timepiece. Stones are inserted into the bracelets, cases, bezels, and dials of these watches by expert jewelers.

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Seeing a custom setting in a particularly expensive watch is quite standard, which means that these pieces are often exclusive. Each diamond is carefully chosen, organized, tested, and purchased by a team of in-house jewelers. Each Rolex diamond is hand-cut.

The earliest diamond Rolex watches were made with a white gold bezel in a yellow gold case. The 1800 series only had one watch fitted with a diamond bezel and that was the 1804 model. This has made the particular model extremely sought after and it has been a favorite among kings, presidents, and heads of state. There are also some businessmen with exquisite taste that have added this watch to their collection.

A diamond Rolex usually has between 44 and 50 stones. The current collection sports the Rolex GMT Master II Ice which has a varying market price depending on the diamond purchase price at the time of sale. But you can expect anything in the vicinity of $485,000.

The world of watches was set alight in 1992 with the release of a new model of the Rolex Lady-Datejust, the Pearlmaster. The model is available in 18-karat rose, white, or yellow gold. A circle of gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds finishes the watch. The expert manufacturing process, use of rare materials, and expert design is what makes the Pearlmaster a jewel in the face of Diamond Rolex.

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Rolex Gem Setting

Most Rolex watches are jeweled aftermarket, which means they are released and then a jeweler inlays gems after their release. When comparing genuine Rolex diamond watches to these aftermarket additions, the diamond Rolex has a much more stringent process. The first step in the process is the selection of excellent-quality stones. Carat weight, color, clarity, and cut are assessed by professional gemologists. Each stone is held to the same high standards.

Only once the gems have made the selection do the jewelers, engineers, and designers start mapping out the new design. The metal type and color are also decided on. Once the style and specifications have been decided, the creation process begins. Taking a closer look at these watches makes it clear that perfection is essential to the brand. Each timepiece that ends up on their shelves is flawless.

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Rolex Diamond Watches and their Precious Stones

The regular price of a diamond is determined by the famous 4Cs.


Clarity is all about how pure the diamond is. Since diamonds are natural, there are often impurities in the stone. Internal impurities are called inclusions, while external impurities are called blemishes. With Rolex diamond watches, only Internally Flawless (IF) quality diamonds are used. This is an exceptionally high rating with an appropriately high regular price as these diamonds do not have any blemishes or inclusions under a 10x microscope.


Color refers to the slight yellow tint that is sometimes present in colorless diamonds. Rolex only includes D to G color grades.

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Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. The stones are weighed with highly sensitive machines until the fifth decimal place.


Cut refers to how well the stones are cut and proportioned. This element impacts the capture and distribution of light the most.

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How a Diamond is Set in a Rolex Watch

Rolex diamond watches are set using four traditional techniques that emphasize their sparkle.


With the claw setting, the diamond is held in place by little metal extensions, or claws, at the four corners of each stone. This setting works best with well-faceted diamonds and is quite secure without obstructing the stone.

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This setting is best suited to baguette-cut diamonds, where they are placed close together on tracks between two metal walls. Rolex uses this setting with watches that have baguette bezels.

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Round diamonds are encircled with metal to hold them in place.


With a bead setting, the stone is placed directly on the metal in concave depressions that are the same size as the diamond. This setting is best for brilliant cuts as the pavé can be close-knit.

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Tips From the Showroom

Aside from keeping track of the regular price, there are other elements you need to consider before investing in such a watch. Availability for older models can be difficult to establish. Many people like to customize their pieces aftermarket, so when you plan to make such a purchase, it is best to know the history of the used watch you intend to buy.

Looking for a new watch in popular styles can wrack up quite a price. The latest collection can sell out fast, so if you intend to buy from a popular collection, then you might need to book a piece with a store before your visit. The brand was founded back in 1905, so they have been in business for a while and have built up an excellent reputation. You will never regret the decision to buy one of these pieces. However, you will need to take care of your watch to help with its longevity (which is excellent on its own already).

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This company makes bling their business, but that also means that minute specs of dirt and debris can catch in the settings. Professional cleaning of your watch will be necessary, especially when it is from a collection that contains jewels. Some of the most popular styles produced by this company have diamonds or other gemstones inlaid. Because the company tends to use only precious stones they are quite durable, so everyday wear is possible.

When you browse stock either online or in-store, you may even find a good sale. The market is quite competitive and you will likely only be able to buy a new model above the regular price, depending on where you buy it from.


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