Ruby Ring For Men

14K rose gold men’s diamond and ruby grooved wedding ring by Blue Nile

Be bold and express your affection for the man in your life by buying him a ruby ring. Red is, after all, the color of love. Ruby also happens to be the birthstone for July and the gem associated with the 40th wedding anniversary.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about this radiant precious gem with our comprehensive guide to ruby men’s rings.

What is a Ruby?

Ruby is a colored gemstone formed from the mineral corundum. Corundum is usually a colorless substance unless other atoms are present during its formation, resulting in various color combinations. This is how the ruby gets its deep red hue. Specifically, the presence of chromium is responsible for producing the brilliant red color that most people associate with ruby.

Rubies can also display asterism, a phenomenon that results in a star pattern on the surface of the gem. Finding a star ruby in nature is a rare occurrence, making them extremely valuable and expensive. You will be very fortunate if you are able to get your hands on one.

Natural Rubies vs. Synthetic Rubies

Natural rubies are formed over a long time in the earth’s crust. They can be found in nature and only need to be cut and polished before they arrive on the market. Unfortunately, natural rubies are rare since most of them are treated to improve their color. This makes natural rubies extremely expensive.

Synthetic rubies, on the other hand, are grown in a laboratory under controlled conditions. As a result, synthetically-grown gemstones do not possess any of the impurities that are often found in naturally-occurring gems.

You can find a range of ruby men’s rings for sale at select jewelry stores. Choose between sterling silver, platinum, or the different types of gold, which include yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and even black gold.

14K yellow gold men’s ruby edge pave ring by Blue Nile

What Does A Ruby Symbolize?

In India, the ruby is regarded as ‘the king of precious stones’ and is more valuable than any other gemstone, including diamonds.

Characterized by its vibrant red color, the ruby is often associated with power, passion, and vitality. That being said, a ruby can symbolize many different things depending on the country you’re in.

For instance, in some places in the world, wearing a ruby is believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from harm. Whether these notions about the ruby are true or not remains a mystery, but a little extra protection never hurt anybody.

You can shop a wide range of men’s ruby rings and other eye-catching jewelry online, including wedding bands, engagement rings, bridal sets, and accessories for everyday wear.

How Much is a Ruby Worth?

The price of any gem is primarily determined by the country you’re in, but it also depends on the size or caratage of the gem in question. Generally speaking, ruby is a relatively affordable precious stone, making it a great option if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to a diamond ring.

Then again, a natural ruby will always cost more than a ruby grown in a laboratory – something you should take into account in your search for the perfect ring.

14K white gold men’s diamond and ruby grooved wedding ring by Blue Nile

Fortunately, you can find a variety of men’s ruby rings online to suit every budget and every occasion. So whether it’s wedding bands you’re looking for or a gift for someone’s birthday, there is something for everyone!

Speaking of birthdays, let’s take a moment to talk about birthstones.

What is a Birthstone?

Every month has a birthstone. And if you happen to be born in July you can count yourself lucky! Your birthstone is the ruby. A ruby birthstone signifies wealth and prosperity and is said to bring good luck and prosperity to its wearer. Its energetic red hue also complements the outgoing, passionate personalities of the individuals born in this month.

Which Precious Metals Pair Well with Rubies?

Rubies are striking gemstones that pair well with a variety of precious metals. But gold is always a classic choice, especially for wedding bands and engagement rings. Below is a brief overview of the different types of gold and how they complement a ruby:

  • Yellow gold results in a more old-school or vintage look, evoking the ancient crowns of the kings and queens of old.
  • Rose gold has a delicate pink hue that softens the power of the bright red stone, creating a more subtle look that balances luxury with modesty.
  • White gold produces a more dramatic look since its silver sheen contrasts with the deep red color of the stone. White gold is also considered more modern than yellow and rose gold.
  • Black gold is made by mixing yellow gold with a darker metal, usually cobalt. When paired with a ruby, black gold results in a bold, masculine look that will appeal to a lot of men.

The choice is entirely up to you when it comes to selecting a precious metal to pair with your ruby. Either way, you’re sure to make a powerful impression. The majority of ruby men’s rings sold online come in a range of precious metals, from sterling silver to platinum and all the different types of gold.

Which Gemstones Pair Well with Rubies?

14K rose gold men’s ruby edge pave ring by Blue Nile

A ring set with ruby is a striking piece of jewelry on its own. Its fiery brilliance catches the eye, demanding the attention of everyone in the room.

That being said, ruby pairs exceptionally well with white or colorless diamonds. But be aware that selecting a diamond as an accent stone will increase the price of your ring. If you’re looking to keep costs down, consider pairing your ruby with a white sapphire instead.

You can also combine ruby with another red or orange gemstone, such as garnet, carnelian, or citrine. Alternatively, you can pair it with a blue sapphire or green emerald for a bold look.

Are Ruby Men’s Rings Expensive or Cheap?

When shopping for ruby men’s rings, wedding bands, or engagement rings, you may come across some that are more expensive than others. Two factors that influence the cost of a ruby ring are the quality of the precious stone and the metal that has been used to bind it.

For instance, ruby men’s rings made from yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold are always more expensive than ruby men’s rings made from sterling silver. Another thing to take into account when it comes to pricing ruby men’s rings is that those made with natural rubies are significantly more expensive than those made with synthetic ones. Another cheaper alternative to natural ruby is red zirconium.

There is a wide selection of ruby men’s rings and wedding bands available on Amazon and other online jewelry shops, but be aware that the jewelry items sold on these sites are not always of a high standard. In addition, some sellers will label their products as rubies when they are actually just colored stones, so be careful and learn from the reviews that other customers have left on these sites. The other problem with many online jewelry shops, including Amazon, is that they do not ship to every country in the world.

If you want to save yourself some trouble, consider buying men’s ruby rings from a reputable online brand. These online jewelry stores only sell jewelry pieces crafted from the highest quality materials and authentic gemstones. You will also find a variety of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry to suit every pocket.

Where Can You Buy Men’s Ruby Rings?

Shopping for men’s ruby rings? Choose from a large selection of ruby men’s rings and wedding bands at Blue Nile and other select online jewelry stores, or opt to design your own ring and make it unique to your particular style.

A Ruby Ring Care Guide

Although rubies, like diamonds, are very durable, they still need to be cleaned now and then to prevent dirt and residue from clouding them.

It is also advisable for you to remove your ruby ring and other jewelry in scenarios that will result in it becoming scratched and damaged. This applies to people who work in settings that require them to interact with hard surfaces or heavy machinery. In addition, you should never wear your ring while at the gym, lifting weights, cleaning, or swimming.

While wedding rings are usually designed to last a lifetime, some metals are more susceptible to weathering than others. The same applies to precious and semi-precious gems. Thus, it is a good idea to look after your jewelry from the start before it starts showing signs of wear and tear.

Check out some of the other articles on our website for more recommendations, tips, and tricks for taking care of this magnificent gemstone if you’re thinking about expanding your jewelry collection with a splendid ruby ring.


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