Tree of Life Necklace: The Meaning And History Behind The Symbol

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The Tree of Life has been around since ancient times, with variations seen across many cultures. The Tree of Life serves as a spiritual symbol of growth and continuity. It also serves as the ancient symbol for our connection to Mother Earth.

The symbolism of the Tree of Life carries a deep meaning that changes from culture to culture. In this article, we explore what the Tree of Life represents, what it means in different cultures, and which jewelry pieces you can wear to celebrate the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life Represents…

Multiple interpretations and religious meanings are associated with the Tree of Life symbol, depending on the culture and the times.


The circles on the Tree of Life represent connectivity and inclusion through the roots extending deep into the earth and the spreading branches reaching toward the sky. Additionally, it represents the thin line between the physical and spiritual worlds.


The Tree of Life also represents the connection to one’s family and ancestors. The tree’s intricate network of weaving branches represents the family tree and how it expands across multiple generations.


The Tree of Life grew from seeds and saplings. This process represents fertility as, like the tree, life finds a way to keep growing. The lush green color of the tree also represents a person’s vitality.


In nature, a tree often symbolizes unwavering strength. A sturdy tree can withstand even the toughest storm, remaining deeply rooted in the face of devastating natural disasters.

On that note, the Tree of Life is also viewed as a symbol of profound strength and stability.


As mentioned, the Tree of Life grows from a seed that sprouts a sapling and grows over time to become a giant tree. This represents how humans grow stronger and increase their knowledge and wisdom as time goes on.


The Tree of Life’s branches represent every person’s individuality and uniqueness. It also symbolizes a person’s growth and experiences that help shape them into who they are.

Over time, the tree gains more characteristics and looses others. This is a metaphor for how people change throughout their lifetime. It also symbolizes how experiences continue to enhance a person’s individuality.


A tree loses its leaves during the winter season and sprouts new ones come spring. On that note, the Tree of Life symbolizes rebirth and a fresh start in life.


Trees, like nature, evoke a sense of calm and peace, especially when the breeze makes the leaves and grass flutter. As such, the Tree of Life is a symbol of peacefulness and relaxation.

Origins of the Tree of Life

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Just as the Tree of Life has many different meanings, its origins are also multi-tiered, with roots in almost all ancient cultures. Many of these beliefs persist to this day, while others have given way to more modern beliefs.

Thus, it is not immediately clear where the Tree of Life originated from. The earliest known motifs of the Tree of Life were found in the Domuztepe excavations in Turkey in 2013. The motifs date back to about 7,000 B.C.

A similar motif was later found in the Acadians. The picture depicted a pine tree, which is believed to be the first representation of the Tree of Life. This motif dates back to 3,000 B.C.

From there, the Tree of Life spread from culture to culture and gained new meanings along the way. In Ancient Egypt, for example, the tree represented the duality between life and death. Ancient Egyptians also believed the roots symbolized ties to the underworld and the god Osiris, who was dually associated with death and fertility.

In Celtic culture, trees are regarded as sacred beings and thought of as the ancestral guardians of the Otherworld. In this culture, the tree of life design is sometimes called the ‘Celtic tree of life’ or ‘Crann Bethadh’. The Ancient Celts also believed trees had magical powers. As such, they always made sure to leave one tree standing in the middle when they cleared their land. The tree would then serve as the location for important gatherings and rituals.

In African culture, they have a tree called the Baobab Tree or bottle tree. This tree can bear fruit even in the continent’s dry climate. As such, the African people view the Baobab Tree as a provider of life and nourishment.

In Buddhism, the Tree of Life is known as the Bodhi tree where Buddha, a central figure in the religion, attained enlightenment and existence.

In Turkish culture, the Tree of Life is called the ‘World Tree’. This is different from the World Tree in Nordic Culture. The ring around the Tree of Life serves as a symbol of the circle of life that begins with Birth or Rebirth.

In Nordic cultures, the Tree of Life is regarded as the magical fount of knowledge.

In Christianity, the Tree of Life was found in the Garden of Eden. There are several interpretations of the Tree of Life in Christianity. Some believe it symbolizes corruption and sin. Others believe it represents God’s unconditional love.

Tree Of Life Jewelry Choices

Jewelry depicting the Tree of Life has been around for centuries. But, like the Tree of Life itself, jewelry pieces also change their meanings depending on the form they take (i.e. a ring, pendant, earring, or bracelet).

Tree of Life necklaces are the most popular form of this type of fashion jewelry. Tree of Life pendants offer jewelers ample space to showcase the entirety of such a popular symbol. Often, you will find a Tree of Life pendant where the ‘leaves’ are made of precious and semi-precious stones.

Tree of Life earrings are perhaps one of the most versatile jewelry pieces. Earrings come in different styles and designs, including modern, classic, and bohemian; studs or hoops.

Like earrings, a Tree of Life ring comes in a variety of designs and sizes, ranging from small renderings on gold or sterling silver Tree of Life bands to large options bedecked with jewels.

A Tree of Life charm is also incredibly versatile. You can also attach them to any jewelry piece or accessory such as a keychain or necklace. Best of all, charms tend to be the most inexpensive option, so it’s a good choice if you want Tree of Life jewelry on a tight budget.

A Tree of Life bracelet will most likely represent a bohemian style of jewelry. Many Tree of Life bracelets are made of copper and silver. The bracelets also often feature dangling charms connected to macrame or other woven-style designs.


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