Unique Mens’ Wedding Bands

Before we can explore all the unique wedding band styles, we first need to consider what design elements go into men’s wedding bands.

Sadly, men do not have as many options for wedding rings as women do. That being said, times are a-changing and the situation is steadily improving. Modern jewelers recognize the problem with men’s bands and are on a mission to provide men with more options. In this article, we will look at some really unique wedding bands for men that you can use for inspiration when shopping for one of your own.

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Style Aspects of Men’s Bands

There are actually a great many standard variations when it comes to wedding rings for men. We will look at some of them here to give you a better understanding of what your options are.

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Width of the Band

This is arguably one of the most important considerations to make when looking at men’s wedding rings. There are not many width options for women, but with men’s rings you will find quite a few. This is simply because men have bigger hands, so men’s rings need to make more of an impact when it comes to visibility.

Men with larger hands tend to find thicker wedding rings more comfortable. A thinner band is between 1.5mm and 3mm, while the thicker ones are between 6mm and 12 mm. Men who often work with their hands might also prefer the thicker ones because they are more durable. The average wedding ring for men is usually about 8mm wide. If you are not sure what you would find most comfortable, we suggest trying on a few different ones so you can get a real feel for it.

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The choice of material for wedding rings can often have a significant impact on their cost. It can also influence their durability, color, and overall wearability.

Stainless Steel and other metals

Alternative metals are cheaper and more durable than precious metals. Stainless Steel is a popular option, as are tungsten and titanium. These bands are popular for men who are very active and do not want to damage their wedding rings. That being said, these alternative metals can be very difficult, if not impossible, to resize. So it is advised to be absolutely sure of your ring size before making a purchase.

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Rose Gold

If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous and unique among men’s wedding rings, then rose gold can be a great place to start. This shade of gold is often considered to be the most romantic and certainly makes for some unique men’s wedding bands. Due to the addition of copper to rose gold, you will also find that it is quite durable.

White and Yellow Gold

These varieties of gold are not as strong as platinum. Yellow gold is eye-catching and classic, making stones set into the ring more visible. White gold is more contemporary, and contains many additional metals like zinc, nickel, silver, and palladium to give it it’s pale color. This option is more sparkly, especially when diamonds are present.

All of this being said, gold, in any shade, is quite soft. Wear and tear are real problems and something to seriously consider when finding the best men’s wedding bands for your individual needs.


Platinum is decidedly harder than gold, and is a popular metal choice for the best men’s wedding bands. While it might look a lot like sterling silver to the naked eye, platinum is stronger than silver. A platinum men’s wedding band will also be stronger than a gold wedding band. This can make all the difference for men’s rings.

Many jewelry stores will provide a free silicone band with the purchase of a ring in a traditional precious metal. This is because some men prefer to wear the silicone band for adventurous activities and the other one on special occasions.

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It is important that men’s bands fit snugly while still being able to smoothly and gently slide over the knuckle. Your chosen metal will also affect how heavy the ring feels on your finger. Greater density in metals like platinum makes them feel heavier.


Once you’ve selected your metal, whether it is a traditional metal or not, we need to talk about the finish. Women’s engagement and wedding rings all tend to have the same finish, but there is some variety with men’s wedding bands:

  • A sandblasted finish will give a ring a bit of grit. The point of this technique is to make the ring a little bit rough by using something abrasive against it. This takes away the reflection and shine of the ring and makes it look textured and rough.
  • A brushed finish is less flashy than a high polish. It is not shiny and has a bit of texture to it. The texture is created with a wire brush. It makes for quite a unique look.
  • A satin finish is similar to the highly polished finish as it looks shiny and smooth. However, it lacks the reflection element, making it slightly less flashy. It helps if you do not want to draw much attention to your rings.
  • A ring with a matte finish is not reflective or shiny.
  • The high polish style makes the surface of the ring shiny and reflective. It can be quite striking, but it does make the metal more susceptible to scratching.
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Of course all wedding bands must be circular, but there are quite a few options when it comes to structure. There are three basic ways in which men’s wedding bands are styled:

  • The concave structure is quite striking as it curves inward on the surface instead of making a dome. 
  • Sometimes the band is flat; there are no edges or curves on the ring. 
  • A dome is a rounded shape on the surface where the ring curves outward. This shape is often considered the most comfortable fit.
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Adding some detail to the ring can really help you find something that suits your personal style and can result in an utterly unique piece. Some options for detailing can include:

  • Carving is a great way to add some detail to a ring without having to add any stones. You can choose between simple carvings or something with more intricate details.
  • Milgrain is another way to add small details without having to rely on gemstones. Tiny metal balls are added to the ring to make unique shapes and patterns. If you do want to add stones, then do not fear. Milgrain effortlessly accompanies jewels on a ring design.
  • Gemstones are a classic style choice for a wedding ring. You can choose anything from affordable black zirconium, to some more expensive black diamonds. Or if black is not your color, there is an entire pallette to choose from.

There are endless design options for your wedding ring, and if you still cannot find something you like, then consider custom designs! Get something completely unique that suits your style and pays homage to your promise of eternal love and devotion to your significant other.

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What Is The Price Difference Between Wedding Ring Styles For Men?

Many of the band features, like the detailing, finish, and width is unlikely to have much of an impact on price. What does have a significant impact is the metal you choose. Platinum is the most expensive option. A white gold band will be more expensive than a silver ring. And although sterling silver and gold wedding bands are classic options, you should not feel bound to invest in pure gold for men’s wedding bands. There are many alternative options that will save money and last longer. Think along the lines of carbon fiber, titanium, or tungsten.

Something else that will have a significant impact on the cost of men’s wedding bands is the addition of gemstones. Diamonds fetch quite a price and even the smallest addition of these will have a major impact on what you pay for your perfect ring. But do not fear, there are also other gemstone options that are far less expensive and can make for a truly unique men’s wedding band.

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Unique Men’s Wedding Band Options

Your wedding band is a symbol of your love and devotion, and many people want the band on their ring finger to reflect not only that, but their personality as well. We are living in an age where an engagement ring is not just meant for a woman anymore either. And a wedding band is as important for a wife as it is for a husband.

One of a kind?

Making your wedding band one of a kind can be the best way to showcase your individuality and commitment to your significant other.

Many people might choose to approach independent artists to commission unique men’s wedding bands, or they might scour the internet or jewelry stores to find the perfect band to suit their style.

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Step one

We recommend first deciding on a budget. Once you have your budget in mind you can make a more informed choice about what you can afford and how you can bring your vision to life within that budget. The last thing you want to do is get your heart set on something you simply cannot afford.

Step two

Once you have your budget, you need to decide on a metal. Gold is an ever-popular, classic choice. It can be polished or matte and comes in different shades. You can be adventurous and go for white gold, conservative with yellow gold, or romantic with rose gold. If you want something more unique and eye-catching, you can combine different shades of gold on the same band. Russian trinity rings are a good example of bands that effortlessly combine yellow, rose, and white gold.

If the traditional Russian trinity ring is too mainstream for you, remember that you can adorn it with diamonds and alter its features. Give it a hammered finish, or include a custom engraving to set it apart from others like it.

Be a little different

If fine jewelry is not what you’re looking for, consider something like carbon fiber or tungsten. These cannot be resized, so you will need to get the perfect fit the first time around, but consider the endless possibilities for your wedding band that these alternative metals present! If you are wearing your wedding band permanently and doing manual labor or sports, then an alternative metal can make for the ideal ring for you. Carbon fiber and the like are modern, stylish, and not likely to break or tarnish. They also come in a variety of colors and finishes so you’re sure find the perfect choice for your style and budget.

Bling it up… or down

Wedding bands for men can also be made featuring gemstones and inlays along the band. Modern choices include far more than just diamonds. There are a number of stylish alternatives to diamonds, including zirconia or moissanite. Not everyone in the modern world can afford a white gold band sporting a large genuine diamond, but that doesn’t mean that you need to give up on the style entirely!

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Finishing touches

If you want to talk about truly unique men’s wedding bands then you can move away from the classic side of things and start looking at unique finishes on the band itself. A hammered band or concave band is fairly unique and still elegant. Carvings or inlays in a honeycomb pattern are stylish and quite new on the market. Eternity rings for men are becoming more popular, especially for a men’s wedding band. You can explore a new take on a classic with different colored stones along the band instead of classic white diamonds.

Alternative ‘wedding band’

Furthermore, if the idea of a wedding band is entirely unappealing to you style-wise, then you can also opt for a signet ring instead. Signet rings are quite eye-catching and the design options are endless. You will also find that a signet ring really does make for a great wedding band, and comes in an equal variety of designs as a wedding band. Choose your material, from titanium to white gold, and choose your engraving, inlay, or stone to match your style.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, a wedding band is quite a personal thing, and what matters is that you choose something that suits you. We hope to have helped you narrow down your choices in this article and wish you all the best in this most exciting time!


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