What Are ZOX Bracelets?

Wristbands are available in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. From plastic to metal to fabric to rubber, each one is unique in its own right.

ZOX is a new breed of wristband made from recycled plastic water bottles that acts as the perfect motivational reminder to help you make it through your day. How, you ask? Each super-soft ZOX wristband has words of encouragement printed on the inside, transforming it into a wearable hug for your wrist. The best part? They’re reversible, so you can decide whether to display your message to the rest of the world or keep it hidden as a personal reminder.

This article takes a deep dive into ZOX bracelets, telling you everything you need to know about these versatile accessories. Let’s start by answering the most basic question:

Who is ZOX?

ZOX is an apparel brand based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by three brothers, Jason, Brandon, and Jordan Kuiper, who turned their hobby of collecting as kids into a unique business.

Soon enough, ZOX had grown from just selling bracelets to a range of other products. Their stock now includes bags, keychains, watchbands, and more.

What is the Point of ZOX Bracelets?

ZOX bracelets incorporate art with inspirational sayings into their designs, serving as the perfect reminder for when you need a quick pick-me-up. Each design is only made once and never reproduced, making them fun collector’s items.

Each wristband has a handstitched tag with a laser-cut serial number on the inside, which lets you know that it’s authentic. It also helps you to keep track of the wristbands you’ve collected and tells you how rare they are.

Types of ZOX Bracelets


Straps were the first bracelets that ZOX launched and remain their most popular product to this day. These ZOX bracelets are only available in one size and can be stretched to fit wrists up to 8 inches (20 centimeters).

Each Strap is sold with a plastic card that matches the design on the wristband and a resealable bag to keep your band safe when it’s not on your wrist.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a design, why not opt for one of their Mystery Packs? These consist of three Straps in secret pouches. They cost around $25, which means you’re essentially receiving a third band for $5 (instead of the standard price of $10). As a bonus, some of the Straps in the Mystery Packs are never released, so there’s the potential to get some ultra-rare bands this way!


Singles work the same way as Straps and also cost $10. While they feature the same reversible design as Straps, they have a thinner band.


Pearls are limited edition Straps that are released monthly. These ZOX bracelets are sold with a matching enamel pin and come inside a special collector’s box. They are only available via membership, which is restricted to just 1,000 people. Pearls are the only Straps to sport logos stitched in metallic pearl white.

What Makes Zox Bracelets Special?

ZOX bracelets are special for several reasons. First, each ZOX wristband recycles an 8oz water bottle. So, they not only serve as the perfect motivational reminder but also allow you to make a small contribution to helping out the environment.

Second, collecting and trading is a key aspect of the ZOX brand. ZOX bracelets are unique because there are limited quantities of each design. This means that once a certain band is sold out, it’s gone for good. But don’t fret! If you missed one or couldn’t get the correct size, you can join Zoxlist, a community on Facebook that trades in discontinued ZOX products.

Last but not least, every purchase of a ZOX wristband helps fund a year of clean drinking water in Swaziland thanks to a partnership with the Thirst Project.

Closing Thoughts

ZOX has created a caring, innovative brand that continues to evolve thanks to its community. The brothers are constantly looking for unique ways to reinvent their products, with new clothing and accessories always in the works. In the meantime, ZOX bracelets are comfortable and durable and serve as the perfect reminder on those days when things just aren’t going your way.


What are ZOX bracelets made of?

ZOX bracelets are made from elastic encased in Repreve (a type of polyester made from recycled plastic water bottles). This gives each wristband a buttery-soft feel.

Note: ZOX bracelets do contain latex, which, despite being encased in polyester, may cause discomfort to those with a latex allergy.

Can you wear a ZOX bracelet in the shower?

Yes. ZOX bracelets can be worn in the shower. They are water-friendly and can even be worn in the pool and ocean. If you plan on wearing your ZOX while swimming, just be sure to order one that fits snugly. This will prolong the life of your ZOX since ones that are too large can get a little warped if they are constantly exposed to water.

How do you clean ZOX bracelets?

You can clean your ZOX wristband in the washing machine on cold. Simply place it inside a small washer bag to keep it from getting lost and tangled with other items in the wash. Allow your ZOX to air dry.


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